Sister replace my wife

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I had just got divorced from my wife. It was an amicable arrangement – amicable and inevitable. She was a lovely girl. Attractive, very sexy and good fun to be with. The sex was great but that was the problem. She just loved to fuck. Unfortunately it wasn’t just me that she fucked. She’d been through all my friends, most of her friends husbands, the guys at work and even the milkman. And that was just the ones I knew about. For my part I had to reciprocate. I’d had most of her friends and the milkman’s wife (I particularly enjoyed that one!). As you can see, this wasn’t a match made in heaven. With hindsight I should have let her marry someone else and carried on screwing the arse off her. In fact, when she later remarried, this is exactly what I did.

Anyway, immediately after the divorce I wasn’t in any kind of relationship. At the same time my sister had broken up with her long term boyfriend. As we were both on our own we took to going out together a couple of times a week. We’d go to the movies, to the pub or for a meal.

Now my sister had always been a real cock teaser. My mates were all desperate to fuck her. I managed to keep them off her, partly because she was under age and, as her older brother, I felt protective towards her. It was also partly because I would have been as jealous as hell if they had succeeded. She teased me as much as she did them. Her kisses were a bit more than sisterly, she would rub her body against me when nobody was looking and some of the clothes she wore were just too much. She knew what effect it had on me and she loved it.

At the time of my divorce she was 19. One evening we had been to see a film. We’d had to queue to get in and it was a cold night. Under her coat she was wearing a black leather mini skirt and a white halter neck top with no bra. She also had on thigh length boots (these were all the rage at the time). In the queue she had cuddled up to me to keep warm. Some of the guys were looking at me knowingly. They didn’t realize she was my sister, of course, and they thought that I was going to get my rocks off big style after the film.

Afterwards we decided to go back to my place for a drink before I took her home. While I got the drinks she made herself comfortable on the sofa. I sat next to her and tried hard to control my lustful thoughts. My sister had a tiny body – very slim but with bumps in the right places. She had long dark hair and long legs. As I looked at her sideways I could see her nipples pressing hard against the thin material of her top. My cock was getting hard.

She started to talk about the times when she was younger and I reminded her what a tease she had been to my friends. She laughed and said “Didn’t you get a bit excited too?”

“Of course I did” I replied.

“You’re not supposed to feel that way about your sister” she said. As she spoke she leaned against me and put a finger to my lips. I could feel her tits against my arm and it felt like her nipples were burning into me.

“I know” I said quietly “But I’m not just your brother. I’m also a man who has desires like any other”. I bit her finger playfully.

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