Mother gives in to Son’s Seduction

Sex stories, incest, mom and sonMother gives in to Son’s Seduction, My loving Mother. Due to my work and the distance between us, we had not seen each other in many months. Since my parents divorced, she had been living alone and I had always worried about her happiness. I also had always had an Oedipus fantasy about her, and since my childhood I had longed to be with my Mother in every way possible. Now I also had recently divorced and my longing for her became more and more consuming. Now I was going to be staying with her for a few weeks while I looked for a new home.

Upon my arrival I scooped her up in my arms and held her tightly to my chest. She seemed shocked by the fervor of my embrace, but soon melted into my arms and relaxed. I kissed the top of her head and told her how much I missed her, with her responding that she felt the same. I didn’t want to let her go, but soon realized she would get uncomfortable with me holding her so tight.

As we separated I felt there was actually reluctance on her part to let go, and my mind soared to the possibilities! I looked into her eyes and asked how she had been, and she just replied, “OK.”


I pulled her close once again and told her it would be much better now that we were together. She wrapped her arms around me and replied, “Everything is always better when you are with me.”

I was hard with desire and held my hips back a bit to not let her know what was brewing in my lurid mind! Again I kissed the top of her head and resisted the urge to pull her chin up to allow me to kiss her lips. She sighed and said, “That’s nice, I like this.” I then told her that we would be doing a lot of this from now on.

She eventually pushed me away and said to go unpack and get ready for dinner. I headed for the spare bedroom and hung my clothes thinking all the while of what I would like to do with her and how I could accomplish it.

She called up and asked what I wanted to eat (ha!) and I told her that we should go out so that she did not have to work on dinner. We agreed on a restaurant and I got ready to go. I heard her come up and go to her room, and when me met going to the stairs I saw that she had changed into a lovely skirt and blouse that fueled my desires.

I told her she looked good enough to eat, and she blushed and said, “Don’t be silly.”

Following her down the stairs, and watching her lithe body flow, I was again fighting getting an erection that might be obvious if she turned to face me. At the bottom she stopped short and I ran into her from behind forcing my hardness against her shapely ass. I got the impression she did not notice, and I reflexively wrapped my arms around her in embrace. She said she had forgotten her keys upstairs, and was trying to turn to go back up, but I would not let her go. I held tight and said we didn’t need anything at all as long as we had each other.

She giggled and replied, “I almost get the feeling your trying to seduce me like a new girlfriend!”

I said, “I am, you’re the most beautiful lady I have ever held in my arms, and I hope the last to ever hold!”

She just looked over her shoulder at me and said nothing, letting me hold her tightly. “Forever is a long time silly,” she said and twisted from my arms to go back upstairs.

When we finally made it to the restaurant we chatted about what had been happening on our lives, and worked up to what was going to happen in the future. I told her I had found work in the area and would move permanently back to our hometown.

She got a twinkle in her eye and said, “I am going to get spoiled having you nearby, I hope you don’t find a girlfriend too soon.”

I replied, “I told you I already have found my girlfriend, my last girlfriend, the one I have always loved and will always love. And the one who has always loved me and I know always will love me. I am not going through the emotional headaches of another relationship – here we have perfect peace and love.”

She again gave me a strange quizzical look and said, “You say that now, but soon some young lady will steal you from me again.”

I simply smiled at her and said, “Give me time, I will show you that we are inseparable.” We finished the rest of dinner with sweet chatter and longing glances that I am sure meant 100 times more to me than to her.

As we left the restaurant, I put my arm around her and pulled her close to my side as we walked. She snuggled into my shoulder and I told her, “See, the woman I have wanted all my life, is finally my date, and also my lady for life.”

At the car, as I opened the door for her, she was facing me and I lifted her chin and gave her a quick kiss on the lips, just a brief respectable kiss, but it felt like heaven to me! All she said as I closed her car door was, “Such a gentleman.”

The drive home was brief and not a lot was said. I am not sure of her thoughts, but all I could think of was stealing another kiss. As we entered the house, she turned to me and said, “That was a lovely evening”

I just replied, “It still is a lovely evening, and I expect a kiss from my date for such an evening.” She laughed and tilted her head up to me and I again took a brief but extremely pleasurable kiss from those luscious lips I have longed for, for so long. It seemed like an eternity, and I hugged her close as we ended the kiss and tried my best to not let my growing erection push against her hips.

We broke our embrace and moved to the living room, where I asked if she wanted a cocktail. I knew my parents used to always have whiskey sour cocktails in the evening. She said that she would and I went to make her a drink. How I wanted to spike her drink or make it double strong!!

Over drinks we chatted some more and I finally asked her why she stayed single and did not date anyone.

She answered rather briskly that, “No one quite fit her pattern of living,” and she did not want go through the social pains of dating. She looked sheepishly at the floor and said, “Like you say, you are with me, I am comfortable in your arms, and that is all I need.”

I risked it and said, “But what about real intimacy? What about lying together in bed and enjoying all the wonders of a deep lover’s intimacy?”

Mom got a bit frazzled and said, “Oh, I don’t need that kind of stuff at my age.”

I just looked at her and said, “We all need it, not matter our age. I am dying of loneliness without a woman in my life.” She didn’t seem to answer for that and simply stared at her drink.

Over the next few days, I paid her compliments as often as I dared, and took liberties with hugs and kisses more than a son should. She was always welcoming of my actions and this spurred me on to take more and more risks.

One day I took her in my arms again and lifted her chin to kiss her, we paused mid-stream and just gazed in each other’s eyes. I said, “I love you so much Mom,”

Mom replied, “I love you too,” and I kissed her long and firmly, but without opening my lips. I could feel her arching her back to press tightly to my chest and her breathing seemed to get slightly erratic. I then broke our rather chaste kiss and lowered my head to starting kissing her neck. She gasped, and now really labored in her breathing, as I nuzzled her and kissed her soft neck. I wanted to go on forever, but she apparently got her wits back and suddenly broke away from me.

“Wow,” she said, “You really know how to make a woman feel wanted and desirable!”

“You are wanted in every way imaginable Mom!” I replied. “And I have desired you for years, for a long as I can remember!”

“Oh don’t be silly,” she shot back. “I am an old lady and you are a young man.”

“No Mom, you are a beautiful woman and I love you, and I know you love me. What could be more perfect, more desirable?”

Her eyes were searching mine as she fought for words, and I think fought for control. She then looked confused and nervous and said, “This is silly” and walked away.

For the next few days I kept my distance to let her relax and get comfortable again. She was often looking at me with a strange look I was not used to.

When we finally started to again get close, I worked my way slowly back into her embraces, with the now usual kisses to the top of her head. I was about to try to work my way down to her neck when she floored me with some blunt questions. Mom asked, “I hope you are not trying to replace your relationships with lady friends because you are entertaining me. I hope your love life will not stall because you are staying here, perhaps you need to find your own place sooner rather than later?”

I was a bit taken back, and said, “Mom, I love being here with you. I have no desires for other lady friends. I want to enjoy your company only.”

She shook her head and said, “It’s not natural, you should be out dating.”

I took that opportunity to say, “OK, let’s go on a date! Let’s get dressed up and hit the town for some dinner and drinks!”

“Not with me stupid!” She answered, “I meant with some eligible young lady!”

I shot back, “You are eligible, and available, I am eligible and available, and we love each other, and we are here together – so let’s just do it.”

She had nothing to counter that with, so we set off to change clothes and to hit the town.

Like a real date we walked hand in hand, we gazed in each other’s eyes over dinner; we even held hands across the dinner table! I plied her with too many drinks (I am such a cad!). By the time we finished dinner and then had after dinner drinks, we were both feeling a good buzz. I was inebriated enough to try almost anything, but she is my Mother, and I was still clear headed enough to try some modicum of control.

From her speech and the look in her eyes, I knew Mom was feeling very good. All I could do is hope and pray for the opportunity to get in some nuggets of intimacy, without blowing our relationship up in my face!

We both had too much alcohol to drive, so we had them call us a taxi to go home. Walking from the restaurant we held hands and bumped into each other as we swayed back and forth. There was a chill in the air and so I took her in my arms as we waited at the curb for the taxi. This felt so good and so right! I whispered in her ear how much I loved her, and she simply purred in reply. In the taxi I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her to me.

I kissed her lips and this time I tempted fate, I opened my lips and probed a bit with my tongue. Her lips parted and I was in ecstasy as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She started to pull back, but I relented and she relaxed into my arms as I gently kissed her more deeply than I had ever imagined possible. I think the presence of the cab driver also prevented her from saying anything or putting up a fight. After all, for all he knew we were just another May/December romance.

As I savored in the taste and feel of her luscious mouth, again I heard her making light purring noises, and I stroked her cheek and neck as we kissed.

But then she pulled away, and I let her – and we sat there looking at each other as though we had never met. I smiled and mouthed, “I love you”, and she smiled in return, and then looked out the taxi window. I could almost hear the thoughts screaming though her head – what is happeningWhat are we doing?

At the house I paid the driver and we walked into the foyer hand in hand. I pulled her back into my arms and began to French kiss her again. Unfortunately I probably only enjoyed this for half a minute. She pushed back, saying, “Doug, we must stop, I am your Mother! This is not right!”

I looked down at her and said, “Shhh, it is so right,” and kissed her again.

I could feel her trepidations, she wanted to kiss me, but she wanted to stop. She was yelling at herself that this was very wrong! I released her and said, “Don’t worry about it so much, we love each other, we are adults, whatever we want to do that is good for us, and is no one’s concern.”

She had a sad look and turned to go to her room. I stopped her and told her I was worried about her reaction, and wanted to make sure she understood my intentions and also make sure that she was not upset with me. I reiterated that my desire was to hold her and kiss her only and, to my own surprise, I then asked her if I could sleep with her in her bed tonight, just to hold her, just to make sure we were still OK.

She said, “That is too dangerous; it is really wrong… and dangerous.” We went off to separate bedrooms.

I showered, got into bed, and was about to masturbate to the thought of her kisses and tongue, when she knocked at my bedroom door. I pull the covers over my body and told her to come in. She was wearing what is probably a very staid two piece pajama set, but to me was the sexiest clothing I had ever seen.

She sat on the bed looking away from me and said, “Doug I am sorry, I had a great time tonight, but it was just going too far. I do love you and I do not want to hurt you.”

I replied, “I love you too, and I would never hurt you! I just want us to be able to hug, and hold each other, and feel the intimacy of two people in love – like us! I really miss the intimacy of holding a woman in my arms and kissing her. It has been so long, for both of us.”

She seemed to think about this for a long time, then, “I guess it is OK if we sleep together tonight. Of course not like lovers, just like friends, is that what you want?” she asked.

I was momentarily heartbroken at the not like lovers part, but seized the moment, “Yes of course! I want to hold you in my arms as we sleep and wake with you tomorrow morning!”

With that she stood and pulled the covers back to slide into my bed. I think she was shocked to discover I was naked, but said nothing. I spooned to her back and wrapped my arms around the love of my life! She sighed and relaxed into my arms, softly saying, “This is so nice, you’re right, I do miss this.”

I pulled the hair from around her neck and began to kiss her under the ear. She sighed again and tilted her head to give me better access. I kissed and nibbled at her neck and ear. I bit gently on her shoulder and she shivered in response.

Soon I was as hard as a rock and there was no way I could keep it from her. I pressed my hips to her ass and she did not pull away. I slowly, almost imperceptibly pumped my hardness against her soft ass, and she seemed to respond with slight back pressure. My mind was racing at this new situation, and I was struggling to move forward, and yet stay in control enough to not chase her from my arms! I finally gave way to reason and stopped moving and just kissed and snuggled with her. We must have both fell asleep soon after.

I woke in the morning, to the pleasure of my life! My sweet Mother was in my arms. And to top it off; during the night, with my arm draped over her shoulder, my left hand had worked its way into her pajama top and was cradling her right breast.

I was both ecstatic and petrified, and afraid to move! I wanted to squeeze and knead her breast, and pinch that nipple, but at the same time I did not want to lose what I had! I laid still and enjoyed the feel of her fantastic skin and breast, never wanting this to end.

Finally, after probably 30 minutes, I knew I had to do something, so I began to kiss her neck again. She stirred and pressed back against me, but made no other noise or movement. As I continued to kiss her neck she began that sighing and purring like the night before, and I very cautiously moved my fingers against her breast.

This must have gone on for 5-10 minutes, and then suddenly there was a gasp from her throat, and she shot her hand up to clamp against my hand, trapping mine between her hand and her breast. I just stopped moving my hand and kissed her neck more while she laid frozen against me.

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After what seemed like an eternity, she started to relax and then startled me when she actually started flexing her fingers to assist my hand in kneading her breast! Now I was really on fire! I slowly increased the kneading and kisses, again biting her shoulder gently, until she seemed as fully engrossed in this as I was. I began to gently pinch her nipple and she moaned softly at each of my movements and kisses.

I whispered into her ear, “I love you, I love waking to you in my arms. This is absolutely the best feeling I have ever had!”

“Hmmm, your right,” she said and we lay like that for another 30 minutes. “I need to get up and make you breakfast,” she stated.

“I would rather stay here in bed with you all day,” I laughed! She laughed also and then pulled away from me. I felt so empty!

After I gave myself much needed relief in the shower, breakfast was both awkward and thrilling. I felt we had crossed a boundary that was going only forward to my dreams, but also we were as nervous with each other as teenagers on a first date! Mom asked what my plans were for the day, and while I wanted to say get you back into bed, I decided to play it low key for a while. I just told her that I had to go get the car, and that I had some things she wanted me to fix around the house to attend to and that latter we could go out to eat again.

She blushed at that and said, “Sounds like a wonderful day!”

The day seemed to drag on and on forever!

Finally dinner time came, and we had a lovely dinner; more drinks and more handholding and necking. Nothing new and spectacular after yesterday, but no back steps either!

At home we had another couple of drinks and then she said she was ready for bed.

“We are sleeping together again, right?” I asked.

She responded, “If you behave yourself, I think that would be great!” I jumped up with a smile on my face to end all smiles! She said, “Someone seems awfully happy!”

This time we went to her room, since it has a bigger bed and I stripped down and got under the covers. Meanwhile she had gone to the bathroom and got into another set of pajamas, with puffy like shorts and the top with a high open midriff. I could not tear my eyes off of her lovely form as she approached the bed.

Like last night she slipped under the covers with her back to me, and I immediately enveloped her in my arms and began kissing her neck. Mom shuddered and moaned as she pressed back into my chest. I decided to go for the gold and slipped my hand under her top to cup her breast – this time there was no protest and she put her hand over mine and pressed it more firmly to her breast. I kneaded her breast and thumbed the nipple as I kissed and nibbled away at her neck and shoulders. Mom kept mumbling something about love and happiness and held my hand tightly to her chest.

“This is so sweet, I love your caresses,” Mom whispered.

I rolled her towards me and kissed her deeply with my tongue pushing deeply into her mouth. Mom was as ardent in the kisses as I was and we were soon panting for breath around each other’s mouths. After a few minutes of this hot kissing, she rolled over with her back to me again and we assumed our now natural spooning position.

Again we fell asleep, and again I awoke with my heart soaring at finding myself holding my Mother like this. I pulled her tightly to me and fondled both breasts as I woke her with whispered tender loving phrases and raves of her beauty. And now another day to wait agonizingly for night to fall!

As night fell for the third time in my new life of bliss, we said nothing but both went straight to her bedroom and got into her bed.

As we lay spooned and I began my wondrous explorations of her breasts, kissing her neck and shoulders, she suddenly got serious. “Doug, what are we doing?” she asked. “This is wrong on so many fronts, and yet I am so happy.”

I came back, probably too quickly, with, “Please stop putting any negative thoughts into something so wonderful. We are happy and can do whatever we want to do in enjoying the happiness. I love you!”

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Mom just mumbled a, “Hmmmm,” and left it at that.

This continued for a few more nights in this fashion; sleeping, hugging, fondling and kissing, but no more. I knew in my heart that she must realize where this was going. Normally a Mother and son do not do these things. She had to realize that what we were doing was the prelude to full intimacy! But I was so leery of losing what we had, I was afraid to take the next step.

On the seventh night, I had rolled her to me to kiss those marvelous lips and had my hand up under her top as usual paying with my newly found toys. I decided I must get my lips on these beautiful breasts! I began to think about the day many years ago when my father had mentioned that I was not breast fed – it was kind of in a passing comment about how I was the third child and they hand learned all about the different baby rearing techniques, and I was a bottle fed baby. I was disappointed at the time, and to this day I think I have a breast fixation due to that! I decided to use this as an opening.

I broke our kiss and hoarsely whispered, “You know I was denied these perfect breasts as a baby, it is time I got my rightful nursing.” And without waiting for a reply, I dipped down, pushed her top up over her right tit, and placed my mouth on her nipple. It was so hard and the moment my tongue and lips captured it I was burning with even more desire. Her chest heaved and my heart raced, as I began to suckle at the teat so long denied me!

Mom moaned and placed a hand on the back of my head, pulling me in, and I knew then that I was going to make love to my Mother, no question about it!

“Oh Doug, please, yes, I love that,” Mom whimpered.

After what seemed like an appropriate amount of time at her right breast, I decided to switch. I started to push the other side of her top up and she reached down and took the hem and pulled it over her head, removing it totally. As I watched her naked breasts become fully exposed, I gawked at her glorious beauty. Those fabulous tits in all their glory, average in size but pert and perfect!

Removing her top was such an erotic movement to my hungry eyes! With this unrequested removal of her top, I again I thought to myself that she is now fully committed. She had to realize what was coming; there would be no more games!

I fondled and kissed my Mother’s soft tits and totally lost myself in the pleasure. I sucked on her nipples and reveled in the groans and moans I elicited from her throat. Her hands were pulling my head in tighter, prompting me to continue, although I needed no instruction!

When my hands were not fondling her breasts, they were wandering down over her flat tummy and around her hips. I sucked a nipple in and ran my left hand down across her hips and along her soft smooth thighs, with slight brushings against her lightly covered pussy as my hand moved by. Each time there was a contact, Mom gasped and I started to try to sense if her PJ bottoms were wet.

I eventually just placed my hand directly on her pussy mound and began to apply a light pressure. Her hips rolled and more noises came from her lips. She was wet! I began a gentle undulating pressure against her pussy as I feasted on those rigid nipples.

“Oh God, Doug,” Mom gasped as my hand touched her pussy through her soaked panties.

With Mom’s hips writhing, I brought my roaming hand up and dipped in down under the hem of her PJ bottoms. My hand soon found the moist heat of her pussy and I slid a now wet finger along her slit. Mom shuddered and at the same time I raised my head from her breasts to drive my hungry tongue into her gasping mouth.

While our tongues toyed with each other, my fingers were dipping deeper and deeper into her hot depths. Her moans and cries were trying to escape the seal of my mouth against hers. I loved the joy I was obviously bringing to her!

“Yes, yes, oh my, yes, touch me, like that, oh God!” Mom called out in a hoarse voice.

I wanted this to last so I decided to take a break from driving Mom’s body into tremors. I moved my hands up to roll her on her side and pull her close to me, and we locked in a deep kiss with our bodies squirming against each other.

I was pumping my hard cock against her pelvic bone and she was returning the thrusts. I was lost in the realization that this was it. Nothing was going to stop me now. In minutes I was going to make love to my Mother!

I stopped kissing her long enough to say, “Open your eyes,” and when she did, I gazed deeply into her eyes and said, “I love you so much”.

Mom moaned and said, “I love you too, this is so intense, and so wrong, but I love you too.”

“No, it is so intense and so perfect; it is the most loving union ever to happen,” I replied.

We kissed like this for a long time, with my hands running up and down her body, searching for the spots that created the most reactions. Spots that I would forever know, that were her hot spots.

I let Mom lay onto her back, got on to my knees next to her, and began to pull her PJ bottoms off. Her eyes remained closed and any negative action I was afraid of never occurred. Mom, like other women of her era, did not shave her pussy and the bush was a new and fabulous aphrodisiac to me!

I was trying to decide if I should go down and feast on her gorgeous pussy, but decided, due to her age and upbringing, that she may not be ready for that. I was afraid I might put a stop to our love making session by upsetting her. So I decided to hold that part of my long awaited fantasy for later and go directly to making love to her.

I am sure her mind is now reeling at what is coming next, and I consciously wanted to act quickly before she could talk herself out of what was happening. I got between her legs and lay atop her, kissing her nipples and neck as I moved upward.

As I got to her luscious mouth, I let my body rest on hers as I urgently pushed my tongue into her mouth. She received my weight and kisses well, and my hardness pushed solidly against her pelvic bone. I felt Mom’s breathing labor under my weight, or the excitement.

We remained like this for minutes and her breathing was getting more and more ragged around my kisses, so I began a slow rhythmic undulation of my hips, pressing my hard cock against her mound the entire time.

Now seemed like the most natural time, so I shifted my hips down a bit and pressed the head of my cock against her wet opening. The head poked into her pussy and she whimpered against my mouth. I was now truly on fire and wanted so much to ram myself into her, but I knew I had to take this easy for her sake!

“Oh Doug, I want this so much,” Mom whispered.

I pressed on and got my cock in a little bit more and she grunted and whimpered, “Easy, be careful, remember it has been many years!”

I stopped immediately and said, “I’m sorry; I just have waited so long and want you so badly.”

Mom opened her eyes, looked up at me and wrapped her arms around my back pulling me toward her. This action pulled my hard cock in a little bit deeper, as an unintended move. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and groaned as she accepted the new penetration. We stayed like this for many minutes, letting her adjust to my hardness while simultaneously fueling our desires with kisses and sucking.

I pulled my face up from her and asked her to open her eyes and we gazed deeply at each other. I told her again how much I loved her and how beautiful and wonderful she was.

She said, “I love you too Doug, now please make beautiful love to me,” and she rolled her hips a bit taking me further into her hot furnace.

We began a very gentle and tender undulation with my hard cock going deeper with each thrust. Mom was really grunting, and moaning, and I was beginning to do the same. The feeling of her tight pussy was incredible!

Mom was moaning, “Please, love me, oh my, please, yes, Yes.”

Now I began to worry about the likely hood that I was going to come way too quickly due the extremely erotic nature of this long awaited fantasy! I decide to get all the way inside of her and then stop to let her adjust and to let me recover my control.

When I was finally fully inside of her I stopped my movements. The realization of this was incredible! I was back inside of my Mother; I was back where I belong! It was unlike anything I ever experienced!

But Mom was actually rotating her hips and pulling me down with her arms! She looked up at me and asked, “What’s the matter?”

I replied, “Absolutely nothing, nothing is wrong, this is just so beautiful and I love you so much I was about to lose all control and come too quickly.”

Mom just closed her eyes, pulled me tightly to her chest and murmured, “Hmmmm, yes beautiful.”

After a minute or too, I again began short gentle thrusting into her soaked pussy, and we kissed wildly at the same time. I would occasionally dip my head to suck on her neck or bite her shoulder, and was always rewarded with more shudders from Mom.

Soon we were thrusting fast and firmly against each other, and I knew I was losing control. I also knew that I could recover very quickly with this beautiful woman of my dreams naked in my arms, so I decide to let go and make the next one the best for her. In other words, I lost control and let lust win!

The feeling of my hard dick slipping in and out of Mom’s grasping pussy muscles was incredible. Even though we were slick with our combined juices, Mom was very tight and the friction of my dick against Mom’s pussy walls was overwhelming me fast.

I told her, “I am going to come!” and she pulled me more tightly to her and thrust her hips back with a ferocity I would never had imagined from my petite gentle Mother!

“Yes, yes Doug my love, give it to me,” she panted. “I want you; I want to feel you love me in every way!”

I could only growl as I totally gave in to my needs and exploded inside of my loving Mother. I felt like I pumped more come into her than I had ever released. I kept thrusting and Mom kept taking me in and crying out with each thrust.

Suddenly Mom’s pussy was a flooded hot caldron.

“Yes, yes, give it to me,” she repeated over and over again.

As I gained a little of my consciousness, but while still in orgasm, I cried out, “Open your eyes!” and when she did I was overcome with the sensations and the love in our locked gaze. I finished pumping my load into my Mother and gasped for breath as I collapsed on top of her and began kissing her neck.

Mom whispered, “Doug that was incredible,” and I could only gasp for air in reply.

Finally as I recovered I told her I was sorry about coming so soon, and she said, “No, that felt so wonderful, I never have felt so desired! That you might want me this way and be so excited about it was very flattering.”

“But I did not make you come yet,” I answered, “Now I will make you feel as good as I do!”

She looked oddly at me and told me, “Oh, don’t worry about that, I never come.”

My mind was racing, and I could not understand this. I replied, “What do you mean, never?”

“I have never had an orgasm, I do not think I can have them,” Mom said, and with that she closed her eyes.

I looked at my sweet Mother with loving eyes and said, “Well you will come with me, I promise you that!”

Then Mom opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “That’s sweet, but don’t worry about it.”

I slid off her sweet body and cuddled behind her, in our spooning/sleeping fashion. As I kissed her neck and shoulders, I was already getting hard again. Mom was breathing a little heavy too, so I knew I was not the only one excited again.

I reach down and pushed my hard dick between her legs and pressed my hips against her ass.

“My goodness,” she whispered, “you are hard again already?”

“The excitement of finally loving you and the sight of your beauty drives me to no ends!” I groaned though my clenched teeth.

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I thrust my cock in and out between her thighs as I drove myself to a new frenzy. I then reached down and straightened my cock up, and due to all our juices in her hot pussy, it slid home without any resistance. I began the slow thrusting that was natural to, and required by, my body at this point.

Mom was gasping for breath again and I was almost chewing on her shoulder as we worked up a new excitement. I then shifted my hips to try to push my cockhead against her G spot as much as possible and began my drive to give my Mother her fist orgasm.

Mom was crying out in short yelps as I pounded against her soft ass; driving my cock in and out.

“Ohhhh, ohhhh, my, ohhhh, so good!” Mom yelped.

When I again felt I was rising too fast to coming again. I suddenly pulled out of my Mother’s pussy with a plop. Mom whimpered and turned her head over her shoulder to me, looking up at me, she tenderly touched my cheek, with a love in her eyes that I will never forget!

Moments later she dropped her cheek back to the pillow and in a trembling voice said, “Don’t stop! It feels so good! Please, I want you inside of me!”

Ignoring her pleas, I moved aside and pulled on her shoulder to lay her on her back. I then again lay atop this beautiful lady I call Mom, and pressed my cock home as I lowered my weight onto her chest. The air went out of her lungs and she made a few moaning grunts as I began to thrust in and out of her soaking hot pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes, oh, uh, uh,” I heard from her.

I kissed her softly as if to apply a different sensation in comparison to the thrusting of my hips. Our tongues entwined and I renewed my quest to give her the best and her first orgasm.

I lifted my weight a bit and on my hands, I arched my back while pulling up towards the bed’s headboard as though I was trying to drag her upward with my dick. I had always found this to be effective for my previous lovers, and it proved just as effective here. While pressing upward and thrusting in,

I was grinding my pubic mound hard into her clitoris, while my cock was pulling up and outward to help stroke Mom’s G spot. Within minutes Mom was relay responding to this!

“Oh my God!” she cried out, “Oh, Douglas stop! I cannot take this, please.”

I decided to be relentless, even if it might border on being cruel, and pressed onward. I strained my back to give full thrusting strength and pressed my feet against the footboard. I pushed into my Mother with as much force as I could, out of love, desire, refusal to fail, whatever!

Finally Mom began to cry out in pleasure, “Yes, Oh my God, yes, I, I, yes, oh please!” She also reached up to grab my face and stared passionately into my eyes for a long time. There was a heat I could not understand in her eyes.

I can only imagine that Mom, having never had an orgasm, this build up must seemed very strange, but I hope wonderful! I pressed on.

This position also gives me greater endurance, especially if I have already come once. After about 30 min, Mom was really coming alive! Her cries were becoming unintelligible and it drove me onward. I could feel Mom’s body changing, the shuddering, and the quivering, her ragged breathing, and when I looked down between our chests, I saw her nipples were really engorged, large and flushed!

Now Mom was reduced to only grunts, and she was thrusting back at me with as much power as I thrust at her. I knew she was about to go over the edge. It was time to add my favorite touch.

In a quiet but firm voice, I ordered, “Mom, Open your eyes, look at me, I love you so much I want to see into your soul!”

Mom opened her eyes briefly, looked deeply into my eyes and then let out a low scream as she started her orgasm. She closed her eyes and let it carry her!

“Ohhhhhh, Ohhhhhh, yessssssss,” she screamed out.

Mom’s hips were grinding wildly against me, and I loved the thought of my giving her this pleasure as I pushed down to increase the rubbing on her clit. On and on we fucked and soon Mom’s legs were wrapped around my thighs and pulling me deeper, as if that were possible!

I was amazed. I had never seen anyone so consumed and so enraptured! Mom’s arms pulled me down to her chest, and although I wanted to kiss her, she was still screaming and just put her head aside mine. I slightly wiggled my hips every other second or so to keep her riding her wave, but not give undue excess stimulation. I just held her tightly and enjoyed the trembling orgasm as is passed between us.

After what seemed to be a heavenly eternity, Mom finished her orgasmic failings and began to slow down a bit. As her cries subsided, I raised up to kiss her soft lips which were quivering like butterfly wings.

I again asked her to open her eyes, and when she did, they were in a dream like state, far away. I said softly, “I love you more than anything in this world.”

Mom could not reply, but gave a slight smile and looked like she was searching my eyes for something.

Finally after a few minutes of us loving each other’s eyes, she very softly said, “That was the most incredible thing, I can’t believe I was missing that all these years!”

I kissed here lightly and said, “You and I will enjoy that many more times in the years to come!”

Mom just closed her eyes and whispered, “I thought for awhile there you were going to kill me, and I think if we do that too many times, you will kill me!”

We lay locked together for about 15 minutes. Although still rock hard, I pulled slowly out of Mom’s hot throbbing pussy. Then I got up and went to get a wet warm wash cloth to clean my sexy Mother’s soaked pussy.

As I gently wiped her, with many soft kisses, Mom asked, “You did not come that time did you? I think only I did.”

I smiled lovingly at her and said, “Don’t worry, after you rest a few minutes we will make love again and we both will come together at the same time.”

She looked at me and rolled her eyes, “A few minutes! You ARE going to kill me!”

I lay down beside her and started to play with my Mother’s tits, thinking about how much I wanted to taste her pussy! I started thinking that the time had come. Before, I was afraid that my trying to eat her might put a stop to my conquest of her body. But now I was sure that, even if she never gave in and let me feast on her pussy, we were too far involved in a sensuous physical love to go back.

Mom seemed to nap for about twenty minutes while I very gently pleasured myself with her glorious body. I ran one hand down her tummy and let my finger drag ever so lightly across her puffed up pussy lips. Mom’s hips began to rotate a little as I increased the touch and the depth of my touches. She awoke with a long sigh and pulled my face to hers in a long deep kiss.

As her breathing began to get deeper and more rapid, I moved down to kiss her tits and suck on her nipples. This again excited Mom as much as it did me. My finger slowly fucked her pussy as I nursed on my Mother’s hard nipples. Soon Mom was writhing on the bed from my attentive foreplay. I slid even further down her body and began kissing her naval and tummy, then a bit lower so that I was soon kissing around her pelvic bone just above her bush.

I could sense that Mom was losing some steam, probably out of concern about where I was headed. I struggled for thoughts on how to control Mom’s coming resistance versus my lust to just bury my face in that beautiful bush I had longed to eat for so many years!

I shifted lower to slowly start kissing her thighs, marveling at the soft creamy skin and the sexy sight so close to my mouth! Even though I was still a few inches from my desired target, Mom reached for my head and tried to push me away, saying, “I am so dirty there!”

I just replied, “Shush, it is not dirty, there is nothing dirty about your beautiful body or about what we do together,” and I shook her hands from my head as I resumed kissing her inner thighs.

I could feel Mom tensing as I kissed higher and higher on those lovely thighs, and she actually yelped when my nose first lightly brushed her pussy lips. I relished in her softness and warmth, I loved feeling her thighs against my cheeks as I kissed toward my ultimate prize.

As my breath touched her lips, and she knew I was so close, she again pled, “Douglas, please, that is dirty, please don’t do that.”

I was of course unstoppable.

I stopped kissing long enough to reply, “I love you Mom, and I want to touch and taste every part of you. Please do not deny me this fabulous pleasure!” I guess I won her over a bit as I could feel her relax slightly, but she also seemed to be holding her breath. Time to go for the gold!

I looked at her pussy lips just inches away. They were long and puffy, and the moisture and heat they emitted was incredible. I inhaled the wonderful and heady smell of my lovely Mother’s sexy center and could think of nothing more erotic than tasting Mom’s pussy and making her come into my mouth, if possible.

I very lightly kissed her pussy lips, and Mom jumped like electricity had hit her! I kissed her lips repeatedly until she relaxed at this touch and finally exhaled! Then I kissed all around her mound, softly loving the cleft of the skin where her thighs curved into her pussy lips. I returned every few seconds to again lightly kiss her pussy lips, and now she actually seemed to react favorably to my kisses.

When I felt Mom was totally relaxed with my kisses outside of her pussy, and even becoming aroused by it a bit, I sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth and massaged it with my lips and tongue. I did the same of her other soft pussy lip and marveled at the soft texture.

Now I took aim at drilling my tongue into that loving home that I left so long ago. With my lips just barley touching Mom’s pussy, I slowly pushed my tongue between her lips.

At the first touch of my tongue between her lips, I could feel Mom inhale sharply and I knew she was holding her breath again. To try and relax her again, I backed up a bit and said, “So sweet, so delicious, I have wanted this too long.”

I pushed my tongue in deeply and sucked on her pussy. Mom took a great gulp of air even though her lungs were already full and let out a long groan, “Nooooo, please, nooooo.”

I continued and sucked her pussy lips one at a time into my mouth, then I tongue fucked her pussy some more. I stopped briefly to repeat, “This is so fantastic, so soft and so delicious; Mom, I love you so much for giving me this!”

Now Mom was muttering incoherently again, but still with a scattered, “no, no” in there. I needed to get her excited and over this revulsion she had. I reached up and slipped a finger into her pussy to apply a little pressure to her soft and spongy G spot, and at the same time I gently sucked the hooded area of her clit. Now she really started to come alive!

“Oh my God! Oh God, Oh, what, nooooo,” she cried.

I kept this up for another 5-10 minutes, which is easy for me because I love to eat pussy! I felt Mom really was beginning to enjoy this so I started letting my tongue drag lightly across the nub of her clit directly. This sparked a jolt out of Mom!

She gasped and drove her hips upward pushing my top lip into my teeth with her pubic mound! Ouch! But Mom heard nothing; she kept pushing her hips up and soon grabbed my head to pull my face in tightly against her pussy! I couldn’t breathe! But I wasn’t going to tell her that, this was too fantastic!

I was also lost in my own pleasures during all this. I loved the taste, the feelings, and the response of my Mother’s pussy. And the knowledge that it was actually my Mother’s pussy made it even more fantastic!

Now I used my lips to press the hood of her clit back and suck directly on that erotic little nub. She really loved this and that drove me on. I would bring Mom up to where I thought she was about to orgasm, and then I would back off some to let her fall back. As I backed off, I reverted to sucking on her pussy lips, then tongue fucking her, till I returned to her awaiting hard clit.

I repeated this for many minutes until she was now pleading with me, mostly nonverbally with her hands on my head and her bucking hips, to continue! Success!!

I decided that Mom might still be a little hung up on this, and not let go and come with my mouth on her pussy. So without any warning, I suddenly pulled my face back, removing my finger, and started to crawl up her body.

Mom actually whined, “No, don’t stop, please,” as I moved. I stopped to kiss Mom’s engorged nipples, also wiping excess pussy juice from my chin onto her breasts, thinking she probably would not want to kiss me with so much juice on my face. Then I moved up and thrust my hard cock into her pussy while simultaneously ramming my tongue down her throat.

I was almost blown off Mom’s mouth by her scream as I penetrated her! I began hard thrusts immediately – this was not a gentle love making this time – I was going to fuck my Mother hard and make her come, hopefully at the same time I did!

I felt Mom’s legs wrap up over my ass, and she really started bucking for all she was worth! Mom’s grunts and cries were music to my ears. I could feel her again rising to orgasm and the thought of it pushed me towards mine. We were now animals in a heated coupling, nothing could have stopped us.

I wanted this to go on forever; I never wanted to come and I never wanted to pull out from my loving Mother’s embrace. This was truly a miracle of nature, so pure, so perfect, so loving, and yet right now anyway, so animalistic in its lust!

All my senses were in overload. The tight embrace, feeling her tits pressed into my chest, and her lovely face next to mine with her cries of ecstasy in my ear were incredible! Then the fantastic sensations of my hard dick fucking into Mom’s clutching pussy were becoming too much and I was about to come. The heat, muscular clamping, and yet softness of Mom’s pussy were driving me insane.

When Mom and I came it was with a crescendo like nothing before! We both were growling and grunting as the orgasms overwhelmed us. I growled like a wolf as I exploded into Mom’s hot pussy.

Mom screamed like she was tortured and clamped her arms and legs around me as though I might try to escape. Eventually our bodies slowed, but the passion skyrocketed, and our labored breathing and cries of ecstasy continued unabated for a long time!

We gasped for breath as we slowly returned to normal. I opened my eyes and looked at my marvelous Mother, we were one, again – to me the world was right. Her eyes opened and we shared a love like the world has never known before.

The animal lust now gone, I kissed her gently and again declared my love and devotion. Mom repeated my words and we rolled to our sides and remained locked together in an embrace till we both fell asleep.

When we awoke in the morning, there were no words. We hugged and our eyes said all that need to be said. We showered and idled/worked the day away without any talk of what happened. I frequently would slip up to Mom and give her a deep French kiss, which she returned with equal passion, but that was the only indicator of a changed couple.

That evening, Mom turned to me and asked, “Are you sleeping with me tonight?”

I replied, “Try to stop me!” we both grinned and headed upstairs.

We went to bed, both naked, and we immediately started to make slow passionate love. Later there would be groaning and moaning but until that climax, this was the slow gentle love making only special couples ever enjoy.

After passionately necking for about an hour and again nursing like a baby, I began my crawl down Mom’s sexy body. I was kissing her tummy when she asked, “Doug, do you really like to kiss me down there?”

I scrambled up to face her and replied, “That is the most precious and delicious thing I do and I would never give it up! You are incredibly delicious!”

“Good!” she exclaimed, “Because I am think that I like you to doing it to me!”

Wow, what a change from 24 hours ago! I am in heaven!

We made love twice that night and once again in the morning. I need to find out my Mother’s limits, I don’t want to wear her out, but I want her as much as I can get her!

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That weekend I arranged for us to go to a resort spa as a treat. I wanted to be where no one knew us and I could hold her hand and kiss her whenever I wanted. I was a beautiful and plush resort. Mom was thrilled at the idea of getting away. And we packed for our lover’s retreat.

I was funny; I could truthfully register us as Mr. and Mrs. Wilson! At the check-in there were a few raised eyebrows at our ages, but as expected for a high end resort, no one said a word or treated us any differently.

The room was great, huge bed and huge Jacuzzi tub. The mountain view out through the balcony window was spectacular! I could already dream of making passionate love to my mother with that fabulous open view in front of us. And I had some hot ideas for that Jacuzzi also!

We unpacked and went for a walk on the grounds. We held hands, kissed and played like high school sweethearts. It was a wonderful day. That evening we had a few drinks with dinner and then “retired for the evening.”

In the room I told Mom I wanted to take a bath with her, she just smiled and said, “OK.”

I drew the bath as Mom took off her clothes. I still marvel at her beauty and find it hard to take my eyes off of her! Mom stepped in the bubbles and I followed with her seated between my legs, her back to me. I naturally started my favorite course of kissing her neck and shoulders while my hands played with my coveted tits, all covered in soapy bubbles. I was so happy and I think, from her mews, I was making Mom as happy as well.

Of course I got a hard erection that was poking Mom in the back, but I no longer had to worry about that being embarrassing, I only had to decide how to use it to please my Mother! Mom took the lead on that and reached behind her to grab me and stroke me. I was getting excited!!

I was shocked when Mom said, “Doug, you have pleased me to heights I never could have imagined with your mouth and tongue, can you teach me how to do that to you?” and she emphasized that with an extra strong pull on my raging hard-on!

I stammered a bit – how do you tell your Mother how to give a blow job? But then I quickly remembered that we were no longer a regular mother and son. “Mom, I guess I can tell you what not to do, but the rest I think will just come naturally.” And I proceeded to tell her about not letting teeth get too rough on me and a few others thoughts.

She swung around in the tub and said, “I want to do it now, but the water is full of bubbles, so sit up here on the edge of the tub,” and patted the area she mentioned. I dutifully got up and sat as instructed.

Mom took my hard dick in her hand and looked at it like she had never seen one. And I imagine she probably never did hold one or look so closely at one! The without any warning, she licked it like a Loll Pop! I was startled to say the least! I really expected her to go much slower than this.

Then equally surprising, Mom sucked my dick into her mouth like she had done this hundreds of times! I gasped in pleasure, but Mom thought she had hurt me. Spitting me out like bad food, “I am sorry!” she cried, “What did I do?”

“Nothing, nothing,” I said “It was so good, surprising, but so good!”

Mom looked like a kid in a candy store, “Oh good!” And with that she went right back to sucking on my dick.

It was beyond description, to look down and see your mother sucking on your dick, and doing a pretty good job of it too! It was so erotic, I loved this woman, and she loved me, so much so that she was sucking on my dick! This was something she probably always thought was so disgusting and thought that she would never do!

I pulled her head down to go a little deeper, all the while giving her nothing but positive encouragement. After all is there such thing as a bad blow job between true lovers? Mom learned quickly what really sent me thought the roof. She was taking almost my entire length by the time she finished. I was soon ready to pump my seed into her mouth or into the tub – horrors, I thought! Do I come in her mouth, do I tell her first, do I pull out and blast the tub with it?

Obviously I cannot come in my sweet Mom’s mouth with warning or permission; she may never place those fabulous lips around my dick again! And it is not something I can ask or explain at this moment! So I decided I would just pull out at the last moment and take it up with her another time. And I was getting close fast! As I said, this was extreme eroticism, my mother was sucking on my dick!

When I could hold back no more I placed my hands on Mom’s cheeks to prepare to push her away. I think Mom thought I wanted it deeper again and doubled up on her efforts! I was getting frantic now, “Mom, Mom, I am there! I can’t hold out any longer!”

So what is her reaction? She sucked harder, stroked faster and deeper! Mom was giving me her all! She wanted me to come with all her heart, but I bet she did not think out what that would really mean!

I tried again to tell her, and to push her off, but Mom was determined not to stop until came. It was now beyond anything I could control. I growled my usually lion roar that I do when I have a great orgasm, and unloaded what I was afraid was a bucket full of come into Mom’s mouth!

“Oh my fucking God!” I screamed and then through clenched teeth I growled!

As soon as I could catch my breath, I cried out, “Oh God Mom, I am so sorry!” But Mom continued sucking on my dick and every time she sucked or tongued my dick head, it jerked and squeezed out another squirt of come. Finally my dick was down to emitting just dribbles and as it finished unloading, it began to soften! “I am sorry!” I repeated.

Slowly pulling my dick out of her mouth, and with a contented look on her face, Mom looked up at me and asked, “What are you sorry about?”

“I didn’t mean to come in your mouth, I tried to tell you and to stop you,” I said.

“Oh stop!” She shot back, “I wanted to feel you come, I wanted to make you so happy, just like you do to me!”

“You’re Ok with my come in your mouth?”

All she said was,”It’s OK, don’t all women do it that way?” She put my semi hard dick back into her mouth and continued draining me of all my life’s juices.

Damn, I love my Mother! I took her to that big beautiful bed and began to eat her pussy like there was never going to be another meal for me! I wanted to pay her back, make her come in my mouth before I climb up and make love to her – maybe all night!

I was quickly finding all the wonderful spots and techniques that drive Mom wild. Like any new lover, there is a period of wondrous discovery. But with Mom, it was compounded by a deep love no other lovers can feel. I was determined to make her the happiest woman there ever was. I wanted Mom to think our love was life itself! I wanted to make sure that she desired me as much as I desired her every waking minute!!

Savoring Mom’s sweet pussy was too much for both of us and I had Mom coming in no time with my tongue. With my finger against the G Spot and my mouth feasting on Mom’s sweet pussy, it was not only quick, but a wondrous pleasure for me. I loved the juices I got flowing as Mom shuddered and lurched her hips into my face.

“Doug, yes, Doug, please oh yes, yes, ohhhh,” she screamed to the ceiling.

I must have spent an hour bringing Mom up and then back down slowly as I softly kissed and licked her pussy and thighs. Of course mom’s clit was ultra sensitive after her orgasm, so I had to steer clear of that delectable treat.

Rising up and lying behind Mom, I began to kiss just under her ear, and then bite on her shoulder, this always served to make her writhe. And of course those movements helped me pump my hard cock into her ass! I slipped my hard cock between her thighs and began to pump against her. I was ready to explode, and as much as I want to dip down and thrust into her pussy, I pulled back and lay on my back.

“Get on top of me,” I ordered, “I want to be able to look up and see your lovely body as we make love.”

Mom straddled me and began to slip and slide her wet pussy back and forth across my dick, trapped between my stomach and her mound. “Damn,” I moaned, “You are driving me insane!”

It appeared Mom didn’t even hear me, I think she was lost in her own pleasures from the friction. Mom’s eyes were shut tightly and her lips slightly parted with soft pants coming from her mouth.

I reached down and pushed my hard cock up so it impaled Mom on her next stroke. Mom moaned loudly as I penetrated all the way into her hot center. I reached up to cup her tits as she started to ride up and down on my dick. Her tits began to bounce and I was mesmerized at the sight of those perfect breasts bouncing in my hands, her hard nipples rubbing against my palms the whole time.

Such an erotic sight, to look up at my Mother, lost in passion as she rode my cock. The look of total abandonment on her face made me happier than I can ever remember. On occasion I would sit up and suck on her nipples, which while fantastically stimulating for both of us, was a bit difficult due to height of my head above her chest in this position. Or I simply sat up to hold her to my chest. I loved the feel of her nipples against my chest, and this gave me an opportunity to kiss Mom’s lips and neck.

Mom was alternating from riding up and down on my cock to sliding back and forth across my groin. I thrust upward to help and pulled on her hips to increase friction and sometimes to direct action if it was getting too much for me! Looking at her petite body and bouncing tits, along with the fabulously tight pussy was undermining my attempts to make myself last more than 30 minutes or so.

I do have this unusual ability to let myself have a short mini-come, kind of a mini-orgasm, without totally letting go, and then I can go on another 10-15 minutes and repeat this multiple times. If I do this I can fuck for over an hour, sometimes to the consternation of my lovers, but more often to their complete pleasure. And when I do let go, my orgasm is so much more mind blowing this way! But to do this I must totally control the movements as I do the mini-orgasm. If my lover moves too much at that point, I lose it and have a full blown orgasm which will then take me a while to recover from.

In this case I had already experienced 2 mini-orgasms, and this added lots of lubricant to my mother’s pussy. Mom was having the ride of her life and not having to worry about me coming at all. My plan was that when she was ready, I would just get in a bunch of full hard strokes and I could come with her.

I almost think she had forgotten about me, and was just riding my cock for her own gratification. I loved watching her face contorted in lust. When she started to speed up and her breathing got really erratic, I realized that she was about to come.

I grabbed her hip bones and started pounding upward into her pussy with all I had. Mom grabbed my forearms and steadied herself as she slammed down onto me. Her eyes never opened. I didn’t exist.

Mom tensed suddenly, “My God” she screamed, “Oh my God, yes, yes, Oh my” followed by numerous grunts and cries of ecstasy.

This pushed me over the top, and I bellowed out a growl that should have wakened neighbors! I flooded Mom’s clutching pussy with come, jet and jets of it. We slammed against each other draining me of all my vital fluids, and filling Mom’s womb, where I once lived.

I now had to pull Mom’s hips tightly to my groin as the head of my dick was as sensitive as anything I had ever felt! I could not take any more movement from her! I could feel Mom’s cervix pressed against the head of my dick, and the pressure caused a few more spurts of come to pump out.

Mom was using her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock with a pulsing throb, although I don’t think she was actually controlling it. It seems we had synchronized our grunts, spurts, and squeezes.

Mom collapsed down onto my chest and was sobbing and gasping for air. We both were shaking and gasping, and it seemed like an hour before we could breathe normally.

“I love you so much,” she whispered.

I replied, “I love you even more.”

We held each other as I softened inside of her soaked pussy. When I pulled out it was like a deluge! We both started laughing at the situation, and then we began kissing again. Damn how I love to kiss this beautiful woman!! We rolled to our sides and I was stroking Mom’s cheek as I kissed those luscious lips.

And of course it was not long before I was slipping down to get my lips on those great nipples! Me sucking on Mom’s nipples was a fascination for both of us and I could not get enough of suckling on them. The sides of Mom’s tits were also sensitive, and I kissed there often as it seemed to stir Mom on.

Now we were just kind of winding down, stay lovingly connected with soft sucking, kisses and caresses, but not for any kind of foreplay, just a slow cooling off period for our two bodies to recover.

After many minutes of this gentle post play, we went to shower and prepare to try to sleep. But that big bed and this sumptuous room… might be more than we bargained for!

Surprisingly, we actually slept the whole night, spooned together and happy. When I awoke I was so enthralled at having my lover, my Mother, in my arms, so naked and so perfect. I stroked her a bit as I woke her with nibbles to her neck. When I was sure she was semi-awake, I lay her on her back and crawled down for my breakfast of champions!

Mom just whimpered in pleasure as I began to kiss her pussy, and when I sucked the soft petals of her pussy lips into my mouth she got more excited. Before long I was tongue fucking my Mother’s tasty treat, and she was pulling at my head to get me in closer. I rubbed my nose on her clit to speed things along and she was humping my face before I knew it.

I inserted my finger, put slight pressure on the spongy wonder, and kissed, licked, and sucked like my life depended on it!

Mom was out of control and ranting something to the effect of, “Never, never, insane, complete, Doug, please!”

I decided then, that this morning I was going to make her come in my mouth and she didn’t have to do anything in return!

I ate my Mother’s succulent pussy for a long time and she started her rise to climax. I loved every minute of this and I felt so powerful in making her body tremble and quiver like this! With a great intake of air, Mom was coming now, screaming, and clawing at my hair.

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Don’t stop, don’t, don’t, I need you, I need this! Yes Doug, Ohhhh,” and she shook and quivered as she suffocated me!

I kissed her thighs and very lightly licked her pussy lips as she came back to me. Gentle and numerous kisses on the swollen petals of her pussy lips told her how much I enjoyed and loved her perfect pussy. Without put any undue pressure on Mom’s sensitive clit, I used my tongue to lovingly clean up her soaked pussy. I loved every bit of this!

I crawled up to hold her and kiss her – and she asked if I would make love to her now, but I just told her, “Relax, I just did make love to you, and we will make love again later.”

She looked like she wanted to ask or tell me something, but she stopped and we just lay in each other’s arms and felt the love pass between us.

Later we made love many times. I could not get enough of this magnificent woman, and I tried my best to make sure Mom got everything she had missed for all those years.

I would ensure my Mother came more than I did so that she knew what true love was supposed to be. I also wanted to pamper her and enjoy this incredible pleasure I had waited decades to experience.

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