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‎she accepted that asked me to apply oil in her ass my dick..! I took almond oil from my shelf and applied to her ass and also my dick.! She stayed in doggy position and i put my dick first in pussy for her to relax and then after 4 strokes, i slowly began to enter in to her ass hole..! I tried to enter the tip of the dick, she suddenly moved farward..! I made her to close her eyes and relax , then after i slowly penetrated my tip and stayed and asked her how is it..! She said.! Its paining and asked to remove..! I removed it..! And after 15 sec of gap again i entered it..! She felt bit relaxed and i holded it in that position for 30 sec and told her not to worry..! Just began to force my dick slowly and she mourned ohhhh, god..! Noo.! Noo.! I stopped and again told her to take a breath and forced it..! And entered , my half dick in to her ass hole..! And slowly giving my strokes ..! She left her sounds as aah, noo.! Plz..! Come on..! Slowly..!! And then i increased my stroke and she began to shout ..! No no no ..plzz.! Stop atop..! I cant plzz.! I made her to relax and stroked hard mydick in her ass hole..! And stopped.! She tried to move farward..! But i holded her tight..! Then 15 sec gap, i asked her to be relax and started to stroke slowly..! Slowly..! She mourned ohh..~ ahhh.! Uhmm.! Ahmmm.! Ohh.! And she began to enjoy..! And i stroked harder .! She was enjoying every stroke..! It was great and her ass was so tight..! With in 13 min i cummed in her pussy and layed on her..! She said it was great swx session and..! We spent up to night 2:30 and she went to her home..!
‎If someone interested to chat with ,feel free to ask questions and i would answer them..! Just mail me [email protected]

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