Son gives mother her heart’s desire

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Son gives mother her heart’s desire, mother and son incest stories, Curtis and I were best friends growing up. In high school, we competed with each other in sports and academics. I was the captain of the football team. He was the captain of the basketball team. I graduated just ahead of him for the highest GPA but his SAT score was 100 points better than mine. He got a scholarship to an Ivy League school while I accepted an appointment to a national service academy. He was the embodiment of every parent’s dream son.

So you could imagine my surprise when, on the night of our high school graduation, he confessed to me that his older brother was also his father! His brother was 18 years older than us. I had only seen him a handful of times throughout my youth. He had always lived on the other coast. The man I previously thought was Curtis’s father owned a local car dealership. I always thought he was a nice enough man.


Curtis and I had gone to a graduation party and he had gotten considerably more drunk than me. As I was drove us home, we discussed our futures and how we’d always stay in touch. When out of the blue,

‘Hey man, I want to share something with you. It’s a secret but I know I can trust you.’

‘Sure Curtis, shoot.’

‘Ya know my older brother? He fucked my mother 18 years ago and he’s my real dad!’

‘The FUCK?!? Are you serious?!’ I almost lost control of the car.

‘Yeah man, she told me about a year ago. She’s never told my dad or my brother. Is that fucked up or what?’

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‘Uh yeah, that’s kinda fucked up! Wow… I wonder why she decided to tell you. ‘

‘I think she felt a lot of guilt and shame over it. Once she saw I had become a bright, well-adjusted young man, she unloaded the burden she had been carrying. I felt bad for her, honestly. I could give a damn whose sperm fertilized her egg. She’s been a good mother. My dad has been a good father and my brother has been a stranger. That is how I will always feel. It makes zero difference in my life.’

I was amazed at his mature, philosophical perspective. He made total sense of course. Why fly into hysterics like a bad made-for-tv drama? I told him I appreciated he would share that with me. That was it. We have remained close friends since then and the topic has never come up. The only reason I mention it is because of what it led to in my own life.

I came home for a three week break after my first semester at the academy. My father (who is a US Representative and the reason I got my nomination to the academy) would not be home for the first two weeks of my break. There was yet another budget crisis in Washington he had to deal with. So it was just my mother and I. We have always had a close, relaxed relationship. My father was 35 years old and she was only 19 when she got pregnant with me. He married her immediately when they found out. They’ve beaten the odds and stayed together for almost 20 years. Due to their age difference, she is much more playful and forthcoming with her 18 year old son than her 54 year old husband. I really enjoy our time together. We are more like friends than mother and son.

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