Daughter Nectar

Daughter Nectar, As far back as I remember I had a small light brown mole on my penis that was barely visible. However a few years ago it grew in size until it became embarrassing. So off I went to visit my doctor in the hopes it could be removed. No problem the doctor said; it it OK if my female PA (physician assistant sees you? No problem I replied as his PA, a older woman and definitely my type, has checked my prostate on past visits.

I was sitting on the examination table, after a few minutes in walked the PA and I was incredulous – it was my daughter. She explained she had just got a new job with this doctors office. She recognized my embarrassment. “Hey dad, I’m a doctor and see all kinds of anatomy, male and female, it is an everyday activity for me and you would be just another patient, so do you want me to check your mole?”

I suppose so I said reluctantly and pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. Luckily I did not get an erection. She asked me to stretch out my penis while she sprayed the mole with liquid nitrogen. “Get dressed” she said saying “the mole should dry up and fall off in a few weeks time.” She then said goodby and left the.room. I should explain that my daughter is married so perhaps the doctor did not connect our surnames.

As she said the mole disappeared in a few weeks time leaving only a shiny patch in its place. I had no problems masturbating and was looking forward to man-to-man blowjobs. Six weeks after my doctor visit my door bell rang and I opened the door; it was my PA daughter. Come in I said expecting it was just a family member visit. We sat down and unbelievably my daughter said she dropped by to check on my mole, “this an unofficial trip but since you are my father I want to make sure you are OK.”Again I was feeling embarrased but I said “OK” and pulled down my pants. She touched my penis and pulled on it. “Your skin is very near normal and I doubt the mole will not reappear” she said. “However I need to see what it looks like when you have an erection.” I was now really embarrassed and my penis had shrunk to a very short length.

I can fix that she said bending down and kissing the end of my penis a few times, then she put her lips around the glans and flipped her togue around the tip. My embarrassment started to evaporate a I felt a fantastic blow job developing. She placed her hand on the shaft sliding it up and down while also rotating it. I was in heaven; she then stated taking my whole cock in her mouth (my cock is about six inches fully erect but has good width (glans is 1-3/4″ wide, shaft is 1-1/4″wide ). After a few minutes I came filling her mouth with cum. She raider herself up and give me a big sloppy kiss (I live the taste of cum), then I fall back in the chair to rest.

After a few minutes she said ” you certainly enjoyed that, but what about me?. She oviously saw that I was confused (who would,nt be in this situation), ” I want your cock inside me”and started rubbing my cock – in no time it was hard, she lifted her skirt revealing that she had no underwear. She sat on my cock and started moving her body up and down. We rolled onto the floor with me on top and started pounding har pussy with my cock, having cum several minutes earlier I was able to fuck for a longer time, after a while she started moaning and I could feel pussy juice running down our legs. Then she came with a big “OMG, that was fantastic”, then I came again. I pulled out and started licking up our combined juices, as I liked her clit I inserted a finger and finger fucker her. Afte ra few minutes she came again, I kept licking up all the wonderful nectar until she screamed “stop, stop, I’m so sensitive down there.”

She stood up and staggered to the bathroom. She exited a short while later and said she had to go home. As she walked though the front door she turnen, pecked me on the cheekm and said “I love you Daddy.”

This happened two years ago but to date we have never got back together again Did she have regrets over what we did? I do not know. However I do know that the memory of our get together stays vivid in my mind and often comes to mind when having not-so-great sex with other partners.

Also I should add I have thought about the ethics of incestual sex and realize today it should not be taboo if both persons are ever the age of 18 and have taking precautions.

Added by A. Newton

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