Fucked my mom by blackmailing

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Hi guys, My name is Arjun and the story I am about to tell is real. It is between my mom and me. My mom name is Deepa and she is quite fat and chubby, she is in pure white color, she looks very beautiful, and her sizes are 36-34-40, that means her bra size is 36D and panty size is XXXL.

This happened in 2020 lockdown time. Basically, me my younger brother and my mom live in our house. My dad works in a travel agency company and often stays in other countries for long period’s of time. So mom used to be alone. Also she doesn’t wear sarees all the time she wears dresses that are so modern that her huge white perfect shaped boobs in form of cleavage are visible and sometimes she wears plain black dress, its such a feast to the eyes as her hard nipples pinching through dress can be visible. She gets a lot of stares in the streets while she’s out for some work. My brother used to go to tuition in those days before lockdown, its then his tuition sir got attracted to my mom, he is well shaped and fair and good looking. As my dad is not here, my mom used to go to drop and pick him up from tuition, they used to smile lustfully at each other, I saw them many times. So I got a doubt and had gone through her WhatsApp, basically she has a lock, but I know it, it is usually her bday date.

So I unlocked it and saw their chats, I was quite amazed and hard at the same time, they were sharing nudes and chatting erotically and teasing each other the whole time, there were dozens of nudes in chat and I saw her WhatsApp call history, if she talked once a day to my dad, she talked to him 5 times a day on a average. So I connected the phone to WhatsApp web on my laptop and I used to enjoy their chats and cum at their pictures and messages. During those chat sessions, she used to go to bathroom and take vids and pics of her and send them to him. She doesn’t know I watched her chats as there is no notifications shown on top, cause she uses an iPhone. One day during lockdown, she went into bathroom with her mobile and started chatting and send pics as usual.

That day my brother is also no there in house as he went to my grandparents house as those are holidays, and I stayed back for helping in household works and a plan to fuck my mom. So that day I went and stood near bathroom and started to listen the sounds she is making during video call to him. After an hour she came from bathroom, I asked her what was she doing that much time in bathroom, she replied its personal I cant say to male persons like that, also she said I wouldn’t understand as she was talking about periods. That day I was unable to control myself and masturbated already 2 times before evening itself, so that evening I planned to fuck her. So I took screenshots of chat and pics of her and sir, and I waited eagerly for a correct time, I was lucky enough that day happened to be my parents marriage day, so she wore a sexy saree without blouse sleeves and I couldn’t control myself.

After eating dinner at 7’o clock, she is watching TV and I went and sat beside her with my mobile containing the weapon to seduce my mom, that is screenshots. So as she was watching, I started talking to her, I said, Mom I know about you and that tuition sir I know it has been going on since 4 months and I have been seeing and spying on you through WhatsApp, and showed her those pics. She was confused and she started panicking, and sweated a lot. I said, mom don’t worry I will not say to anyone about this affair especially to dad but I need one thing. And I started to stare at her boobs through that sexy transparent saree. She understood what I was talking about. She said, Beta I think this is wrong and I know even I have done terrible things but this is far wrong and bad. I said, Mom I know but do you know that even gods like Zeus have had sex with his siblings and mother and also nowadays this is the new modern and you like being modern if you say No to me I will send these all to Dad and your life will be ruined and if you say Yes life will be so happy and wonderful.

Then she started to think, and then after thinking for 5 mins she took my hand and she took me into her room. She then switched off all the lights and closed all doors of our house. And then came back to the room. She locked that room and switched on the light in that room and opened the balcony curtains, as we lived in 17th floor, no one can see us, the view was amazing and cool breeze coming from balcony, that is the perfect place for fucking that sexy beauty. I sat on the bed and my mom stood in front of me and pulled me up and started to kiss, she caught my hair on hair erotically, and I started to kiss her on the neck. She bit her lips and hugged me harder. Then I removed that saree slowly with my hands and kissing her wherever the saree is unfolding. I removed the full, she was on her sleeveless blouse and inner lehenga. I bet many of you will start to masturbate by seeing her perfect shapes without removing blouse also.

Then I kissed and licked along her back which is not covered by blouse. Then I removed her blouse hooks and slowly removed that, then came the big thing, her boobs were struggling to come out from her bra. My dick got harder and harder and it is still trying to go harder further. Her bra was in pink and black color perfect for her skin color. I cant wait to open that. I placed both my hands on her chubby shoulders, they were pressed as the bra is so tight. She turned back I removed the hooks of her bra, and kissed her bare back I licked her back, her body had perfect curves even though she is chubby.

Then came the moment I waited my entire life, she turned towards me and She removed her bra slowly and ahhhhhh the huge white boobs with big black nipples contrast to her boobs color, that was the part I love the most. I immediately rested my head on her lovely boobs and I started to press them, the boobs were very big that it took my two hands to fit one boob and it was so soft as a pillow and heaven to me, not to mention her big black nipples that were hard as she was in mood. I licked and kissed her boobs so much that I wouldn’t leave them for an hour, I played with them. Then she wanted me to go her private part, so here it comes, the pink and slightly loosed shaved pussy. I licked her pussy and kept my fingers inside her pussy and she started to moan, then we fucked in all the positions she wanted and gave her a brilliant night to remember whole life. That was the moment I could proudly say I lost my virginity to my mom.

Even today when there is a opportunity to fuck and enjoy ourselves we would definitely fuck. And from that day we chatted with tuition sir together and slept together and there are even some days she would give me an amazing blowjob. Ahhhhhhh what a moment, I couldn’t even control myself while describing that moment.

I would definitely share all my moments in this page and if you want to talk to me about this message me through insta at @xhellboy01x. I am ready to chat and help you in giving pleasure and help you in giving tips. So feel free and stay tuned for more of my moments.

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