First time with professor

This is the story of the first time I was fucked,  I lost my virginity to my school science professor

I was a good student scoring good marks in every subject but science was never my cup of tea but I used to manage to get passed somehow but I was failing this time nd I really didn’t wanted to

I have a great body a 36d tits nd huge ass has always been something I was confident in nd as every school my uniform was also a white shirt nd skirt making my tits the highlighting part

Many male teachers use to keep staring at me all the time so did my science prof. When I realised I was failing my science class I decided to talk to him about it my intention were pure at that time so after Lunch when we use to get a 45min free i went to the male staff room to talk to him nd found him checking some copies he called me in and I sat in front of him on the chair to talk we were talking fir about 3-4 min but his eyes are staring at my tits and ofcourse confidence being I was wearing red bra that day which was somewhat visible if u try to see which he sure was doing I can actually see him getting hard like actually see him getting lust for me when he realises i have stop talking nd caught him starting his looked at me said u want to get good marks in science I will give you a great deal
I knew what was coming this was not the first time a teacher approached me regarding this but I was ready for it this I was 18 year girl with needs to so as soon as he said the deal which was I let him fuck me whenever he wants and in return he will give me good Marks for next 2 years I said yes immediately so he locked the staff room and asked me to sit on the table and for evey ans of my exam copy i need to strip a piece of the uniform by the time he was done checking my copy I was left in nothing but my panty

He then came forward and started touching me kissing me everywhere tits stomach over my panty my legs we fingered me for 5-7 min nd my god I was a moaning mess he was so good at it and it was my first time which made him more hard for me he tore my panty instead of removing it and sucked ne hard I was crying in pluser by now after a while I got down nd removed his pants and boxers nd my god he was huge and hard I was nervous but I made a move nd asked him to sit on.

The chair nd climbed on him and ride him oooo God that was insan he was big and tight my virgin pussy was tight I ride him for a while and then him picked me and fucked me against the rack on the table for a good 30-35 min and then the bell ranged nd unfortunately I have to leave but since then for the next 2 years we use to fuck every second day

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