My wife was soon making more money grooming

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My wife (Hope) has had a very successful career as a hairdresser. She had a very large clientele and most of her clients were from the upper class east side of town. A part of my wife’s job that has become to be very prosperous is grooming. It came by accident, but it didn’t take long for the word to get out. She took this responsibility professionally and became known for her care and creations.

To make this as professional as possible, she created a private room. We developed an elaborate method to shampoo and shave. My wife was soon making more money grooming than hair styling. It wasn’t long before wives began to ask if she would groom their husbands. My wife was not crazy about the idea, but soon came up with a list of rules in order for this to be professional. No husband could come along, they always had to be with their wives. And if at any point, she became uncomfortable, it could be her choice to end the treatment.

Honestly, there were not many husbands willing. Matter of fact, it was about 3 months after being mentioned that the first husband came…at the urging of the wife. But soon there were about six men that became clients. She felt very comfortable with each, mainly because she was so close to the wives.

But it was Clara and Alex that changed everything. Clara had been a client of Hope’s for 4 years. We all had similar interest, so occasionally we would go out for dinner and drinks. Clara was stunning. At 38, she still had a body most women craved. Now my wife Hope is equally as stunning. So typically when the four of us went out, they got a massive amount of looks. I didn’t ever ask about Hope’s clients, but she would always say that Clara was her favorite. Because Clara never liked to be completely shaven. She always wanted a cute designs…most of the time it was a flame or a heart. But the surprise came when Clara asked if she would groom Alex. Hope was very hesitant. She thought we had become too good of friends and this might be crossing the line. Hope asked my opinion, and I told her how proud I was of her professionalism and I thought it would be perfectly fine. So, the appointment was made for Thursday evening.

I’ll just explain this evening exactly as it was told to me. It was a normal hectic day. Lots of hairstyles. The appointment for Clara and Alex was scheduled for 7:00. Thy came, and as typical, Hope starts with the wife first. Clara this time asked for Hope to just do a simple vertical rectangle. Hope said to her surprise, it was her most beautiful creation ever. Alex was so impressed, he said he wanted the same thing. as Clara dressed, Alex began to remove his pants. Typically, the men would always leave a shirt on. This was no different, but Alex was wearing like a tank top. Alex plays lots of basketball, so he was in tremendous shape. As Alex removed his boxers, Hope said she had never seen a cock like that. He went over and sat in the washer chair, and his soft cock hit the bottom of the sink. It was 7 inches long soft, lots of extra skin and looked to be the circumference of a paper towel role. Hope said it was beautiful. And his balls were the size of lemons. Now Carla and Alex had never been with anyone else…so I don’t think it ever registered to them that Alex had a masterpiece.

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