Jessica and Dad take their relationship to a new level

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Jessica was 16 years old when her parents divorced. That was 6 years ago. She had wanted to stay with her dad when they split up but both her mom and dad thought it would be best for a teenage girl to live with her mother. Jessica wasn’t happy about that. She and her dad had always been close. Much closer than she and her mom. But now, 6 years later, at the age of 22 (her birthday was just last week), she was back with her dad.

Her dad, Jack, had always been the adventurous type. That was the main reason he and Jessica had always been so close. They both loved taking risks, whereas her mom was what some may call a stick in the mud, a wet rag, a bore. Everything was either too dangerous, too hot, too dirty or just not to her liking. It was Jack’s adventurous streak that led to Jessica being here with him now. He had been involved in a motorcycle accident which led to a broken leg that required surgery.


She was in the kitchen preparing their lunch when she heard a loud crash and a “shit!” from the living room. She ran to the living room to check on her dad and there he was, half drunk, sprawled on the floor like a helpless old man. Jessica was worried, of course, but she couldn’t help but smile.

Big, bad, motorcycle riding Jack lay on the floor wearing nothing but his boxers and a t-shirt, looking like someone had just pulled the rug out from underneath his feet. He started laughing, which caused Jessica to start laughing along with him.

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“You gonna help me up from here or just stand there laughing at me?” His speech slurred.

“You’re drunk,” she said.

“No shit. What gave it away?” He rolled over onto his side, causing a pain to shoot through his right leg. “Damn!”

“Just hold on. Let me help you,” she said. “Here, take my arm.”

“You can’t lift me,” he said.

“I’m stronger than I look. Now, come on,” she said. Jessica bent down to let him take hold of her arm. She slowly lifted him, easing him back to his chair and carefully placing his leg back up on the ottoman.

“What were you trying to do? You know you’re not supposed to try getting up by yourself,” she said.

“I’m tired of living like a fucking crippled,” he said. “I need to piss.”

“Well, I can help you,” she said. “All you had to do was ask.”

“I’m a grown man, I don’t need my daughter to help me take a damn piss,” he said.

“Well, apparently you do. Is your leg okay, do you think you can make it to the bathroom with my help?” She asked.

“Yeah.” He had no choice but to give in.

Jessica once again helped her dad get up and carefully led him to the bathroom. It wasn’t easy, considering the fact that he couldn’t put any weight on his right leg and he was drunk. But they eventually made it, both of them out of breath.

He quickly opened the fly of his boxers, not giving her a chance to turn around, and the waterworks began. Before Jessica looked away, she caught sight of his cock. She never knew he was that big. She had been with a few guys before but never with anyone packing a tool like that. She turned her head the other way, embarrassed by the thought of her dad catching her staring.

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