I let my bullies use my wife – Part 1

I was doing good in life by the time I was 33yrs old. I was a reputed professor in a good college. With a house and a decent car. I got married a couple of years back to a beautiful young woman, Lilly, who is 24 years old. She was my student when I first joined the college. She is a small cute girl with a height of 5′, big boobs(36DD) a little junk in the trunk as well. She is very white with red hair. She is kind of a nerd. But I love her very much. I have to admit she is not the brightest of the bunch. She looks a lot like the actress, Ariel Winter (From Modern Family).

It was not always like this, I was always bullied. In school, in college, and even now in my job. After my marriage to Lilly, things started to change. And people started to respect me with such a beautiful lady by my side. But this didn’t last for long.

One day was while was walking back from College, I saw a moving truck in front of the apartment. New neighbors, nice. I was just about to enter our flat door when I heard a familiar voice. “Jimmy, the piss boy”. I turned around and just froze. It was Hunter from my high school. He was the bully who changed my life and made me a bitch I was.
“My my my…small world aye,” Hunter said placing a hand on my shoulder and squeezing it tight.
“Hun..Hunter.. what are you doing here?” I asked with a low-pitched voice.
“Guess what, I got a job here, as a club promoter and apparently, I’m also your neighbor, who knew” Hunter chuckled hard. “We are going to have so much fun” Hunter pushed me to my door and he shoved his hand down my trousers and started to pull my boxers out.

Hearing the commotion in the corridor, Lilly opened the door. I was just about to fall back when Hunter grabbed my belt.
“Wooo… What do we have here?” Hunter said pushing me to the side and staring at Lilly. “Well, Jimmy boy you did good, won’t you introduce us?”
“Li..Lilly this is Hunter, we used to go the same high school, and Hunter she is my wife, Lilly”
“Come on, Jimmy don’t be shy, Hi I’m Hunter and I was your husband’s best friend” Jimmy entered the house with a huge smile. I followed both of them inside.
“You have done good Jimmy, nice.”
“Would you like to have something to drink? You guys must be tired because of all the shifting?” Lilly asked hunter politely with a smile. She was wearing a black tank top and jeans shorts.
“Sure, that would be great beautiful”
“Wao she seems to be an amazing fuck” Hunter turned to me as Lilly walked away to fetch the drink. “You know what We have been driving for two days straight and I didn’t have anyone to fuck”
“Wait what, what are you taking about? She is my wife. You cannot…” I was cut in the middle as Hunter grabbed my crotch with his strong hands and squeezed it hard.
“Well, Jimmy boy if I do not fuck your chubby wife then I will make sure that you too won’t be able to enjoy her, by breaking your fucking balls.”
“Let go.. please.. oh.. ok ok” I said saving my balls again. It was like High school all over. And this time it was my wife instead of my lunch money.
“Very well then, make sure she obeys me.”

Lilly came back with drinks and placed in on the coffee table and sat next to me on the couch.
“Come sit here baby” Hunter said to Lilly gesturing to his thighs. Lilly looked at me and I closed my eyes and signaled with my head to go ahead.

She stood still looking at me unable to understand. “Don’t look at him baby, we have our own understanding, we have been sharing everything since high school, whatever is his is also mine.. Isn’t is to Jimmy” Hunter said with a loud voice. I just looked down and shook my head. Now my wife was sitting on Hunter’s thighs with her legs both on one side. Hunter’s left hand was on her back rubbing it and his right hand stroking her bare thighs.”So beautiful how did you end with such a dork?” Hunter asked Lilly.

“He was my professor” She replied. “Nice” Hunter brushed past her midriff and was now exploring her huge boobs barely being held by that tank top. Lilly looked at me and said “Jimmy?”
“Let it happen honey, It’s for our own good,” I said still looking down.
“Hell yeah! baby it’s for all of us. ”
Hunter now started to put his hands inside her top and squeeze her boobs vigorously. He lifted her shirt to reveal her ample bosoms. With one hand he was squeezing her right boob and with his mouth, he was sucking her left boob. Lilly was just looking at me with tears in her eyes. Not knowing exactly how to react.
He make her stand up and staring in her eyes, as he was undressing her shots. She held her hands tight to her chest. Then he slowly removed her red laced panties.They were looking amazing on her pale white skin. Hunter stared at her beautiful young vagina. She had a little red bush on top of her pussy. Hunter still sitting on the couch, raised his left hand to grab her left boob and his right hand pinched her little red bush and pulled.
“Aahhhh,” Lilly said squeamishly. Closing her eyes she tilted her head. “Look at me” Hunter said, pulling her pubic hair harder and now also pinching her nipples hard. She obeyed. He was enjoying the pain in her eyes.
“Hey, Jimmy your wife has the same sheepish look that you had when we were in school. ” Hunter laughed.
Suddenly, I heard another voice outside the house, “Hunter? where are you?” It was Chris, Hunter partner in crime. I guess he too got the job.
“I’m here” Shouted Hunter. Chris came in opening the door. “Wo wo wo… what do we have here” Chris said with a light in his eyes as he went on to close the door and bolted it.

In front of him was a beautiful fair lady naked with her nipples and pussy hair being pulled.
“Guess what, our Jimmy got married so that we can have more fun,” Hunter said now groping Lilly’s boobs and massaging her pussy.
“Is that so Jimmy?” Chris jumped over the couch and placed himself behind to Lilly. He wasted no time and start rubbing himself against her ass and groping her huge boobs. “ummmm.. she smells so good.. I want to fuck the shit out of this bitch.” Chris said. He was a huge guy with 6’4″ height and a muscular body. He was towering over Lilly. She looked like a play doll in front of him. “I can’t wait no more” Chris, slapped her ass and went on to sit next to Hunter. he undid his pants and took his cock out. Hunter too pulled his dick out. He grabbed Lilly’s hand and pulled her down to her knees. “Suck it bitch”.

Lilly was now between the two and sucking Hunter off while Chris took her right hand and made her stroke his cock. She was doing it with reluctance. Hunter didn’t like it. He grabbedd her red, shoulder length hair and started to bob her head up and down with force and speed. “Now that’s nice!” Hunter said closing his eyes in pleasure. Lilly was finding it hard to breathe as her mouth was getting pounded in Hunter’s crotch. Saliva was oozing out of her mouth. “Glack.. glack.. glack” Lilly’s eyes were watering and her mascara was spreading all over her cheeks. Hunter stopped to let her breathe for a while and started to pound her mouth again. Chris in the meantime was spitting on his dick to make it moist and groping her left boob hard. I’m sure Lilly was in pain.

“Look at your wife you pussy” Hunter commanded. I obeyed. “Come close” Chris ordered. I got up and went near him. He grabbed my hand and made me kneel. “Look at your wife, having so much fun. I bet she never had seen such huge cocks” Chris laughed.
Well, that was true, both Hunter and Chris were endowed well in the penis department. Way bigger than I was for sure. That’s why it was more difficult for Lilly to swallow the whole dick in her mouth. Which Hunter was making her do. He stared into my eyes as he was pressing her head against his crotch, to assert dominance.

“Aaahhh.. aaah.. aaaha…” Lilly gasped for air when Hunter released the pressure from her head. She was just able to wipe her mouth when Chris stood up. “I want to ram that beautiful mouth of yours, my sweet whore” Chris now held her hair in two clusters and brought her head completely towards him. Then he started thrusting his huge dick in her mouth. Hunter started to laugh seeing her gag for air. She was trying to push Chris’s thighs with her hands. Seeing this Hunter stood up and got behind her. He placed his foot behind her neck and stretched her hands back with his hands. Now Lilly was unable to move. She was on her knees with her hands stretched behind, pressure from the back of her head, and Chris holding her hair tight like horns, she was helpless. Chris took complete advantage of the situation and forced his dick in her mouth again and again, with all he had got. Her pain was turning him on. He was getting close. “Aaah.. aahh… aaahh.. ahhhhhhhhhhh” Chris finally came. He filled my wife’s mouth with so much cum that it was oozing out. Lilly was perplexed with disgust and was about to throw up. “Swallow it.. swallow it you whore.” Chris shouted with his hands pinching her nose, thus forcing her to swallow. “Yeah.. That’s more like it.” Chris commented.

“Place her on the couch with her legs against the backrest and her back on the couch. I want to drill deep in her mouth” Hunter instructed Chris.
Chris placed her with her boobs facing up and her legs folded and against the head side of the couch. Now she was facing the ceiling so that when Hunter sat on her boobs her head was between his legs.

“Aaaagh” Lilly said as Hunter bounced on her squishy boobs. He then stood up and inserted his dick inside her mouth. He again held her hair tight and started to fuck her mouth. It was very tough for Lilly not to gag as she was inverted and mouth fucked. Hunter didn’t stop for anything. He kept fucking her till he came in her mouth. Again so much cum in her mouth. He made her swallow too. He was tired and spit on her face and let go of her head. She was exhausted. They let her lay there on the couch as they started to put their pants back on. “Well that was unexpected fun, wasn’t it Chris?” Hunter said. “Hell yeah. the good thing is, since we are your neighbors now Jimmy, we can have such fun anytime we want.” Chris burst into laughter.

I stood there like a helpless coward. Watching my wife’s face covered in spit and little cum. It was high school all over again, only thing is, now my wife is also subject to the humiliation. I hope she gets used to it as they are not going to stop.

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