Fucked By My Computer Sir: Part 1

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Hello friends my name is Kiran. I am 26 years old and I live in Rourkela, Odisha, my height is 170.18 cm and my figure size is 36-32-38, I am fair in appearance.

This is about 2019, April, when I took admission in a ABSOFT computer coaching center in my area, and I was doing a two-year course, I knew the basics of computers very well, but my computer teacher Manoj said me to do from starting.

And frankly, I find the basic of computer very boring, I used to go to coaching 8am and come back home at 9:30 am, then one day my computer teacher told me,

Manoj Sir: – Kiran, since tomorrow you come to class in the afternoon, okay.
Me: – Why teacher?
Manoj Sir: – Because new students are joining from tomorrow.
Me: – So what will I do from tomorrow?
Manoj Sir: – Tomorrow you practice typing and writing notes.
Me: – Okay, teacher.

I started getting computer coaching in the afternoon from the second day and I used to stay alone during that class, only computer teacher was with me, so I was not assuming to learn typing, that’s why I was typing indiscriminately.So Manoj sir saw me and came to me and said to me,

Manoj sir: – You are typing incorrectly, I will have to tell you again.
Me: – Sir, I get confused a little while typing.

And Manoj sir grabbed my hands and put me on the keyboard and I started teaching the right way of typing, I quickly understood how to type,I told Manoj sir,

Me: Sir, now I can do it myself, I get it.
Manoj Sir: – Okay, you do typing, I see.

And I started typing, Manoj sir was sitting next to me, that’s why I was not making any mistake, after tapping for a while Manoj sir told me,

Manoj Sir: – You are going right, but you have to give time.
Me: – Okay sir, I will give time and keep practicing.
Manoj sir: – That’s good, okay, for today this is enough, I have to go home now.
Me:- okay sir.

So I stood up to go but I had to go to the toilet, that’s why I went to the toilet and when i came out, Manoj sir told me,

Manoj sir: Come, I leave you till your house.
Me: – Okay, sir.

Manoj sir used to come to class on the bike, so I sat in the bike with sir and kept a little gap, though I used to live nearby, but after coaching I used to go to meet my boyfriend,My boyfriend and I used to meet in a hotel near the railway station and then have sex.

And at the time of evening I used to come home, nobody knew about this at my house, but one day my father came to my coaching center and started asking Manoj sir about me, I was very nervous.After talking for a while my father left and after class again Manoj sir told me,

Manoj sir: – Where are you going Kiran?
Me: – I am going home, sir.
Manoj sir: – But you do extra classes, don’t you?

I started feeling a little nervous at that time, because I had a lie at home that I do extra classes in the coaching center,I said to sir,
Me: – Sorry sir, I lied at home.
Manoj sir: I know that is why I lied to your father too that, Kiran really does an extra class.
Me: Oh! Thanks sir for saving my life from my father.
Manoj sir: – So what did you go to do at the railway station, will you tell me?

I was ashamed to tell, but I dared to bid sir,

Me: – I used to go to meet my boyfriend.
Manoj sir: – So you used to go only to meet or do anything else?
Me: – What do you mean sir?
Manoj sir: Your father said that you come home in the evening, you leave coaching at exactly 12:30 and reach home in the evening, so long do you talk to your boyfriend only?

Slowly I started to feel very strange about sir and Sir was questioning me in a way, I found his words very awkward, so I told sir,

Me: – I have sex with my boyfriend.
Manoj sir: Oh, this is the matter, but from today you will not go to meet him or else I will tell everything to your father.
Me: – Please sir, I will not meet her only after meeting today.
Manoj sir: – It seems that you are thirsty for sex, that is why you are so stubborn.
Me: – No sir there is nothing like that.
Manoj sir: – That’s it, wait, I call your father.

I got scared and started saying,

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