Daddy satisfies everyone including new neighbors

Saturdays at our house were usually filled with “to do lists” for each of us. Things we couldn’t or didn’t get done during the week, for whatever reason. (Read prev story)

When I opened my eyes from a blissful night’s sleep, my mind flooded with all the sexual events that I had taken part in over tag past week. With a smile and a cat-like stretch, I rolled over towards the center of the bed only to find it empty. “Mom and dad had already gotten up and I was left sleeping?” I asked myself as I rolled to the edge of the bed and planted both feet on the floor.


I stood up and went out towards the kitchen, hearing the sounds of morning dishes clanking together. With a big yawn, I entered the kitchen to meet mom at the sink rinsing off some dishes and dad sitting at the table drinking coffee. Looking around to survey the dress code for the day, I was pleased to find that we were all three still naked. It was going to be a great day.

I walked past dad with a sleepy-eyed smile and gave him a morning kiss. I usually give a morning peck on the cheek but on this new morning I kissed him on his lips, which he did not hesitate to return. “Morning handsome” running my fingers through his hair as I walked past him.

“Mmm…morning sweetheart” he replied.

“And a good morning to you sexy” I whispered in my mom’s ear as I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her on the neck and she turned in my arms to face me. Our tits and bare pussies pressed together and I wiggled my hips to increase the sensation between my legs.

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“Good morning babe” mom cooed. I noticed mom called me babe which is a term reserved for dad. I acknowledged this by running my hand up to her tits and giving her nipples a light squeeze. Her response was a deep breath and a slight push of her pussy towards mine. Iflesh to flesh felt so good.

“Pace yourself, it’s early still” mom said as she let out her breath.

I broke our touch and walked to the pantry to get my usual breakfast cereal. I retrieved a bowl and sat at the table where the milk was and fixed my breakfast. As I began to eat, dad asked ” what’s with that huge smile on your face?”

“Oh, just replaying some of the events that have taken place over the past week” I said as I looked up at him.

“Like what?” Mom interjected.

“Like sex with dad and you, the taste of dad’s cum, the taste of your juices, and the look in your eyes as you ate my pussy. Mom, you need some kind of an award for that tongue.” I recalled while looking aimlessly into space and then at mom.

“Your not far behind me babe” she said as she walked over to me, pulling my hair back from my face with her hand, and kissing me on my lips. She opened her mouth and my tongue met hers for a short dance then, she walked around the table and did the same to dad. Sitting down, she prepared a bowl of cereal for herself.

After a quick breakfast, I expected to have to put clothes on and do the usual housework then, I remembered mom saying to “pace yourself” earlier, that it was “early still.” I wasn’t real sure what that meant, but I liked where my mind was taking it. We rinsed our dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher as we finished eating. Check that off the “to do” list!

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At this point, I hadn’t really looked at the clock so when I did, you can imagine my face when I saw it was twelve thirty in the afternoon. “Momdad…why did you let me sleep so late?”

“We tried to wake you sweetie, we tried even mom’s tongue. You didn’t move one time so we just let you sleep” dad said, cupping my ass cheek as he walked up beside me.

Standing at the sliding door, we were looking at the backyard. There was no fear of being seen because we live in the middle of a cul-de-sac with empty lots on both sides. We had an eight foot privacy fence added when we installed the pool.

As dad was caressing my ass with his hand, I reached for his half erect cock with a firm grip. As I slow stroked him, he became fully erect and a smile crossed his face. He gave my ass a quick squeeze, released it, and slid the glass door open to step out. I released his cock as he exited the door, much to my dismay.

“I’ll be right back” he said “I have to turn the pool vacuum on” as he stepped through the door. I watched my gorgeous, naked dad of mine strut across the yard to the pool controls.

As he returned, I saw that his cock was beginning to fall and I responded with a pouty face. I looked in his eyes and he was watching me watch him, with that “gotcha” grin on his face. His huge cocky was swinging in the air between his legs like a tree branch in the wind.

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Mom had joined me at the door by this point and she just smiled “what a body, what a man” she said lightly popping me on my ass. I jumped a little but it felt pretty hot after I thought about it.

Mom, I’ve been thinking” I started.

“About…?” Mom asked as the word trailed off.

“Well, you know how you and dad have taken care of me all my life? I was wondering if I could just live here with y’all from now on and we could live just like we are now. We could be like we were yesterday and last night, only forever! I take care of y’all and y’all can have me any time the urge hits.”

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