Jane’s Tea Service

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Jane slowly closed the door to the baby’s room. She was so blessed having a child that took to routine so fervently, once bathed and fed a bottle she went right to bed.
Jane walked out to the living room and glanced at the News as her husband watched. He was her other blessing, loyal, handsome, loving, and yes quite demanding. Jane shivered, she so loved the way he controlled and took care of her.

Shaking off her reverie Jane went into the kitchen and fixed herself some tea. As she returned to the living room she sat on the couch opposite Tim, tucking her legs beneath her.


Tim had just finished checking the Direct TV listings, the menu vanishing from the screen. Jane hoped he hadn’t found anything she was planning on watching that new miniseries tonight.

She raised her cup to her lips when his firm strong voice washed over her. “Ambrosia.” He said.

Jane shuddered again, that word never seemed to pass without going deep within her. She rose from the couch and quickly undressed, careful to neatly fold each article of clothing as she removed it. Finally she was down to her panties and as she held then to her thigh to fold them he simply snapped his fingers.

Jane pressed the still warm cotton into his hand and knelt on the floor in front of him. Her knees were spread and each wrist lay on her thighs palm up. She kept her eyes just below his not daring to look higher than his mouth, Her back straight she thrust her breasts out for his viewing pleasure.

The minutes ticked slowly by. They always started like this with him saying the keyword. He had chosen it because it was the food of the gods and once he invoked it he became her god and he eagerly consumed her. Some might object to their arrangement thinking her abused for letting him treat her this way, but they would be wrong. Jane craved this, and he always saw to her every need both during sessions and without.

Jane wondered how long it would be today. He never told her how long she would be on display for him, sometimes it was short, others he kept her like that for hours staring openly at her breasts and exposed pussy. She always got very wet as he sat there unmoving. There was something about being on display that thrilled her. Jane thought about the website he had built with pictures of her kneeling like this as well as many others. That thought didn’t help at all for soon she was thinking about every man that was seeing her even know in the various movies and pictures and what they were doing in the privacy of their homes.

“Play.” He commanded. Jane groaned and instantly began to slide her finger through her sparse silky well-trimmed pussy. Two strokes was enough to release the pent up moisture allowing her to slide a finger deep inside. Her breath quickened and she gasped. Jane quickly found her rhythm and her breathing began to match the stroking of her hand. She knew better than to hold back, Tim expected her to be ready to cum upon his orders. Jane began to roll her hips around as she imagined the cock she was riding. The warm flush through her breasts beckoned her other hand and she quickly began to massage her taught nipples. Slight groans mixed in her breathing as she came upon her orgasm. Stopping just shy and waiting for him to allow her to come. She felt him smile and little cries danced with the groans.

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