Lusting Over My Pakistani Mother

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My name is Amjad. I am 21, 5’2 with a skinny physique. I have dark, brown eyes and a medium brown skin tone. I look like the average Western born Pakistani. My thick, black stubble blended in with my hair, which was always parted to the side, from the top and tapered from the sides, to keep a clean look. I was circumcised and clean shaved down there. I’m a virgin with no relationship history.

My mum, Sobia, is 44, 5’2 and had a normal build for a woman her age, slightly chubby, but still slim, with a bit of a big ass, that didn’t really stick out and 34c boobs that only slightly hung low. Her hair was just past her shoulders and dyed brown, darker on top and lighter at the bottom. She was born and raised in Pakistan and looked a bit young for her age, having pretty clear skin.

Me, my mum and my sister Zara all lived together.

My dad had left Mum at a young age, so she mostly raised me and Zara alone. I don’t really remember much about him and he had never returned. Our family were raised Muslim, like most other Pakistani families but none of us really cared so much or practiced it, so we lived a pretty religion-free lifestyle. Me and Zara were born and raised in the UK and lived in a quiet area of the city, in three bedroom house. Zara’s room was next to mine, Mum’s was opposite Zara’s, next to the bathroom and mine was opposite the bathroom.

Zara would mostly wear Western clothing, whilst mum stuck to traditional Salwar Kameez, as she was born and raised in Pakistan and it was traditional wear.

Growing up in a Pakistani family, we watched a fair few Bollywood movies when we were younger. Our family life was relatively quiet, with just the three of us, so I could basically do what I want and get away with it. Being the only male in my household, the female body definitely interested me, especially the boobs. I think school played a bit of a part in that, hearing other students talk about it, despite being extremely young, as well as accidentally coming across a few things on the internet. Despite not really knowing what I were doing, I couldn’t help but look and become erect. It wasn’t long before I knew what to search for, to find what I wanted.

I were always very sexual from a young age, sometimes that would only increase as I got older and became more curious. I were exposed to a lot on the internet and dreamed of seeing the real thing in person. School was a distraction from this, but whenever it were time to go home, all I could think about, was browsing the internet for more and more porn, especially on weekends.

Saturdays were the best, because our family would always wake up a bit later and I got up extra early, just for porn. We only had one computer, which the three of us shared and would go on every day, so I definitely used my time wisely. Sunday’s were less exciting, as I knew I’d have to wake up early for school the next day, but whenever I were doing my thing on the computer, I’d hope that I’d see a teacher’s cleavage too, which would make school a bit more exciting for me. As I grew up, I did get my wish, but it was mostly women who were older than I preferred, with more saggy and wrinkled skin. Despite that, it still made me horny and I’d take it over nothing at all. Despite that, there’s one cleavage that stood out to me far more than any I’d ever seen in person, my mother’s.

It was my birthday and my Mum bought me a PS2 game I wanted for a long time. I remember her handing me my present, bending over slightly, exposing the most perfect cleavage, I’d ever seen in my life. This topped everything I’d ever seen on the internet and it was now stuck in my head. Whenever I were around her, it’s all that came to mind and whenever she’d bend over, my eyes would always go to the same place.

I knew that it was unlikely that I’d see something like that everyday, so it didn’t stop me from doing my thing on the internet, but it was definitely something that stuck in my head, so I tried searching for something similar and came across very little, but almost equally as hot, Desi cleavage images. Whenever I’d search for boobs on the internet, it was always white women and whilst I definitely liked that, Desi women were something else, simply because, it wasn’t that common to see them like this and I instantly got rock hard, looking at their cleavage and bare exposed tits. Their dark nipples drove me wild and made light, pinkish ones look ugly. They eventually became my sexual standard, whenever I’d search. All I could think about, was squeezing and sucking them dry. My boners would made my body shake, I was so overwhelmed, I couldn’t sit still, like the pleasure of seeing it, overtook my body. At the time, I never knew what masturbating was, so I’d be horny for long periods of time.

As I got older, I undoubtedly learned more, about other parts of the female body and eventually masturbating, especially, but I were mostly into tits for a long time, at first, until I started discovering and watching anal sex, by around the age of 21. By this time, I had seen many different races and categories in porn, but almost no Desi women in the porn industry, but having discovered a ton of ‘amateur Desi Aunties’ online, I had enough to satisfy my sexual cravings. During my sexual evolution, I started to forget about Mum, when on the internet, only sometimes remembering her after I had already cum. Sometimes, I’d cum twice in one day, but my second boner would always hurt and be less pleasurable. It took a long time, before I’d get hard again after cumming, without it being painful.

Being 23 now, I left education and found part-time work, with the hope of it becoming full-time. It wasn’t the most enjoyable thing, but I’d at least know when I’d be in beforehand, so I’d know when I were free. By now, we all had smart phones, but nothing beat viewing it on a big screen, even though I used it far less by now, as I had a good internet connection on my phone, from my room. Having earned my own money from work, I saved enough to buy my own laptop and it wasn’t long before I were downloading porn for fun, both images and videos. I made sure to save everything I liked and come back to it later, as I did find a few go-to’s in my years of browsing. I would sometimes get bored of watching the same categories, so I’d always look for something new to satisfy my sexual needs. Most nights, I wouldn’t orgasm, I’d just tease and play with my big, 7 1/2 cock.

Fridays were the best, especially at night, as I’d never work on weekends, so I could sleep in if I wanted to. As soon as I’d finish work, I’d come home, go on my PlayStation and then eat, being in my bedroom by 21:30 every night. My mum and sister almost never came into my room, so I could literally masturbate fully naked, without them seeing me. I would always get horny just before I entered my room, but this Friday, I could barely contain my boner, when I were eating with my family. Thankfully, we all sat at the table, so no one could see it. After getting ready for bed, I went on my laptop as usual and searched up whatever I could find.

I wanted something different and after searching for different videos in the amateur category, I found one titled ‘Indian mother and son’ and curiously viewed it. It looked like it was a scene from an Indian movie, just not a proper porn movie. There’s wasn’t a whole lot shown, apart from some cleavage which gave me an instant boner and reminded me of when I first saw my Mum’s. Liking what I saw, I curiously searched the web for more ‘Indian Mother & Son porn’, coming across some sex stories on some websites seemingly made for sex stories, with some claiming to be true.

Having watched porn from countless categories, I was always willing to explore more and more, especially in the Desi category, as they were always harder to find. I had my eye set on one of them, as unlike the others, it wasn’t too long and probably worth reading. Unfortunately, there were no images of the actual characters, which made me question whether or not it was actually real, but as I started to read, I realised pictures weren’t necessary to capture my interest.

It was interesting right from the start and the ‘description of the mother’, had a similar body to my own. Reading about her son’s clever and well timed seduction methods to turn her on, was amazing. He too was horny, with a small, slim build, but unlike me, was sexually experienced. No girl he had been with however, was his mother or anywhere near her age. She was his ultimate, dream fantasy. They lived together with no one else, as he was an only child and his dad has passed away a few years ago. Needless to say, he seduced her, drove her wild when they did and now has a regular fuck buddy, who’s willing to do almost anything for him sexually, whilst still getting satisfied herself and because they live alone, they can do it when they want. As I reached the end, I realised it was a multiple part story, but given how much I liked it, I had no problem reading it all, edging myself throughout.

The author went into every detail, about what he and his mother got up to that night and the longer it went on, the more excited I got. All in all, I came a record four times whilst reading the story, picturing my mother’s body being fucked. I was just as horny thinking about her tonight, as I was, when I got my first ever boner. My underwear was full of cum and now stained in different areas, as I didn’t have a tissue, but didn’t want to stain my sheets. She were the only thing in my head now and part of me wished she’d just walk in on me and see what I had just done.

I’d always shower at night or soon after waking up. We had a laundry basket we kept in the bathroom, where we’d put our dirty clothes, after showering. Our towels would generally be kept outside the bathroom, in a smaller cupboard. Having lived with her my whole life, I knew what Mum’s routine consisted of, like when she’d shower, wake up, etc and now that I were thinking about her sexually, I decided to use it to my advantage and see how she’d react. Night time was always special, I were almost never horny in the day, compared to night time. When I showered the next morning, generally before she did, I made sure to put my cum stained underwear at the top of the basket, so she could get some kind of glimpse. For me, it was worth potentially getting told off by her. Being horny for her, gave me the same excitement as discovering porn for the first time.

Our family would sometimes shower, one after the other, with my sister generally going first, due to sleeping early and waking up for University, followed by me and then Mum. Whenever I’d be around Mum, since that night, I because highly perverted, looking at her ass or her tits overwise, when she wasn’t looking. I didn’t care if she could tell that I had a bit of a boner. Her Salwar Kameez made it even hotter, as it left a bit more to the imagination, than regular tighter fitting Western clothing. There was undoubtedly something hot underneath, I’d always think and I hadn’t always noticed it, but Mum did have a bit of a round ass, so whenever I didn’t see her tits, I looked at her ass.

During the next few days, I fantasised about her more and more, masturbating to whatever body parts I could see that day, thinking about what I’d do to her, this time, using tissues. We were alone together a lot in those few days and never once did she look at me weird or look upset or bring up anything about my cum stained underwear, which I feel like she must have seen. Either she didn’t see it, didn’t think it was cum or just didn’t care. I craved her attention, because I thought the idea of me talking to her about it, would make me hard and maybe something could go from there and if nothing else, a sexual fantasy where I could imagine a happy ending.

Since I got nothing, I decided to repeat my original plan of cumming in my underwear and putting in on the top of the basket for her to see, just before she’d shower. I did this for 2 more days and still, she still didn’t seem to care. I’d only do this when I’d shower at night, so I decided to change my plan a bit, to see if she’d mention it to me. This time, I’d leave a fresh cum stain of cum. The night of the plan, Mum showered earlier than her usual time and before me. I happily waited downstairs, as I fantasised about her wet, naked body. My sister was downstairs too and I let her go to the bathroom first, as I were going to shower.

After my sister went to the bathroom, I headed upstairs, as soon as I heard the door open and went into the bathroom. I thought to myself, “how’s Mum going to see my fresh, cum stained underwear, if she’s already showered ?” After some deep thought, I decided, better a cum stained underwear than none at all. As I put my own clothes into the basket, I noticed some underwear, half covered by my Mum’s salwar. Being incredible horny for her, I picked it up and knew it was hers, as my sister seemed too slim to fit into them and they definitely weren’t mine.

Holding her underwear made me rock hard, as I breathed them in. It was overwhelming for me, as I had the urge to cum immediately, blowing a rather small load onto my own underwear. The smell of her underwear was kind of sweet and definitely reminded me of her. I put my freshly cum stained underwear next to Mum’s in the basket, before showering and going to bed. Having cum already, I were too tired to go another round, so went to sleep.

Every day was the same when I were around her, staring at her body without getting caught and hoping she’d bring something up about my cum-stained underwear, but nothing. Did she know or didn’t she and if she did, why wasn’t she telling me off, I couldn’t make it any more obvious. Determined not to give up, I continued my filthy habits, hoping that she’d bring it up the next time. The next few nights, however, were different, because now, she’d shower before me, regularly. After cumming with underwear the first time this happened, I ere quite content with this and waited in my room, teasing myself to the thought of her in the shower.

After she finished, I heard the shower go off and the bathroom door open soon after. She called my name.

Mum – “I forgot to get a towel out of the cupboard, can you hand me mine ?”
Me – “Okay, just a second”, I replied.

The door was slightly opened and unfortunately, I couldn’t really see her, but knew she were naked. Walking in on her would be too much, as much as I wanted to, so I waited for her to arrive at the door, before handing her the towel. Due to her short height, she had to put her entire arm through the door opening to reach the towel, as she wanted it quickly, due to being dripping we, having just come out of the shower. As she reached her arm around, I momentarily saw part of her left tit and a hint of nipple, as she reached out far. I instantly became hard and know what I were going to masturbate to tonight, as I returned to my room and waited for her to go to her own.

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I shut the door and immediately searched for her underwear in the basket, breathing it in, as soon as I did and stripped fully naked. I were even hornier than the first time of seeing her underwear and placed it on my cock, grinding it on there. The thought of her almost fully exposed tit was fresh in my mind and sent me over the edge, as I let out a quiet groan, before cumming in her underwear. This was a first and I became slightly worried that it was too far, so I wiped off as much cum off of it, as I could and onto my own underwear, before placing mine on top of hers, in the basket.

After showering I returned to my bedroom and dried off, before getting into bed. I had never seen her bare, breast before and I couldn’t help but get a second boner and had no choice but to cum again. There were no other way I’d tire myself out, to get to sleep.

The next day, was the same old, in terms of behaviour, which frustrated me a little at first, before I started to remember my progress, like masturbating with her underwear and seeing part of her tits. This encouraged me to step up even further and see what else I could get. If all else would fail, I would consider buying a spy camera, which weren’t too expensive.

Mum started to become a bit more inconsistent with her shower routine, sometimes going before me and sometimes after, so I wouldn’t know whether or not I’d cum in her underwear or not, but hoped every time, that I could at least do that. I also hoped that she’d go to the bathroom after the shower again, just so she may see a cum stained underwear. My hope was that she’d be more horny at night and potentially like what she’d see, if she’d see it.

Another ‘shower night’ arrived, but she went after I have already been. As soon as I heard the door shut, I looked into the cupboard outside the bathroom, in the hopes that her towel was still there, which it was. This gave me a little bit of hope, as maybe she’d ask for it again and I’d see something. I anxiously waited for her to finish, instead of sleeping, like I normally would, but I didn’t hear her call me. My bedroom door was left slightly open, enough so I had a decent view of the cupboard. Finally, I heard the bathroom door open, after waiting for at least 10 minutes.

Due to her towel being in the cupboard outside the bathroom, the chances are, she’d be naked, something I had only thought of, when I heard the door open, so I anxiously waited to see if she’d make her ways towards the towel cupboard, which she did. I didn’t see much of her breasts, because I only got a side view of her and her arm almost entirely blocked it. I continued looking however, as she turned her back towards me and squatted down near the cupboard, as I locked eyes on her
fully exposed, bare, rounded ass, for the few seconds I could, before she grabbed her towel, covered up and made her way towards her room.

Having showered already, I had a lot of drink earlier, so I needed the toilet and quickly went. There’s no way I wasn’t going to masturbate over that. I may have been tired earlier, but I wasn’t now. As I went to the sink to wash my hands, I noticed her underwear in the basket and thought to myself. Why not ? After all, it had been a while and after seeing her bare ass, I want to cum as hard as I could.

I took the underwear straight to my room, laid naked on the floor and teased my cock until I blasted a load all over it. That wasn’t enough though, so despite not being horny straight after cumming, I continued to tease my cock, making myself hard again and again, until I let out two more loads and in her underwear, all whilst fantasizing about her bare ass I’d seen for the first time, smearing it all over until it was almost entirely soaked, before putting it back in the basket. My sister would always get up before my Mum in the morning and I didn’t want her to see it, so I hid it under Mum’s clothes, in the basket. Her underwear was black, unlike the lighter coloured ones she’d worn on most other night, so if she happened not to see any stains all the other times, she’d have to now.

Same afternoon after work, the next day and nothing new from her again, despite the clothes being in the basket downstairs, as she’d normally bring them downstairs. Her underwear wasn’t completely visible, but it was still visible enough to see at first glance. I ate, before I went to my room and on the PlayStation, trying to distract myself from sexual frustration of her silence. The image of her bare ass was still in mind, whenever I thought about her and I did so a lot. After playing for a few hours, I went back downstairs to eat and then to shower. She said I could go before her today.

I went upstairs outside the bathroom, to see if there were any towels, but there were none, so I returned downstairs and asked her about them.

Mum – “I washed them later than usual today, they’re drying, but I’ll put them outside the bathroom before you finish showering. It won’t take long.”
Me – “No problem, as long as it’s there before I finish.”

I hopped into the shower and masturbated thinking about her, because by now, whenever I were around her, all I could think of, was having sex with her, not just looking at her body. Whenever the shower was on, you could never really tell when someone was coming up the stairs, as the shower was too loud for you to be able to hear them properly. My cock remained rock hard during the shower, as I thought about her bare ass and since I knew what she was next to shower, I decided to cum on shower wall, without washing it down the drain. Our shower walls were dark grey, so I made sure to leave my mark.

Soon as cumming, I left the shower, put on my sandals and headed out the bathroom, to go fetch my towel. I opened the bathroom door and saw my towel on top of the cupboard. My cock was still big hung and as I grabbed the owel, I didn’t realise my Mum was there putting other towels inside the cupboard and my cock was inches from her face and she looked right at it. There’s no way she missed it, but even then, she looked away as if it wasn’t a big deal. I made my way towards my nearby room, without even bothering to cover it up, as she probably wouldn’t have turned in my direction anyway.

My sister had already been to the bathroom and went to bed long before, so I didn’t see her leaving her bedroom anytime soon and only my Mum was left to go in the bathroom. I thought to myself, that if she’s going to get upset about seeing my exposed cock, then maybe she should have had the towels there before, because I couldn’t have walked out of the bathroom covered for the most part anyway.

After drying off and getting dressed, I waited for her to go in the bathroom and put my ear to the door and see if I could sense her saying anything about the cum she’d be blind to miss, as well her seeing my cock. I anxiously waited outside the bathroom, thinking that if nothing else, I could cum again, thinking about what she’s doing in there. All I could hear first, was her taking her clothes off, before I heard the shower door open and her step inside it. To my surprise, she finally seemed to have a reaction to seeing my cum.

Mum – “What a filthy boy, cum everywhere. I love cleaning up after your big cock.”
Me – “Oh fuck”, I quietly mouthed, whilst stroking my cock.

She most likely didn’t hear me, as I then heard her a licking and slurping sound, before she turned on the shower. Never before, had I regained a boner so quickly, so with her words fresh in my mind, I continued teasing my cock, outside the bathroom, until I heard the shower turn off, to which I snuck back to my room. Hearing her words made me just as horny as picturing her body, so soon after she finished and went back to her room. I went back into the bathroom and teased my cock some more. The longer I’d edge my cock, the more cum I’d get out, even if it wasn’t my first load, so I made sure to leave a decent, sized load in her underwear.

Upon returning to the bedroom, I wasn’t as horny, seeing as I just came, but I still remembered her words and in the story I’d read. It worked out for the boy, but unlike him, I wasn’t sexually experienced and I didn’t live alone with my mother, so if I tried anything, I’d at least have to be alone with her. Having work in the morning, I knew I had to sleep soon, so I wouldn’t be tired, so I tried to get my mind off of it, before sleeping.

Her words were stuck in my mind, especially when I were around her or on my way home, knowing she were there. When I got home, I felt pretty tired, so I went to my room for a nap, after eating. I woke up earlier than expected, after napping and didn’t really feel tired anymore. It was common for me to wake up horny, so I teased myself, thinking about every sexual thing I’d seen and heard mum do, as well as fantasize about what I’d do to her. Teasing and edging my cock wasn’t anything new to me and I knew the longer I’d do it, the more pleasurable my orgasm would be. Since it was Friday and another ‘porn night’, I could edge myself all day now and not have to worry about work the next day.
After everything that had happened in the last week, I wondered what was next. Should I read another story or try something else ? I wasn’t sure who’d shower first tonight, between me and my Mum, so I decided to wait and see, with the idea being that if I shower first, I go straight to my room and await hours of pleasure, with the possibility of seeing my Mum come out of the bathroom at least somewhat naked or if she shower’s first, I wait outside the bathroom. The possibility of either kept me at least semi-hard when I later went downstairs to eat. We always ate at around the same time and would go to shower soon after.

Since Mum had her usual, monthly hair colour on, I knew she’d take longer, would go last. All the towels were in the cupboard this time, so I made sure to take mine into the bathroom, before I went, as I didn’t think she’d be outside waiting for me. Whenever she’d dye her hair, she’d always have a smaller towel she use for it, which would help it dry quicker. She’d also go from the bathroom to her bedroom, once or twice, to make sure she had everything for her shower, as she did keep some things in her bedroom. After I finished my shower, I went to my room and changed into my pyjamas, leaving my bedroom door slightly opened, so I could watch her go in the bathroom.

The first thing she did, was go to her bedroom and get some of her shower stuff from there, before getting the towel out from the cupboard. She went back into her room, to get the remainder of her things. Understandably, I want to see her bare body again, so I quickly and quietly snuck back into the bathroom and put her towel back into the cupboard, before returning to my bedroom. I hoped she wouldn’t notice it gone and would continue with her shower and have to come out naked, to get it or ask me to hand it to her. As long as she didn’t notice, I thought I’d somehow benefit from it.

As soon as she went back to the bathroom, she shut the door, as I hoped she wouldn’t come out, until she finished her shower. I waited outside the bathroom, stroking my cock to the thought of her naked body. She’d normally take at about 30 minutes at least, whenever she’d dye her hair, so I made myself comfortable outside the bathroom. Strangely enough, I didn’t hear the shower running until about 20 minutes after she went in, which made me wonder whether she may be fantasizing about me on the other side of the door. The thought of it sounded like a dream and after what I heard her say yesterday, I knew it was a possibility. This was much better than almost every ‘porn night’ in recent memory. In all my years of watching porn, I’ve never been so horny for one person and obsessed over them so much, for this long.

Given how all my gambles had eventually paid off, I had every confidence trying to take things further, so as she showered, deciding to take her towel to my room, when I heard the shower turn off. I waited inside my room, looking at the bathroom door, hoping to see her naked body. She took a few minutes, before coming out, as I patiently awaited the treat of her body. Unfortunately, her hair towel was long enough to cover her body and she had wrapped that around her, so I couldn’t see anything, as she went to the cupboard, looking for her towel.

I still enjoyed watching her mostly covered up body, despite the disappointment of not seeing it bare. After giving up, she went back into bathroom, to put her shower stuff back. She closed most of the door, as she wasn’t completely covered. Putting it back in the cupboard would make her suspicious, as she just searched for it in there, so I decided to sneak into her bedroom, put it on the bed and hide in her room, taking the biggest gamble so far. My other ones paid off, so why not ? If nothing else, I’d see her fully naked, definitely something I could masturbate over, so I made sure I took my phone with me, to see if I could record her or get a picture.

As I heard her walk towards her room, my heart raced faster than ever, as she entered her room and shut the door. I were on the side of the bed, near her pillows and she were on the opposite end of the bed. There’s no way she wouldn’t notice me soon enough, so I moved forward and looked around the bed to see her, as she could have easily seen part of me over the bed.

Mum – “There’s my towel”, she said, sounding rather confused, as to how it ended up there.

I was in the opposite corner of where the towel was, so I continued looking at her from my angle, as she finally took her towel, treating me to the side view of her body, before turning around my opposite side, giving me the closest view I’d ever got, of her bare ass. She picked the towel off her bed, as she used it to dry her back. Her ass wasn’t fully covered, as I locked eyes on it, getting the hardest boner, I’d ever had. As soon as she put the towel back on the bed, I snuck up behind her, wrapping my arms around her chest from behind, grabbing her tits, pressing my boner, against her ass.

Me – “Oh, I can’t help myself !”, I whispered seductively, moving my lips around her neck, kissing it. “I’ve cum so many times thinking about you”

She turned around, as I slowly, took my arms off her. My lips went straight back to her neck, quickly making their way down to her tits, as I sucked the left one, like my life depended on it, as I lightly flickered the right one with my finger. Her tits were perfect C cups and just like most the Desi ones I’d seen online, the nipples were nice and dark, contrasting perfectly with her skin. The areolas were a little bit bigger than what I had normally seen for boobs this size, but that only made them more sexy, as I continued suckling them, as she lay down on the bed.

Her nipple never left my mouth, as I continued sucking, lying on top of her. I only stopped to take my night clothes off, leaving my boxers on, with my boner, desperately poking through, before going straight back to work on her tits. The more I sucked, the harder and more erect they became.

Mum – “Mmm…”, she moaned, as she got up. “I want to see what you’ve got”, she said, pulling my boxers down, exposing my massive, clean shaved 7 1/2 inch dick. She wasted no time taking it all in her mouth, making every effort to take it all, as she massaged my balls before taking it out and doing the same again, before leaving it in there and moving her head back and forth, giving me my first ever blowjob.

It felt soft, intimate and wet and there’s I couldn’t hold it for long after that.

Me – “I’m cumming. Ugh…”, I moaned quietly. This only made her go even faster, before I exploded load after load into her mouth, as she continued sucking and playing with my balls, whilst massaging and pressing my taint, as if it would force out more cum. She continued until my cock softened a bit, but it didn’t stop her from squeezing out every drop she could.

Mum – “Mmm, so sweet. You came so much”, she said, slapping my cock hard on her face, before finally releasing it.
Me – “Mmm, I do. I’ve cum for you many times, even in same night”.

I went straight back for her tits, as she lay back down on the bed. Knowing that I’ve cum so many times thinking about her, why not go, at least one more round with her for real. She didn’t seem to mind anything at this point and it didn’t take me forever to get hard again. After giving her tits the attention they deserved, I made my way down her body, kissing her stomach area and below, until I reached her pussy, where I wasted no time licking everything in sight, as I wrapped my arms around her smooth thighs, before sucking every part of her sweet pussy.

The more I licked, the more wet it became, the sweeter it tasted and I could help but force my tongue inside her as far as it could go, pulling out only to do so again and again.

Mum – “Oh fuck, that’s a good boy, don’t stop !”

There’s nothing I would’ve stopped for, as I forced my tongue in again, soaking up all her wetness. Only my full erect cock was worth putting in her pussy, as I continued going at it with my tongue, sucking her pussy lips and massaging her thighs with my hands, until I regained a full boner.

Me – “I want your pussy.”
Mum – “Take my cock starved pussy, it’s all yours !”

I lightly teased her pussy, running my cock head up and down it, before inserting it deep inside her, as she let out a supressed groan, before I climbed on the bed, keeping my cock inside her, as I started to slowly penetrate.

Me – “Oh yeah, fuck…”, I groaned.
Mum – “Fuck… I’m even even wetter.”

Hearing her words only made me even hornier and closer to orgasm, despite penetrating at the same pace.

Me – “Oh, I don’t think I can hold it for long.”
Mum – “I don’t care. I just want to taste your cum.”

Having cum in her mouth before, I pounded harder and faster, as I held her shoulders, whilst watching her tits bounce, which made me even more desperate, before I couldn’t hold it any longer and pulled out. Almost immediately after, as she prepared her mouth.

Me – “I’m gonna cum”, I moaned, pulling out and going deep into her mouth,.

She took it like it was nothing and swallowed everything. My cock stayed in her mouth, until she forcibly squeezed out every, last drop, before I fell back on the bed.

Mum – “Mmm, another tasty load.”, she moaned.
Me – “Oh god.”, I groaned, “So good”.

By now, I felt more tired, but after everything so far, I’d be stupid to stop now, given there was no certainty I’d get another chance and I had cum four times in one night just thinking about her. I turned her to the side, as I lay there, playing with her tits again, lightly pinching her nipples, before sucking them, as if they’d magically make me regain my boner.

Mum – “Mmm, you can’t get enough of Mummy’s tits.”, she groaned.
Me – “They’re so perfect”, I moaned, rapidly stroking my cock, trying to make it hard again.

She sat up and held my head, as I continued sucking and playing with her nipples, now using using both hands.

Mum – “Keep sucking. I’m wanna oil and play with your cock, that’ll make it nice and hard”, she said, reaching out for some oil on the bedside table and wasting no time going to work.

I had never used any lubricant before and I was obviously missing out, given how it felt almost as equally as good as her mouth.

Me – “Oh GOD, mommy, I never want to stop cumming for you. It feels so good.”
Mum – “Mummy wants you to cum in her hand and she’s going to lick all up.”, she said, gradually stroking my cock faster, as I started to squeeze her tits harder, lightly biting her nipples, which only seemed to excite her more, as she started letting out quiet moans.

She lay on top of me and continued stroking my cock, position her pussy near my mouth. I licked everything in sight, as she ran her soft, oily hands all over my cock, whilst massaging my balls and prostate.

Never before had I recovered from orgasms so quickly, this topped all my masturbation sessions combined. I wouldn’t become fully hard immediately, but given how amazing her hands felt on my cock, combined with the view of her naked body, I’d wait forever, if that’s how long it’d take.

I pulled her closer to me, as I worked my tongue all over her pussy, inserting it inside whenever I could. The faster I licked, the quicker she’d stroke my cock and whenever I’d slow down, she’d do too. Everything about this was amazing and it seemed like the more times I’d cum, the more intense my orgasms got.

By now I were fully prepared to release a third load and knowing how she’d match me for pace, I licked her pussy as deep as I could, as she stroked my cock and let out gentle moans, gradually getting louder.

Me – “Oh, I’m cumming again, stroke me harder !”
Mum – “Oh god, don’t stop licking my pussy until you cum !”

Given how fast she were stroking and how much wetter she became, I was determined to please her too, as we basically competed to see who could please the other more.

Me – “Oh mum ! Here I cum !”, I groaned, letting out a smaller load, but more runny load than before.
Mum – “Oh, I’m getting close too, keep working that tongue.”

I force my tongue deep into her, as she grabbed my hands and grinded her hips back and forth, riding her pussy on my mouth. The sweet flavour of her pussy, combined with her sexy moans drove me wild, despite just cumming, as I tried to force out any remain cum from my recent load, hands-free.

Me – “Oh god Mum ! Cum for me”, I mumbled, trapped under her pussy
Mum – “Oh, I’m getting close…here it comes !”, she groaned loudly.

Her pussy leaked as much cum as my first load, as I tried to suck up her wet pussy.

We laid there for a few minutes, trying to catch our breath. Three loads and despite feeling even more tired, I were patient enough to wait around to see if she wanted more. The intense orgasms were worth it, whether they were mine or her’s.

Me – “Oh mummy, you pussy tastes so sweet.”
Mum – “You’re such a dirty boy.”
Me – “It tastes so good, I’ve never been so horny. I’ll do anything for you.”
Mum – “Good boy, I’ve got a special treat for you, if you’re willing.”
Me – “What is it ?”
Mum – “I want you to play with my ass. Anything you want to do, you can.”

Given how much I enjoyed everything so far, it was too good an offer to refuse, despite still being more of a boob guy.

I immediately took the oil and squirted some on her ass, gently massaging it into her skin, as she laid there flat on her stomach. She spread her legs slightly, as she moved my hand closer between her legs, spreading her cheeks, momentarily exposing her asshole, as I made sure to get that too. It was only a matter of minutes before my cock started to enjoy the view, as I started to slide my body up and down on top of her ass, before spreading her legs further, now focusing on massaging her asshole, as she let out some soft moans.

Me – “Oh yeah. What a beautiful ass.”
Mum – “Yeah and it’s all yours.”

The longer it went on, the harder my dick became and I know where I wanted it next. She kept her legs apart, as I focused only on her asshole, slowly inserting a finger in there, making sure to prepare it for my cock. I took my time, as I gradually loosened it, inserting more fingers and fingering it harder and deeper over time. The more I played with it, the wetter her pussy became, as I made sure not to neglect that, licking her up all her wetness. By now, my cock was fully hard and I was ready for it.

I pulled her ass towards me, as she positioned herself on all fours with her legs spread, giving my the best view I’d ever seen of her ass.

Me – “I want to worship your ass”, I groaned, diving face first into it, grabbing and spreading each cheek.
Mum – “Oh god !”, she moaned, sounding kind of surprised.

As desperate as I was to fuck it, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to lick it, seeing how sexy it looked from up close. It’s not something I had fantasised about doing before, but why not, I thought. My tongue knew what it wanted, as I shoved it deep into her ass, spreading her cheeks as far as they’d go. I only pulled my out to go back in deeper.

Me – “My cock is so hard for your ass”, I said, momentarily pulling out, before going straight back to work, this time licking all over her ass, inside and out.
Mum – “Oh god, keep going. I’m getting even wetter.”

I managed to slow down and stop to every minute or so 5-6 times, to tease my cock and taste the wetness of her pussy, before going again. The longer she were edged, the more intense her orgasms would also be and I wanted to make sure of it.

This time, I wasn’t going to stop until she came and given how much she enjoyed it, I fingered her ass to spread it further, before inserting my tongue in deeper, as I started to worship her again, going as fast as I could.

Me – “Oh, you like that”, I groaned, fingering her ass, harder and deeper, before going tongue first again.
Mum – “OH GOD, I’M GONNA CUM ! AAARRRGGGHH ! FUCK !”, she cried, as her pussy oozed more and more cum.

Her legs shook, as she pressed her body into the bed. Hearing her moans alone sent me wild. I licked up her wetness, all the way to her ass, before finally inserting my cock into her ass. It easily slid inside and felt just as good as her pussy, but it made me even hornier, knowing how taboo it was.

Me – “Oh yeah, so good”, I moaned, slowly penetrating her ass.
Mum – “Mmm, god”, she moaned quietly.

Listening to her cries as I worshipped her ass was the hottest thing I had ever done and it was still fresh in my mind. Despite that, I wasn’t done with her ass and I started to pound harder, pulling out before feeling the urge to cum. Her ass deserved more, as I inserted almost my entire hand inside, stretching it further than before. The further her hole was stretched, the harder I could pound it and I wanted to give her ass the ultimate pleasure, whether I’d use my dick, hand or mouth. I made sure to lick it again, going as deep as it would allow me.

Me – “Oh, I wanna to fill your ass with cum. I want to make you cum hard again”.
Mum – “Make me cum harder than ever before”, she cried.

Hearing her beg for even more despite her recent orgasm, drove me even wilder than before. If stopping and edging her 5-6 before that was intense, imagine if I’d go longer and knowing that I was going to cum too. There’s no way I wouldn’t try to at least match the last time.

Me – “Oh mummy. I’m gonna cum with you even harder”
Mum – “Oh you better fucking cum hard with me”, she moaned louder, enjoying my cock more.

Her ass started to take it as well as her pussy and she seemed to enjoy it just as much. It was even harder to control my urge to cum, knowing what an anal slut she was. I made sure to finger and tongue worship her ass after every few thrusts, as she did everything she could to contain her orgasm. Part of me almost wanted her to lick her ass to orgasm, just to watch her shake her body shake, as I’d continue licking both her holes.

Me – “Oh, I can’t take it anymore, I need to cum soon”, I said, inserting my full erect cock in her ass for the last time.
Mum – “Oh fuck, yes !”

There was no going back, as I pounded it hard. Her ass effortlessly swallowed my cock, before I could no longer hold it.

Me – “AAAHHH, HERE IT COMES ! FUUUCK !”, I grunted.
Mum – “UUUGGGHHH FUCK !”, she screamed, almost like she was in pain.

She fell forward on her stomach, as I landed on her back, with my cock still inside her, as I tried to force it in as far as it’d go, filling her ass with as much cum as I could grunt out, whilst wrapping my legs around her’s from underneath. I put my hands under her tits, pinching her nipples and grunted intensely, as she pressed her ass more against my cock, trying to force it in deeper, as I continued grunting out any remaining loads I could manage.

I fell on top of her, after I were certain I couldn’t get any more cum out. We laid there motionless until my cock softened again and easily slid out.

Me – “Oh god.”, I groaned
Mum – “Wow”
Me – “You think anyone heard us ? We did get pretty loud.”
Mum – “I don’t even care, it was worth it, but hopefully no one outside the family, at least.”
Me – “Fuck, you’re so good”
Mum – “And you were too. Your first time ?”
Me – “Yeah.”
Mum – “I promise it won’t be your last either.”
Me – “Your body is so sexy, that’s why.”
Mum – “It’s amazing how many times you came !”
Me – “I came four times in one night before as well.”
Mum – “Wow, really ?”
Me – “Yeah, I were reading a mother-son sex story online and it made me think of you. I came for times just from thinking about you.”
Mum – “That’s amazing.”
Me – “You became my ultimate fantasy after that.”
Mum – “How long have you felt like this ?”
Me – “Since that night, it was recent. I was bored of regular porn, came across story, accidently and thought I’d give it a chance”
Mum – “I’m glad you did.”
Me – “So am I and I’m glad you liked everything I gave you”
Mum – “Oh, I did, especially the cum in my underwear.”
Me – “Oh, so you saw it. Did you ever masturbate thinking about it ?”
Mum – “No, but I did think about it a lot. It felt wrong too wrong.”
Me – “I first masturbated in my own underwear that night and I wanted you to see it”
Mum – “I saw all of them”
Me – “I thought it’d be worth getting caught. I liked the idea of discussing sex related things with you.”
Mum – “I didn’t even know how to react at first, but it definitely made me a bit horny”
Me – “A pussy like yours deserves a nice, big cock.”
Mum – “Oh yeah.”
Me – “What did you think when you saw my bare cock when I finished showering ?”
Mum – “It was so hot, but I didn’t know what to say at the time.”
Me – “Did you know that I wanted you by then ?”
Mum – “I did have some idea, but I wasn’t 100% sure.”
Me – “How did you feel about the possibility of it?”
Mum – “A bit weird at first, but lust took over soon after. I just couldn’t bring myself to do something about it”
Me – “Did you have any kind of plan in mind to confront me about it ?”
Mum – “I was just going to try and play it off and see if I could catch you in the act or something”
Me – “Well, I’m glad I did something about it.”
Mum – “So am I.”
Me – “I hid your towel tonight and sometimes I’d leave my bedroom door open, in the hope of seeing you naked.”
Mum – “That’s clever.”
Me – “Did you purposely show me your tit the other day, when you asked me for your towel ?”
Mum – “Did you actually see that ?”
Me – “Yeah, I masturbated over it as well”
Mum – “What else did you see of me before tonight?”
Me – “Your ass.”
Mum – “When I left my towel in the cupboard ?”
Me – “Yeah.”
Mum – That were on purpose. I was actually thinking about calling you to hand me so, so you could see my tits again, but this time, all of it.”
Me – “I would’ve loved that, but looking at your bare ass was still really hot.”
Mum – “I’m glad you liked it”
Me – “I’m glad I got to play with it.”
Mum – “I’ve never done anal before, but it was really hot and intense.”
Me – “I think I like ass more than tits now, because of that.”
Mum – “I were actually thinking about buying a sex toy too.”
Me – “I like the idea of watching you play with yourself.”
Mum – “I like the idea of you watching, it would have confirmed to me that you wanted me.”
Me – “It would be so hot hearing you moan.”
Mum – “I’d cum so hard knowing you’re watching me”
Me – “I love the idea of watching that”
Mum – “That would have been a good way to seduce you, I’d make sure you see my toys, record myself masturbating on my phone, hoping that you’d somehow see that too”
Me – “That would be so hot.”
Mum – “Oh yes, but nothing beats the real thing.”
Me – “For sure, but the build up and release of sexual tension would drive us wild.”
Me – “Definitely.”

For the next month, I’d perform at least one or two sexually acts with her every day, especially before I’d sleep. I’d eagerly awaited Zara to leave the room, before doing anything, even if I’d only grab her ass. We did everything from blowjobs, pussy licking, playing with her tits, grinding my cock against her ass and just straight up fucking her. She only did anal once in a while, but it was worth the wait, as I’d always go multiple rounds whenever we did.

We were sure that Zara knew what was going on between us, at least on the first night, but didn’t care ask us about it, so we just continued, always making sure to touch each other whenever she wasn’t around.

I never came alone again, as Mum would always be willing to give me a handjob or blowjob. Cumming over her bare ass or tits were way better than watching porn on the internet. Every time I fucked her, I remembered our first time having sex and how wild we got, something that made me cum at least twice for her every day.

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