Incest stories – The first steps that altered the bond of mother and son

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Incest stories – The first steps that altered the bond of mother and son, This entire situation was able to get off the ground simply because of the state of mind I was in. So, before we get to the juicy details, you need a bit of back-story. My name is Tristan and I am 19 years old. I am mainly called “T” because my name doesn’t roll off the tongue easily, so people just gave me a nick name. I still live at home even though I am in university because it is close to my house. Most of my free time is spent chasing girls or playing video games. Both of which are shared by almost every guy I know. I am just an average guy through and through. Standing at a staggering height of 5’8 and weighing in at just over 180 pounds. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty normal. Since I am so average, I have never had girls just fall into my lap. Every girlfriend that I’ve had was from countless hours of psychological warfare between us, until she gave in. Some people like to call it “game,” but I call it warfare. Just try approaching a girl who doesn’t think you are attractive, and convince her to try dating you. If you don’t feel like you have been to war by the time you are done, then you were actually her type and she was playing hard to get. Dealing with the aftermath of a similar case is what led me and my mother down the forbidden path.



A Saturday night at a local club was like any other time out. Women wearing skimpy skin-tight outfits, music that could burst an eardrum, and lights that could give you a seizure were all in attendance. You actually had to be twenty-one and older to enter because of the alcohol, but I knew the bouncer. Because of that perk, a lot of guys loved to go with me that were under twenty-one. Before I knew it, I had a crew of about thirteen guys coming with me every time I decided to go. My best friend Kevin among them. The night started off as usual. The guys would hit the bar to loosen up, and then scan the dance floor looking for a girl dancing alone. This was a rarity because of the groups the girls came in. They would be glued to each others hip the entire time, so if you wanted one, you would have to make a move with all of them around. I was in unison with my friends. I grabbed some liquor and sipped it until I got rid of my nervousness. I then walked up behind tall blonde girl who had a black skirt with a slit so high up the left side, if she moved in any way that wasn’t straight, you would see her thong. She was actually taller than me with her high heels on which made me fear that she might not go for it, but she was dancing the sluttiest out of her group and looked to be an easy dry-hump. I came up behind her at an angle that she wouldn’t see me and slightly tugged on her hips to gesture I wanted to dance with her. This is an unspoken code in the club that you are looking for a dance. Since the music is so loud, talking is impossible unless you are screaming. It devolved to just pulling them to you for a quick dance, which is a gift from whatever god there is. Girls have a few reactions. One, they jerk away from you and scurry back to their friends. Two, they turn around quickly to scan if you are their type or not. If you are then they will dance with you, if not, they will pull a number one on you. Three, and my favorite, they will jerk their hips back into you without even turning around, and start grinding against you.

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