Awakening my son

I am a 42 yr old MOM of 3 kids, almost all grown, girl 21 boys 20 15. This is the start of our summer season, we have a small cabin northern Ontario .WE open it up on May 24 weekend

This year was no exception except the only ones were myself and my 15 yr old son. The usual things clean the cabin, un winterize it and just relax. The first day was busy and the weather was warm, after out work we both grabbed a fast bath (no shower here) and BBQ some food.We were both only in robes eating , catching glimpeses of his ,now very many..penis It made me surprisingly aroused..

I tried to ignore it all.

Later on in the dark night we sat cuddled under a blanket talking and warming my a small campfire. roasting weiners..
I seductivly took a bite of one My son said Ohh MOM that was a very sexy move,i laughed and did it again more so more sxily. He said MOM i cant watch that.. I asked why.. and he bluntly said MOM really u are so hot, Im a guy u know.. id want that.
I smiled said nothing else but, finished my weiner and went directly to his..MOM what are you doing, what the.. i engulfed his cock into my mouth it grew fast as hell and hard as stone..

OHH MOM why?? is all he said as he squirted very quickly into my mouth.

After swallowing all of it I just said there.. was it everything u expected??He was speechless smiling. spent. I said well maybe later we will talk about all of this.

Author: Debra

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