Lusting Over My Pakistani Mother

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My name is Amjad. I am 21, 5’2 with a skinny physique. I have dark, brown eyes and a medium brown skin tone. I look like the average Western born Pakistani. My thick, black stubble blended in with my hair, which was always parted to the side, from the top and tapered from the sides, to keep a clean look. I was circumcised and clean shaved down there. I’m a virgin with no relationship history.

My mum, Sobia, is 44, 5’2 and had a normal build for a woman her age, slightly chubby, but still slim, with a bit of a big ass, that didn’t really stick out and 34c boobs that only slightly hung low. Her hair was just past her shoulders and dyed brown, darker on top and lighter at the bottom. She was born and raised in Pakistan and looked a bit young for her age, having pretty clear skin.

Me, my mum and my sister Zara all lived together.

My dad had left Mum at a young age, so she mostly raised me and Zara alone. I don’t really remember much about him and he had never returned. Our family were raised Muslim, like most other Pakistani families but none of us really cared so much or practiced it, so we lived a pretty religion-free lifestyle. Me and Zara were born and raised in the UK and lived in a quiet area of the city, in three bedroom house. Zara’s room was next to mine, Mum’s was opposite Zara’s, next to the bathroom and mine was opposite the bathroom.

Zara would mostly wear Western clothing, whilst mum stuck to traditional Salwar Kameez, as she was born and raised in Pakistan and it was traditional wear.

Growing up in a Pakistani family, we watched a fair few Bollywood movies when we were younger. Our family life was relatively quiet, with just the three of us, so I could basically do what I want and get away with it. Being the only male in my household, the female body definitely interested me, especially the boobs. I think school played a bit of a part in that, hearing other students talk about it, despite being extremely young, as well as accidentally coming across a few things on the internet. Despite not really knowing what I were doing, I couldn’t help but look and become erect. It wasn’t long before I knew what to search for, to find what I wanted.

I were always very sexual from a young age, sometimes that would only increase as I got older and became more curious. I were exposed to a lot on the internet and dreamed of seeing the real thing in person. School was a distraction from this, but whenever it were time to go home, all I could think about, was browsing the internet for more and more porn, especially on weekends.

Saturdays were the best, because our family would always wake up a bit later and I got up extra early, just for porn. We only had one computer, which the three of us shared and would go on every day, so I definitely used my time wisely. Sunday’s were less exciting, as I knew I’d have to wake up early for school the next day, but whenever I were doing my thing on the computer, I’d hope that I’d see a teacher’s cleavage too, which would make school a bit more exciting for me. As I grew up, I did get my wish, but it was mostly women who were older than I preferred, with more saggy and wrinkled skin. Despite that, it still made me horny and I’d take it over nothing at all. Despite that, there’s one cleavage that stood out to me far more than any I’d ever seen in person, my mother’s.

It was my birthday and my Mum bought me a PS2 game I wanted for a long time. I remember her handing me my present, bending over slightly, exposing the most perfect cleavage, I’d ever seen in my life. This topped everything I’d ever seen on the internet and it was now stuck in my head. Whenever I were around her, it’s all that came to mind and whenever she’d bend over, my eyes would always go to the same place.

I knew that it was unlikely that I’d see something like that everyday, so it didn’t stop me from doing my thing on the internet, but it was definitely something that stuck in my head, so I tried searching for something similar and came across very little, but almost equally as hot, Desi cleavage images. Whenever I’d search for boobs on the internet, it was always white women and whilst I definitely liked that, Desi women were something else, simply because, it wasn’t that common to see them like this and I instantly got rock hard, looking at their cleavage and bare exposed tits. Their dark nipples drove me wild and made light, pinkish ones look ugly. They eventually became my sexual standard, whenever I’d search. All I could think about, was squeezing and sucking them dry. My boners would made my body shake, I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t sit still, like the pleasure of seeing it, overtook my body. At the time, I never knew what masturbating was, so I’d be horny for long periods of time.

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