Mother and Son sexual negotiations

You could have called me a weirdo, a geek, nerd, or momma’s boy… fact, a lot of other kids at school did. Now you can also call me a motherfucker….

This started recently, just before I finished high school. I wasn’t into normal sports (football, basketball, baseball) but I loved the alternate sports: hiking, mountain climbing, biking. Mother even let me go sky diving twice, It freaked her out but it made me happy, so she was happy…

I have never been a social person…too much of a computer geek and a loner. My favorite past time is hiking alone for days in the wilderness. A two to five day hike in the Pacific Northwest Mountains I call home is something I try to do at least once a month. It plays hell with my grades and disapproving teachers. Mother spoils me rotten as long as I maintain a ‘B’ average or better in all the main subjects.

For my birthday, Mother finally relented and gave me a two month hike in the distant Rockies. She always worried, but suppressed her concerns, when it came to supporting my interests. However, this was something that really had her freaking out. She helped me prep because I had been begging for this for a year now. She cleared my absence from school and funded my transportation and supplies, but this came with a price -endless arguments for me to reconsider, or at least put it off until I was ancient.

To prepare for this adventure I shopped all week to get all the best and proper gear and to ensure I got everything I needed from my check list. I decided to setup camp in the backyard beforehand; always pretest your gear or you’re screwed when you need it the most.


The weekend finally came, and I started setting up my camp to make sure I had everything. I even soaked the tent with the yard sprinkler to check for any possible leaks. Mom strolled out of the back sliding door to check up on me like normal. She had a large bath towel and a bottle of sun lotion in hand as she was on her way to our pool to get some sun, and also to let me know there was lasagna baking in the stove. ETA would be about two hours.

She looked way too serious and sad, as I had never been away from home for more than a week and a half, and that was just a trip to visit the grandparents. I was expecting another argument and of course she didn’t disappoint.

I assured her that I would be fine like always, but the more I talked, the more she tried to convince me otherwise. This time something seemed a bit, well, really odd. She just stood there staring at me, arms crossed for fifteen minutes, like she was lost in thought.

After a while she finally gave up and continued on her way to get some sun. That night at dinner she brought up the subject again and asked if there wasn’t something she could do to persuade and or entice me to stay home. I looked up from my food, my fork stopping in mid-air, dripping lasagna sauce, to find Mother was actually pinching her left nipple through her dress. My eyes bugged out and I nearly choked to death on a bite of cheese…

Was she actually flirting with me?

What The Fuck? You see, I am an only child and my Dad had passed away when I was seven. Dad had been very successful in real estate and investments and left us just shy of being called rich. It had been mother and I ever since.

She is what I call radiant or regal beautiful; one of those women your mind screams at you either to worship or do naughty things to the moment you meet her. For comparison, I would have to say the closest would be that internet porn star Bryci, only mother’s a little older and a lot taller.

Unfortunately for all the horny people that cross her path, she rarely dates since dad’s death. And me being her son means I don’t even get to participate in the long list of the heartbroken. I have lusted after her since the morning I was up early quietly watching G.I Joe’s cartoon’s on her t.v in the corner of her bedroom floor since the main one in the front room wasn’t working at the time. She, not knowing I was there and not fully awake yet, had gotten up out of bed to go to the bathroom for her morning shower, naked.

She didn’t know, it but she was the inspiration for my first hard-on unfortunately I was to naive then to even know what to do about it. I have seen her try dating and socializing occasionally, but none of her would-be suitors ever make it past round one; she sends them packing with blue-balls the moment they try getting frisky…


I just know my mind and raging teenage hormones are playing tricks on me.

I cleared my throat and put my glass of milk down. “OK mom….what are you offering?” I spoke without even thinking.

“What do you want?” she reply’s.

I laughed. “I don’t know. What can you give me that I don’t already have?” Mom hesitated and gave me a wicked little smile I had never seen before. There was an awkward moment of silence. Then we both started to laugh like crazy, trying to finish our dinner.

Fuck! I thought. All the times she had caught me spying on her, or just blatantly hypnotized at the jiggle of her inverted, heart shaped, flawless ass and large breasts. Yep, I knew it, she was just totally messing with me…

After dinner I told mom I was going to my ‘camp’ and would be out there all night making sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. I cleaned up my dishes in the kitchen and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and said goodnight.

Early this past year I had tried summoning up the courage to kiss her on the lips and succeed, only by way of ambush. She left a hand print across my face that lasted for two days. That was the only time in my life that she ever actually struck me, making it clear: mothers and sons don’t do that kind of thing. Ok, I admit it, jamming my tongue in her mouth got me what I deserved.

But hell, my first kiss scored me six months of mental masturbation material. So worth it…..

Later, I discovered the joys of her dirty panties in the laundry hamper. I’m sure she noticed but never said anything. I could tell she felt guilty about how that slap had taken place; the two weeks of avoidance and the ‘silent treatment’ I gave her in return probably had something to do with it.


About midnight I had gone over my equipment list time and again and was laying there totally relaxed, about to turn in, when I heard a noise coming from the direction of the house. I peeked out of the tent flap and could see my mom, coffee mug in her hand, heading towards the tent. I couldn’t make out too many details from the soft yard lights, but I could see she had changed her clothes sometime after dinner and her hair was wet from a shower.

“Sweetheart, are you still awake?”

“Yeah, Ma. I’m in the tent. Come on in.”

Zip…. Mom crawled in the tent giving me a view of her magnificent dangling tits, the top three buttons on her blouse were open wide. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve gotten a glimpse of mom’s H-cups several times from a distance, but having her crawl right towards me with those big jugs swaying back and forth at point blank range was new to me. I could feel my dick start to get hard and I didn’t know what to do. I had a lantern on low so there was some light but it was just enough of a glow to make things interesting.

“Lee, I want to talk with you about you being gone for the eight weeks.”

Dear God, six times in one day! This conversation is giving me a headache and now your tits are giving me a cock-ache, I thought to myself.

“Mom, we’ve talked about this. I know what I’m doing and I will be careful!”

“I know, you’ve grown into a fine young man but I still would like you to cut your trip back to one week. I can come out and stay at the nearby ski lodge in that area and we can keep in touch by radio?

Maybe for the other seven weeks we can learn snowboarding and skiing and snow mobiles?

“Mom, I don’t need a babysitter. I can handle this. I’ve been doing trial runs without incident for the past year.”

“Ok…Ok… How about maybe I can entice you to cut your hiking to two weeks max and then spend the other six weeks with me doing all kinds of naughty fun things……”

Wait, what? I really had to stop and pause for thought on this one. “Maybe…..OK, what do you have in mind?”

With that mom locked eyes with me and gave me that wicked half-grin smile for the second time this evening. If I had to guess or explain it, the best I can come up with would be sort of, well, It would be a look of ‘Now I have you, checkmate!’

“Lee, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. You’re a man now and I have been watching you and how you have grown for years. I have also seen how you look at me and try to catch me in the shower or dressing, and we both know you do a lot of other naughty things…

On her hands and knees again, slowly, she started to unbutton the rest of her top, exposing those magnificent breasts swelling over the top of a sheer white, lace half-bra. She crawled up to me and placed her right hand gently against my cheek and leaned in, her lips breathing hotly only an inch from mine.

Well, if you will agree to cut your trip way back and postpone the long version of this dangerous forest adventure till after you’re twenty one, I am willing to give you the only thing we both know is at the top of your Christmas wish list……ME!

Hell, even the ladies on your favorite porn sites on your computer you don’t think I know about…they all resemble me.

With that mom leaned back on her feet, unbuttoned, and slid off her blouse. Sliding her index fingers under the lacing of the half-bra, she pulled up both pale pink nipples, bringing them into clear view. She started rolling her nipples between her fingers with light pinches and tugs for effect.

Slowly she pulled her black skirt up from her knees and sat back stretching out her legs on either side of me. ‘Oh My Fucking God! No panties- my mind screamed! She was exposing to me her really, and I mean really tiny little pink pussy and the trimmed tuft of black fur above it.

“Lee, I know you’ve been trying to catch me naked forever. I have seen the lump in your jeans when I’m swimming or sunbathing. You have quite a package, and if you are willing to split your vacation with me I will let you do anything to me that you have ever wanted…. starting right now. Do we have a deal?”

I sat there in shock and came in my jeans a little without even touching myself. I didn’t know what to say.

“Lee, I asked you if we have a deal, she repeated.

I tried answering but my voice came out in a strangled long moan. So I just slowly nodded my head ‘yes’ and almost by instinct started moving toward my mother as she lay down on her back and elbows. She stretched out before me on the sleeping bag and, sliding her hand under her skirt, started playing with her glistening, already moist pussy . I watched as a little dribble of white creamy juice started running out of her pussy down between her cheeks over her little cherry chocolate kiss.

“Lee, take your pants off. I want to see what I’m getting in return.”

I slid out from the sleeping bag and peeled off my jeans, I wasn’t wearing underwear, so my hard cock sprang to attention. My mother’s eyes widened as I started to move in between her legs. I still couldn’t talk, but I knew I wasn’t about to let this opportunity go by without taking full advantage of it.

Now it was mothers turn to go speechless. She just groaned,”Oh fuck! Holy…..Damn! Lee, I knew you were small as a baby, but my you’ve grown some since last I looked. I’d guess that as a solid perfect seven, am I right? God has blessed us both this night. I’m going to enjoy taking care of that big tool of yours. Come to Momma.”

With that I moved over and lowered myself in between her legs, sliding my hand up softly along her thigh. She reached down and gently caressed my cock and balls for a few strokes and pointed the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy. She tickled the length of her slit with the tip and as I eased myself forward, she started to moan. Shit! Mother’s long unused pussy was ridiculously tight without lube. I actually had to force the first two inches in her, holding for a few seconds, then backing out to try again harder. She pressed against my shoulder with her hand to make me pause while she shifted to adjust to me.

“Easy sweetie, not so rough! Is this your first time doing this? I mean, have any of your lady friends at school let you do this yet?

I couldn’t answer that one; too much embarrassment! My eyes filled with tears, but I didn’t have to say anything; she could read my eyes.

It’s Ok baby, there’s a first time for everyone and God, I’m so happy to be yours. You only have to remember two things right now, sweetie. She paused, then said, “I’m a person, not a thing, not a toy to abuse; and second, no matter who you’re with in the future, whatever you do, only do it with love. Do you understand?

I just nodded .

She tilted her head forward and reached behind my head with her free hand to pull me more towards her. It was my first proper kiss. She slid her tongue into my mouth slowly, teasingly, for a very long time until she surprised me by locking her ankles behind me and pulling me fully into her; returning her child to her womb and changing both our lives forever.


Fast forward three hours later.-

Fuck……OH! Fucking…GOD! The energizer bunny doesn’t have shit on you! She was yelling. OH, no! Don’t stop. Oh…fuck! Please, don’t stop. I’ve waited too long for this, for you to pull out now. Shove that big cock back in me again. I want to feel all of it deep in my cunt!”

Holy FUCK! she screamed, “Momma’s addicted to your love!”

I hadn’t said a word, but mother was getting the benefit of thousands of hours of researching late night, explicit, high definition, internet porn. Somewhere after I think her seventeenth, and my third time in her pussy, I lost count of her orgasms.

Despite both our natural mixed lubricants, my cock was being rubbed raw and numb, so I pulled out, reached over, and grabbed my shirt to slowly wipe her pussy clean and to calm things down. Then I crawled up next to her, wanting to try something special. I just lay there face to face without moving a muscle. She gave me a quizzical look and was about to speak but I kissed her quiet, and supported the back of her head with my right hand. Sliding my left hand down from a gentle caress on her chin all along between her breasts.

“Mother, please trust me,” I said, and slid my two middle fingers down into her wetness.

I curled them upwards and explored for the little spongy button. Her entire body spasm-ed involuntarily when I found it. She yelped with a ‘what the hell was that’ look on her face. This time I’m sure that wicked grin was on my face, now. I kissed her and whispered, “Mother, please relax and share my breath.”

I waited until she calmed again. Then I got rough, jerking my hand up and down violently with lightning speed, my two fingers inside her, rubbing her G-spot. She cried out, twisted and heaved in full body spasms, her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Over and over, multiple orgasms tore through her like a magnitude 20.0 earthquake. Her toes curled and her hands dug into the sleeping bag, but that didn’t save her from my mercilessly enforced rapture.

She growled in an animalistic way I can’t even describe. Her eyes shot open wide, every muscle in her body straining. Her first two attempts to scream came out soundless. Then she gasped in a deep breath and screamed out “FUCK!”

Mother’s clear honey started spraying out over my hand and arm, her legs, and the sleeping bag.

She cried out, confused, “What the hell…How? FUCK, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG……HOLY FUCKING SHIT! I stopped moving and removed my hand, letting her recover a bit. She broke out in a giggle fit.

Mother, would you like another? I whispered to her.

YES! she begged.

So I repeated this on her ravaged body five more times, totally ruining the sleeping bag, until there was nothing left in her. She curled sideways in the fetal position, aftershocks racking her body for the next ten minutes. A few more small squirts sprayed out and dribbled down her butt cheek to the bed. For the longest time she didn’t say a word. She just had tears on her cheeks, then she rolled over and cuddled up next to me, wrapping her arms around me, holding on to me for dear life, squashing my face between her massive boobs and wrapping a leg over my hips till we both fell asleep.



“Well, Lee, I guess we have a deal about the vacation?”

I looked up and removed my suckling lips from her raw tender nipple. “Just one change. How about I make it a two-day hike instead.”

We both laughed as I felt my sore, but still buried, cock start to harden deep in mom’s wet, abused pussy. We weren’t fucking again she just wouldn’t let me take it out of her. At this rate I never will be able to go hiking again.

I rolled mother over and ever so softly kissed my way down her spine, sliding my tongue down to her ass cheeks with licks and nibbles, using both hands to spread her cheeks wide open. I blew several hot and cold breaths onto her cherry chocolate kiss and watched her moan and squirm. She raised her hips and ass up to my face. I then kissed it with all my love.

That whole morning, until late that evening consisted of sleep, food and even more sleep for us both. Later that night in her room, after making slow tongue-love to her pussy and ass, she let me take her anal cherry. We made slow love and I came deep in her tight little ass; once on her carpet, as she didn’t want to get lube and juices all over the bed, and the second time during a shower.


Standing on her king size bed I turned her head up, pulling my cock out of her mouth. She whimpered, stretching her lips forward to reach towards my cock for more. I locked eyes with her and said softly. “Mother I have a new Christmas wish list. One day soon you’re going to marry me.”

Her eyes went wide. She smiled for the third time with that wicked checkmate half-grin. She reached up and dug her nails into my butt cheeks, pulling me forward, right back into her scorching hot mouth. She then began to suckle and devour me, deep into her throat, until my legs buckled out from under me and I fell down to her bed. Her mouth never let go, trying to drink my heart and soul out through my cock.

When I regained consciousness a few minutes later, after imploding in her throat, I decided that she had succeeded.

That was the moment I knew I didn’t just love my Mother, I was in love with Mother.

When her lips finally let go of me, she looked up into my eyes with that smile of hers and said:


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