Mother and Son play while Dad is away

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Lori Cooper stood at her bathroom mirror in just her panties, considering her reflection carefully.

Not for the first time, she concluded that being middle-aged sucked.

Oh, she was still a very attractive woman – the kind who could and did draw lingering, hungry looks from the men who's paths she happened to cross – but the years were not passing her by without leaving their mark. Things were starting to sag, wrinkles were appearing, and she no longer had that trim and perfect figure that she had always been so proud of. It also didn't help any that she kept finding new strands of gray mixed into her dark hair.

She had always known that she wouldn't be young and beautiful forever of course, but it was still an unwelcome shock to suddenly realize that your best years were behind you and that it was all downhill from here.

God, what a depressing thought!

Even so, she could not quite rid herself of the wide and happy smile that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on her face that evening.

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What did she have to complain about after all? She had herself a guy who loved her with all of his heart, who desired her no matter how old or fat she got. No, when looked at it that way she knew that she was a very lucky woman indeed.

So long as her husband didn't find out about him anyway . . .

Turning away from the mirror at last, she took her dressing gown down from it's hook and slipped it on.

It was time for bed.

Wearing an old T-shirt and a pair of shorts, Mark just happened to find his way into his parent's dimly lit bedroom just as his was emerging from her bathroom and naturally his eyes went to her immediately.

She smiled softly, holding her robe closed with both hands. “Hey, babe.”

The college senior answered with nothing more than a playful grin, holding her gaze with his own as he waited expectantly.

She would not keep him waiting for long.

The hands that she had been using to keep her robe closed were now used to pull it wide open, revealing her very nearly nude body to her only child.

She knew all too well that she didn't have to worry about him not liking the view as had seen it plenty of times before and never seen anything but raw lust in his eyes. Her had proven time and time again that he absolutely worshiped the ground she walked on and was utterly convinced that she was the most beautiful woman who had ever walked the earth. He craved her as fiercely as any addict ever craved their drug of choice.

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Unlike with her husband, when she was with Mark, she never had to listen to any comments about how she should maybe exercise more to keep everything where it should be or how she might want to consider going on a diet.

He loved her just as she was. She suspected that he would still want her just as badly if she were a hundred pounds heavier or twenty years older! This was what kept her just as addicted to him as he was to her.

She stood still for a time, watching with a delighted smile and a girlish titter as his eyes darted eagerly over every inch of her exposed flesh. He stayed rooted to the spot though over there on the other side of the room, not moving any closer even as she let the robe slip off and fall to the floor behind her.

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