My hot and sexy wife

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Hi…..I am Madan, a businessman of 60 years old having a hardware shop. I have got a lovely wife, Mallika about 53 years old. She has got 40 size boobs. She is wheatish in colour. Her buttocks are about 42 size.

When she walks, her boobs and bums dance in the air. Even old people can get erection seeing her. She is very hot and sexy. Last 10 years My lund does not get good erection. Hence I can’t fuck her more than once in a month. So she is unsatisfied and arrogant. In home she does not wear bra. She wears sleeveless blouse always. Her cleavage is visible always.She has got bushy armpit hairs which can attract males. Every morning the milkman comes to our house .

He watches her boobs and armpits and smiles at her. Once while Mallika was collecting milk,the milkman pressed her boobs with one hand. Your milk is bigger than my raw milk, the milkman muttered and they laughed. I was enjoying the scene from a distance. Similarly the newspaper boy also touched her boobs once. At night, she was going to balcony and in the dark baring her boobs. She used to tell me, I want long and thick lund which you don’t have. I need to satisfy my thirst. There was He was having a wee built body. a friend of mine who was a bachelor. His name was Mohan. He was about 32 years old, strong and stout. He was having affair with lot of girls. Once I invited him for dinner. I told Mallika about this. She was so happy.

She got ready for the evening. She prepared food in advance. Then she wore a transparent saree with red bra. No blouse. She wore only panty. She did not wear any petticoat. Mohan came at about 8pm.He was having a well built body. We welcomed him. He sat in the sofa.Mallika brought a glass of cold drinks for him. She was looking like apsara. Her boobs were big and pointed. She showed her armpits and bra-covered boobs to Mohan and smiled. Then she sat near him.Mohan was getting excited.Her thighs were touching his thighs. Mohan took the cold drinks and put one hand over her thighs. I was looking intently and getting excited. Mallika did not complain.Then Mohan became bold enough to lift the saree over one leg of Mallika.ohh..her milky thigh was visible. Slowly Mohan touched her panty.

Then Mallika was going to stand up and her saree slipped from her bra. Mohan cupped her bra…ohh what mast melon u have., he told. Let us have dinner first, I told. Then we all sat for dinner. Mallika was always smiling at Mohan. While serving food, Mohan pulled her saree. Now my wife was wearing only bra and panty. Ohhh..what a glorious sight.After dinner, I sent Mohan to my bed room. I had already fitted video camera so that I can see their sex act. Mallika went to the bed room after sometime wearing bra and panty. I enjoyed the scene through video. Mohan forcibly opened her bra. Ohhh..God….

My wife was standing naked. Her 40 size boobs with erect black aurioles stole the show. Mohan pressed her juicy boobs firmly for about 15 minutes and sucked her boobs one by one. Chew my tits…o my god….My wife cried. Then Mohan removed her panty. ohhh what a lovely big have got. Then he saw her pussy.

Then he put her in bed and licked her pussy for about 10 minutes. Then Mohan became naked. His lund was 6 inches long and thick. Mallika was overjoyed . She sucked his lund putting inside her mouth. At last I have got my match..she told. She sucked and made it to 7 inches. Now Mohan put his giant lund in my wife’s cunt and pushed.With one stroke, it was inside. Then he started fucking like a bull. god…fuck me hard….jor se chodo…chut ko fad do…..kas kar chodo…ohhh i am not fucked for so many years….raat bhar chodo mujhe…. jor jor pahar do….ohhh…god…fuck me…..Mohan was giving powerful strokes….in and out…..He fucked in missionary style for about 15 minutes.

Then he told Mallika to kneel down and then fucked in doggy style for about another 15 minutes. Powerful sound was coming from the bed and I was masturbating. After marathon fuck, Mohan climaxed and discharged inside her pussy. Again they took rest for sometime. But my wife wanted more sex. In order to get his erection, Mallika was licking his breasts and then she was licking his gand also.My wife was putting her tongue deep into his ass hole and licking. After that she sucked his lund putting her saliva. Now Mohan’s lund became like a copper rod. Now Mohan lifted one leg of my wife and inserted his giant lund into her pussy and rammed her. ohhhh…god…..fuck me like a horse…jor se raat bhar chodo mujhe….plough my pussy….ohhh..fuch…puch….thritch…ghachh sound was coming.

Mohan was giving her powerful strokes for about 20 minutes. Then he discharged in her mouth. Mallika was eagerly gulping his semen. It is so tasty..she told. This was the real fucking session on that day. After that Mohan came frequently to our house and fucked my wife whenever he wanted. I hope my readers must have enjoyed this.

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