Debby’s dad gives her an education she’ll never forget

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Debby sat in her father’s summer session history class at the local community college where he’d been a professor for the past ten years. The eighteen-year-old leaned back against her seat, fully aware of how good she looked in a loose, white miniskirt that set off the deep tan of her smooth legs. Her legs were crossed and her skirt was riding dangerously high on her svelte, bronze thighs. It made the sexy girl smile every time she caught her handsome father stealing a look at her legs. She was impressed that he could do that and still seem to keep his mind on his lecture, even though there were at least four other girls in the class doing the same thing. And even though the professor’s eyes drifted toward the others sometimes, they always came back to Debby.

She was also wearing a brief, black sports bra with spaghetti straps that hugged her tits snugly, letting a generous amount of her smooth, young cleavage to show. Her one concession to modesty was the pale pink blouse she was wearing over the bra which was knotted together just under her boobs. Her long, chestnut hair was flowing loose around her shoulders as she made doodles in her notebook, pretending she was paying attention to her father’s lecture. She heard most of what her father was saying, but she was more focused on the way his lean, toned body moved as he paced around the room.

Only one or two of Marin’s colleagues knew Debby was his daughter. He wanted her to be seen as just another, regular student in class.

Her eyes were also constantly dropping to the crotch of the man’s snug jeans in deep appreciation of the generous package inside them. Although she’d never seen her father’s cock in the flesh, so to speak, she had firsthand knowledge of how big and hard he could get. The idea of turning him on so much that he’d get hard right there in class made the hot-blooded teenager’s pulse race. After an unexpected incident a few nights ago at home, Debby discovered she had the capability of making her father’s cock hard as a rock, and it had been nearly impossible to think about anything else ever since.

Martin and Amanda, Debby’s stepmother, had been hanging out with another couple they were friends with at home and were having a few drinks. Debby had only gone in to join them a couple of times, spending most of the evening in her room. But a little later in the evening as they were all getting a little tipsy, the girl went in and sat on her father’s lap. She’d only been wearing a tight pair of booty shorts and a T shirt. She caught Amanda flashing her dirty looks when she thought no one was looking, and within a couple of minutes, the teenager felt her father’s cock steadily growing long and hard against her perky ass.

Debby had squirmed and ground her ass against her father’s hard cock as much as she could get away with in front of other people. And she stayed there until her pussy started to get wet. Then she got off her dad’s lap and went to her room to finger her throbbing slit, wondering if anyone could tell how hard he was after she got off his lap. His cock had felt so big she didn’t know how he could ever hide his bulge.

But now, as she sat in her father’s classroom, Debby was impressed that Martin actually made history sound interesting, unlike the teachers she was used to. They had all been excruciatingly boring, but her father was so much better. He was much better looking, for one thing. He wasn’t even forty years old yet, even though he still looked much younger. The newly graduated eighteen-year-old was already looking forward to when she started college classes on her own in September.

Debby wondered if she’d still think her father was so interesting if she weren’t in love with him. But she was, and the reason wasn’t just his good looks or amazing cock, but the way he was. Even those rare occasions when he was mad at her, he managed to make her feel like she was special and still the most important thing in his life. All of her friends told her how lucky she was, and she just smiled and agreed, never admitting her true feelings. They’d definitely think she’d lost her mind if they knew how she really felt about him.

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