Mom and son: A son fucks his hot mom at his dad’s work party

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Mom and son, incest, taboo family, a son fucks his hot mom at his dad’s work party… Thomas Bryton heard the bell ring sounding the end to yet another boring day at school. He ran as fast as he could to his locker the minute he got out of the classroom and only stopped just long enough to yank the denim back from the metal locker before hurriedly relocking it and once again darting off into the crowd of students at Shorehaven High. Pushing past everybody in his way he raced along the corridor until he bounded through the large double doors and into the freedom of Friday after school.

Tommy, he never much liked being called Thomas, ran down the large stairs outside of the entrance to the old building, ignoring the shouts of his teachers and didn’t stop running until he reached the road at the end of the long grass banks in front of the school.

The banks were covered in flowers because of the warm air and sunlight that shone brightly in a cloudless sky, but none of it held his interest at all. All of his attention was on what lay right in front of his eyes.

“Hey Tommy boy.” A familiar voice called to him

“Hey Binxy man, you got it!” He said back with a large smile on his face as he took in the tantalising view of the car in front of him, “Nice one man.”

Jerry Binx was one of Tommy’s friends and he was also on Shorehaven High’s football team. Even though Jerry was two years older than Tommy they were both on the team because Tommy was an outstanding athlete, much like his father who was also on the team when he was young.

Tommy wasn’t an overly big kid however; he was tall for his age though. He was 18 years old and already he was 6′ tall. He had short dark brown hair, cut so the fringe hung just over his eyes, brown eyes and although he wasn’t hugely built, he was muscular in a defined and toned way. Everyone said that he was the image of his father, just a smaller version. His father, Carl Bryton, was 6′ 3″, and with the way Tommy was growing, he would be just as tall when he stopped growing.

“So, you want a lift home or you just gonna stand there staring all day?” Jerry asked with a grin on his face.

Tommy hadn’t realised that he had been staring so hard, but a brand new red Porsche just had to be stared at. Jerry’s came from a very rich family and although Tommy’s family was far from poor, they weren’t millionaires like the Binx family.

“You serious? Cool man, can I take it for a spin?” He asked enthusiastically, still not taking his eyes from the car as he walked closer.

“No way Tommy, I’ve only just got it, I don’t want it crashed and smashed up already.” Jerry said chidingly

“Ha ha, very funny.” Tommy said sarcastically as he walked around to the passenger side and jumped over the car door to sit down.

“Man this is the car of my dreams.” He said as he looked at the brand new interior

“You ain’t seen nothing yet buddy.” Jerry said just before he burned the car out into the road.

Leah Bryton placed the receiver back down onto the handset and smiled broadly to herself. The customer had been tough to win around but her charm never failed, and sure enough she had just earned herself yet another fat amount of extra bonuses because of that deal.

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