Dinner Date Tease

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it was a warm summer evening , when i arrived she was wearing a light summer dress that showed some nice cleavage up top and flip flops . she was just about ready to go and said wait just a second as she looked into the mirror and put on some red lipstick , looked at me and pressed her lips together and winked at me , i always liked seeing that . we were heading to the olive garden restaurant for some dinner . as i was driving she pulled up her dress some to feel the air conditioning up her dress , i reached over and put my hand on her inner thigh the one closest to me . just as we we were arriving she pulled down her panties and handed them to me 🙂 i smelled them and put em in my front pants pocket . sitting across from one another we placed our order with the waitress as i felt a foot in my lap , with one hand i reached down and sorta massaged the sole of her foot , then using her toes she rubbed my crotch and again winked at me 🙂 dinner was served but instead of using a napkin i pulled out those black panties and used them to wipe my lips and get a little whiff of her sweet scent , when she saw that i stuck my tongue out a little slowly licked my lips and gave her a little wink this time .

just knowing she wasent wearing any panties in public was a real turn on , i couldnt think of anything else . when we got back to her place she invited me in , and let me to her bedroom where i practically pushed her on to the bed and lifted that dress up high and gazed at her naked kitty for a second before i devoured it like dessert , sucking and kissing her clit and inner thighs , i ran my tongue from her ass hole to the tip of her clit and just sucked it all in my warm mouth caressing it with my tongue n lips. i must have been doing something right as i felt her quiver a little so i didnt stop sucking on that thing as she reached down and pulled my face down harder on her clit , i just wanted to please her , she is just so beautiful , i loved n desired her so much all i wanted to do was please her , but before the night was over there was RED lipstick on my shorts , what i great time we had together , i loved that girl !!!

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