Fun with neighbour aunty

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Hello Everyone, I am Sameer ahmed age 24 living in hyderabad, doing a job as a design engineer. I am here to write a story of mine, in which I had sex with my sexy neighbour aunty.

Now coming to the story, after graduation, I moved to hyderabad and got a job , shifted to an apartment along with my friends. When I am going to office , I saw a lady, polishing her sons shoes and making him to ready for his school near her door which is at the lift cabin. She is facing back to me, and bending , she was in her nighty and i have seen her night was struck in her ass crack.It was an amazing view and i love to see the ass of women.! Then after i entered in to lift and saw her face , she was damn beautiful, having the age of 30 and boobs would be 34 and ass would be 36. It was the perfect figure to enjoy sex. I saw her and smiled , but she ignored it because I am a stranger to her.
‎Then the next day also i saw her near the lift, but bad luck she was not in the yesterday’s position .! By passing near her, i gave a smile to her and her kid..! She just saw it and ignored.

‎ Once again i have failed and i started a plan on first being friendly with her kid.! That was the weekend and i wanted to execute my plan.! We have some place on the floor , that the kids can stay and play there, there are 3 kids playing there and the lady’s kid also there,i have bought some chocolates to seduce the kids and gave it to them and also stayed for the lady to come.! After 30 min she came to check her kid.! And i am holding in my hands at that time..! She saw that and called her kid and he told he will come after..! But she came angrily and took him, i asked her, have i done anything wrong? She said, no he haven’t had breakfast, and i will bring him after 10 mins, u can play with him and she left..!
I have waited there with in 15 min, kid came from home..! His name was rashid..! From that day onwards she began to smile when ever i gave a smile and she also introduced to her husband.! Actually they are from west bengal and he is working in a restaurant, we exchanged our stuff and they became close to me..! Every time i saw her i analyzed her naked in front of me and i am banging her ass, she has the perfect figure..! Her name Raziya and her husband name Zakeer.
‎ Now the real part of the story begins..! There was diwali, and got 3 days off, and all my friends are hindus and went home for celebrations and i am single remained..! And rasid came to my room for playing and he didnt even went for home felt asleep. I was taking shower and came at that time Raziya came and knocked the door..! I forgot that i was in towel and opened it..! She as surprised to see me in that and stood near door and called for rashid.! I told her he was asleep and i will carry him, i went to bedroom and carrying him near the main door, un- expecting my towel was struck by door and my towel dropped off..! She saw that and stunned my dick was in normal position at time, but due to the act and she was seeing it began to become hard..! My hands are filled with carrying rashid, i dont know what to do.! It became hard and stood in 90 degrees..! By seeing this she closed the door and rushed to her home..!

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