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I was a junior in high school and I worked with the teather department which occasionally visited the middle school down the road and one time I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful girl who was watching us practice , her name was Alyssa she was a nice girl with brown hair blue eyes nice slim curvy body and quite a big butt for a girl her age , her tits we’re still pretty small but I found that so hot .

She then approached me and started to ask questions about our club we quickly connected a talked for a pretty long time I took her to a small janitor closet where she was pretty confused and said she’s never done anything like that before but I encouraged her and she agreed . Once I pulled out my 7 in cock she got scared and attempted to leave but I calmed her down and she started to give me an amazing blowjob , her inexperience was so hot I was falling in love with the view of my cock inside her mouth and her big blue eyes staring at me . I stopped her and thought to my self what am I doing with this 13yr old girl I was 17yrs old but then I saw her slowly taking off her clothes and exposing her amazing body my heart started beating so fast I had to have her I had to be inside of her .


She then sat on me and we started kissing. She was so goddam pretty I was about to cum and I wasn’t even inside yet , I then pulled her aside and layed her on the table . I pulled her panties off and the sight of her bald pink wet pussy almost made me cum. I then slowly went inside of her she started to moan and cry I could see all the blood coming out it was so hot . I asked her if she was ok she said she was fine and to keep going I then put in all my 7in inside of her bleeding pussy .

She looked so beautiful laying there crying with my cock inside of her . I then turned her around and started to fuck her doggystyle . Her ass was so amazing it was the best view ever I was in shock on how a 13yr old girl could have such a great ass I then started having deep fast strokes inside of her for about a minute it was the best feeling ever and I wanted to cum inside of her but I knew I couldn’t so turned her around and i cummed on her stomach and small boobs , This was the best experience I have ever been through . It sucks how I never saw her again . She was the prettiest girl I have ever seen her petite body her blue eyes her pretty face her cute butt was so beautiful

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