You wont believe that, this happend at Bangalore

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Hi guys this is my first story here, you might have read a lot of stories but this one is different from those. It was quite a strange day for both of us, all I was doing was giving surprises to her that she was in her imagination that day. keep reading so that you will get to know more about me and the happenings.

Guys this is Suman (pen name). This incident happened on one of the non-working days in Bangalore, I work in a software company, I planned to hang around the whole day around Bangalore. I just boarded the bus.

After traveling a few stops the heroine of the story entered the bus and sat next to me, there were a lot of seats free on the bus yet she came and sat near me. keep wondering guys I will let u later (in part 2). Her phone rang, she picked up and said I left home and asked where can we meet, she was speaking like as if she was speaking to a new person. I couldn’t hear a lot of their conversion but I got to know something fishy in here! So I thought to follow here to see what was going to happen

When the bus reached the last bus stop, she left and went to the nearby metro station. I followed without getting noticed by her, I got a ticket to the same place where she was heading. We boarded the train and finally when the stop came, she left and went to the nearby mall, and went to one of the cafeterias there. Luckily I was able to get a table near to her so that she was in my focus. Again she called him and asked where he was, he said that he will be there in a short time. Then the stranger came to meet after 30 mins, I don’t know what took him that late. The passage will reveal that!

He came suddenly and took her to the theater on the top floor, lucky the theater was not full. So I was able to get a ticket for the same show and I got a seat back of them. When the show started both were talking nicely and suddenly the stranger left, saying that he has got a call. I thought to follow him now, as she was near and no call came to him. that made a strange impression on him.

When we got out, I saw him moving into another cinema theater, where there was another girl ( hot girl 2). I got shocked, how come he is managing two girls at the same time he was too close to her.

He came back here again after 20 min. This girl was fed up here, After coming here he tried to get near her and tried to kiss her, but she refused and was not cooperative. When the movie had a break again this fellow left saying that he is going to buy something to eat. I again followed him, but instead of buying eateries, he went to meet his other girlfriend. Both of them left to the nearby restaurant there.

In the meantime, I went to the eateries there and ordered something and with the help of a waitress I made to deliver to the hot girl seat with a note saying that “Babe come and meet me at the restaurant here, I am waiting for you!!”. In an eagerness to know about me she left the cinema hall and went to the restaurant.

She got a huge surprise by seeing the stranger with another woman. The stranger also got shocked because his identity was revealed. she went to him and made a huge fight and said not to text or contact her, after this she left.

Now the hot girl 2, had doubts about the stranger, and she lost hope and she was also upset. Then to get her back to the mood he said she is my friend’s sister and she tried to have an affair with me, but I tried to avoid her, Thank god she believed you as my lady love, I think she might not disturb then. He said to the hot girl and he also mentioned thanks babe for the help.

Guys share your feedack at [email protected] to know what happend next with these two hot girls.

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