Unsatisfied wife turns to a stranger for sex

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Sneha, a young married Maharashtrian woman who at a glance will never seem to be a mother of a two year old kid. When I met her the first time in May 2003 this petite, shy and demure lady was not what she exactly seemed. She was a real cock tease.

I was a sales executive with one IT firm when I was introduced to her. She worked at my first customers office which was a shipping company. Since it was a new setup I used to visit there regularly. Slowly at first shy glances were stolen, then there were hi hellos. Things started to move rapidly on one Saturday afternoon. She used to stay at Vashi in Navi Mumbai and I had to go to meet some old family friends. She started chatting on the way back to the station and hopped into the gents compartment which was relatively empty considering Mumbais regular rush. Conversations flowed like we were long lost friends.

It turned out the place where I had to go was a few houses away from hers. She invited me for a cup of coffee which I politely declined. As I finished with my visit and walked out it was raining heavily and I was steadily walking on the sides not wanting to get wet when Sneha called me from her house. Reluctantly I went inside to find her all alone dressed in a simple tee and shorts. All her family members were out of station and she could not go because her job was new and had no leaves. She gave me a towel to wipe of my hair and got a cup of steaming coffee. She sat across me and was smiling slyly and was asking me to stay back till the rain subsides.

As I finished the coffee Sneha walked up and planted herself on my lap and started kissing me. Though taken aback by the sudden onslaught I started to fondle her and kissed back. My hands were roaming all over her body and she started tugging at my jeans. Breaking off the kiss she looked at me and said Ashu, I am all in love with you from the moment I have seen you. Its been 2 years since the birth of my kid that my husband has not touched me. My mother in law is a big spoil sport and is constantly meddling in our affairs. Our fights have come to such a level that I contemplated suicide but did not want my son to suffer.

From the day I have seen you and having chatted with you in the train today I wanted you in my life and breaking out of the sad state she perked up again. She began in a hurry tugging at my jeans and I helped her to get my jeans off while we removed each others tees. The firm perky breasts and erect nipples were inviting to be mauled and sucked and played with. As I took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking it and kneading the other she left out a soft moan. I continued from one breast to the other leaving love bites on those milky white boobs. My constant ministrations to both had left her swooning and gasping for air. I tugged at her shorts and removed them with her panties. That clean shaven cunt got my little johnnie erect.

It was her turn to return the favour, planting kisses all over my well sculpted upper body she removed my jockeys and the same time took my 7 incher in her warm mouth. She was furiously sucking and licking on it as if a child has got a candy after ages. It was a matter of time that I let go and erupted in her welcoming mouth. She gulped it in and licked my member till it became hard again.

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