Mom and son, Alicia buys some sexy lingerie to please her well-hung son

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Sex stories, Mom and son, Alicia buys some sexy lingerie to please her well-hung son, incest …  Zach had set his cell phone to go off fifteen minutes before their usual wake-up time. He knew that in his mother’s condition when he put her to bed last night, she was in no shape to remember to do it. Last night, he’d fucked her to climax after climax until she seemed on the verge of almost slipping into a coma, then he’d carefully taken her to her own bed and tucked her in for the night, but not before jerking off one more load onto her nicely-shaped tits.

His phone chirped and he casually shut it off, lying there with a smile on his face. Today was Friday, and with Grace going to her friend Jenna’s, he and his mother would have the whole night together. He couldn’t wait—he literally couldn’t wait. He looked down at his morning hard-on obscenely tenting up his sheets, and remembered why he’d set the alarm fifteen minutes early. He quickly got up and exited his room. Turning to see that Grace’s door was still shut, he stealthily made his way down the hall to his mother’s room. He entered, and then gently closed the door behind him. He could hear his mother’s soft breathing as he made his way across the room. He reached down and turned on the lamp on her bedside table, bathing the room in a warm amber glow.

“Nnhhnnn,” he heard his mother moan slightly when the light came on, but she remained sleeping. He reached down and carefully drew back the covers he’d pulled up to her shoulders the night before. She’d been so exhausted, she was still in the exact same position he’d left her in. A smile came to his face as his eyes roamed over her still-clothed form. When they’d been fucking, he’d left her clothes on the whole time, loving the sexy look of her in her slim-fitting business attire. It never failed to make his monstrous prick hard. A smile came over his face as he looked at her, her clothes stained and matted with his spunk. There were some dark wet stains showing through her tight red sweater from where he’d last shot onto her chest. He looked down at her black skirt, now kind of scrunched up so the hem was sitting just below her well-fucked pussy. There were white crusty patches everywhere on the jet black skirt, as well as on the lower part of her sweater. Some dry cleaning was definitely going to be required. He looked up at his mother’s pretty face, at her soft red lips, and knew why he had come. He tore off his t-shirt and pajama pants and stepped next to the bed, his long heavy cock thrusting out before him.

“C’mon Mom, time to wake up,” Zach said as he slipped another pillow behind her head, then grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her a little farther up against the headboard.

“Wha…what time is it?” Alicia asked groggily as she started to come awake.

“It’s fifteen minutes before our usual wake-up time,” her 19-year old son replied as he quickly clambered onto the bed and swung his leg over her, his young body straddling hers.

“Zach, I…I…,” she muttered in confusion, her eyes now looking at his rigid erection, the enormously huge cock thrusting over her face menacingly.

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