Cum with Mom

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Mike tells his real life story of how he and his mother, Linda, began their sexual relationship, the highs, the lows and how happy they are together now.

Dad ran off with his nineteen old secretary, now it was just Mom and me. As a result we became closer, sharing our hopes and fears. Mom revealed how badly Dad had treated her and how lonely she was. She often said,


“I’m not interested in trusting another man. You’re all the man I need, Mike.”

I shared my insecurities and difficulties with my girlfriends. I’ll never forget the night everything changed. Mom heard me come in and asked,

“How did your date go, honey? Come in here and tell me all about it.”

I was eighteen and Mom, Linda, was thirty-nine. I undressed, putting on the shorts I sleep in. Looking in her room, the hall light outlined Mom’s shapely body through her nightgown. I stared at her dark nipples pushing against the yellow lace bodice of her gown.

In the past, Linda didn’t seem to mind when she caught me taking long looks at her curvaceous body as she walked around the house in her see-through nighty. Shirtless I and entered Mom’s room and sat on the side of her bed. I told her about my ongoing girl problems.

“Mom, Lisa is sleeping with other guys I can’t trust her. She is the third girlfriend that’s cheated on me. It must be me, Mom. I just don’t have what it takes to satisfy and keep a girlfriend.”

Mom was so sympathetic, as we talk she stroked my arm and held my hand brushing it against her thigh. My fingers glided over her soft skin. A warm rush surged through my body resulting in my erect penis straining against my shorts.

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Mom saw my hard-on and was silent. After a long pause, I move closer. She reached out and pulled me on top of her. Naked under her gown, Mom helped pull my shorts down and lifted her nighty to her waist. She guided my stiff shaft into her wet snatch.

Thoughts flew through my head. I was unsure, afraid and shaking. Would she mad at me? Did I go too far? Did I force her? I was hesitant until I felt her warm most vagina engulf my straining shaft.

Mom took the lead thrusting her pelvis against me as my cock joyfully slid in and out of the birth canal from which I entered the world. I tried to hold back but the idea of fucking my mother, coupled with her erotic lovemaking, I came right away. Inexperienced in making love to a real woman, I began to pull out. Mom said

“Oh god please don’t stop Oh baby don’t stop It’s so good.”

I continued to pump my mother’s pussy until she cried out,

“I’m cuming. I’m cuming Oh god I’m cuming!”

I slowed down and lay on top of her sucking on her deep red nipples, as we held each other. From ecstasy to rejection, Linda pushed me off and turned over crying. I didn’t know what to do. I felt terrible, she will hate me.

“I’m sorry Mom. I’m sorry.”

I said as I rushed to my room.

The subject was never broached, but I relived it, masturbating most every night. Mom began wearing a robe over her see-through nightie when she was out of her room. We kept our distance from each other. I ached to take Mom in my arms and make love to her.

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