Daddy satisfies everyone including new neighbors

Saturdays at our house were usually filled with “to do lists” for each of us. Things we couldn’t or didn’t get done during the week, for whatever reason. (Read prev story)

When I opened my eyes from a blissful night’s sleep, my mind flooded with all the sexual events that I had taken part in over tag past week. With a smile and a cat-like stretch, I rolled over towards the center of the bed only to find it empty. “Mom and dad had already gotten up and I was left sleeping?” I asked myself as I rolled to the edge of the bed and planted both feet on the floor.

I stood up and went out towards the kitchen, hearing the sounds of morning dishes clanking together. With a big yawn, I entered the kitchen to meet mom at the sink rinsing off some dishes and dad sitting at the table drinking coffee. Looking around to survey the dress code for the day, I was pleased to find that we were all three still naked. It was going to be a great day.

I walked past dad with a sleepy-eyed smile and gave him a morning kiss. I usually give a morning peck on the cheek but on this new morning I kissed him on his lips, which he did not hesitate to return. “Morning handsome” running my fingers through his hair as I walked past him.

“Mmm…morning sweetheart” he replied.

“And a good morning to you sexy” I whispered in my mom’s ear as I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I kissed her on the neck and she turned in my arms to face me. Our tits and bare pussies pressed together and I wiggled my hips to increase the sensation between my legs.

“Good morning babe” mom cooed. I noticed mom called me babe which is a term reserved for dad. I acknowledged this by running my hand up to her tits and giving her nipples a light squeeze. Her response was a deep breath and a slight push of her pussy towards mine. Iflesh to flesh felt so good.

“Pace yourself, it’s early still” mom said as she let out her breath.

I broke our touch and walked to the pantry to get my usual breakfast cereal. I retrieved a bowl and sat at the table where the milk was and fixed my breakfast. As I began to eat, dad asked ” what’s with that huge smile on your face?”

“Oh, just replaying some of the events that have taken place over the past week” I said as I looked up at him.

“Like what?” Mom interjected.

“Like sex with dad and you, the taste of dad’s cum, the taste of your juices, and the look in your eyes as you ate my pussy. Mom, you need some kind of an award for that tongue.” I recalled while looking aimlessly into space and then at mom.

“Your not far behind me babe” she said as she walked over to me, pulling my hair back from my face with her hand, and kissing me on my lips. She opened her mouth and my tongue met hers for a short dance then, she walked around the table and did the same to dad. Sitting down, she prepared a bowl of cereal for herself.

After a quick breakfast, I expected to have to put clothes on and do the usual housework then, I remembered mom saying to “pace yourself” earlier, that it was “early still.” I wasn’t real sure what that meant, but I liked where my mind was taking it. We rinsed our dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher as we finished eating. Check that off the “to do” list!

At this point, I hadn’t really looked at the clock so when I did, you can imagine my face when I saw it was twelve thirty in the afternoon. “Momdad…why did you let me sleep so late?”

“We tried to wake you sweetie, we tried even mom’s tongue. You didn’t move one time so we just let you sleep” dad said, cupping my ass cheek as he walked up beside me.

Standing at the sliding door, we were looking at the backyard. There was no fear of being seen because we live in the middle of a cul-de-sac with empty lots on both sides. We had an eight foot privacy fence added when we installed the pool.

As dad was caressing my ass with his hand, I reached for his half erect cock with a firm grip. As I slow stroked him, he became fully erect and a smile crossed his face. He gave my ass a quick squeeze, released it, and slid the glass door open to step out. I released his cock as he exited the door, much to my dismay.

“I’ll be right back” he said “I have to turn the pool vacuum on” as he stepped through the door. I watched my gorgeous, naked dad of mine strut across the yard to the pool controls.

As he returned, I saw that his cock was beginning to fall and I responded with a pouty face. I looked in his eyes and he was watching me watch him, with that “gotcha” grin on his face. His huge cocky was swinging in the air between his legs like a tree branch in the wind.

Mom had joined me at the door by this point and she just smiled “what a body, what a man” she said lightly popping me on my ass. I jumped a little but it felt pretty hot after I thought about it.

Mom, I’ve been thinking” I started.

“About…?” Mom asked as the word trailed off.

“Well, you know how you and dad have taken care of me all my life? I was wondering if I could just live here with y’all from now on and we could live just like we are now. We could be like we were yesterday and last night, only forever! I take care of y’all and y’all can have me any time the urge hits.”

“I’ve been thinking too and I agree but, you live here, and we use our names instead. Three lovers in one house where anything goes at any time, any where. If there are plans to go out of the house, then it will be a date and the rules should apply for that” mom bargained.

I thought about it and asked “so if you and I go out or dad and I go out and we call it a date, house rules apply?”

“Exactly” mom said. “And if your out but didn’t call it a date, it’s just an outing.”

I thought about it and rebutted “what if your on an outing and you want it be a date, what then?”

“Call the third person, tell them it changed to a date, then house rules apply” mom stated with no hesitation.

“You have been thinking about this, haven’t you!” I said as I giggled at her well thought out plan.

“I’ve been thinking about something like this for a long time” mom said as she reached around me and pulled me close.

“Wait. What about when company comes over” I said with a shocked look on my face.

“Rules go on hold unless guest or guests want to play, then we discuss rules, and get consent from them” mom said as she gave a satisfied look. “There will be bumps but we will get over them.”

The only bumps I knew about were the ones racing over my body from the thoughts in my mind.

Dad came through the door just then and mom told him all about our plan. Dad wasn’t as excited about losing his daughter, so to speak, but he was on board with the rest. To seal the deal, we all joined in a group hug. I told them both that I would not call them mom and dad in public but would probably call them mom and dad at home. We agreed it would be okay as it added naughty sexiness to our new lifestyle.

My new place in the relationship had me wanting to test the waters so when the hug was over, I took mom, Tish, by the hand and we walked to my bedroom. We stopped at the side of the bed and I turned her around and pushed her back on the bed with her arms up over her head. I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her bare pussy lips as my hands ran up the sides of her hot body.

I let my tongue reach out and touch the lower end of her lips and I pulled it up the length of her slit. My hands had reached her tits and my fingers found her nipples. I stroked them as they began to become erect much like dad’s cock had done earlier.

Mom’s hands covered mine and together, we massaged her tits and fondled her nipples as she began to coo and moan. “Oh…yes baby…that feels so good” she breathed. I looked up when I applied a bit more pressure with my tongue as I reached the hood of her clit. She raised her knees up and opened her legs to give me better access to her pussy.

One of mom’s hands left mine and found the back of my head to pull me closer to her pussy. My tongue had begun its slide back down her beautiful pussy until it reached her hole and pressed my tongue as it entered her. She arched her back in response and began to press my hand harder into her tit. Each time I withdrew my tongue and pushed it back into her hole, she would let out a slow “ooo…ooo…ooo,”

She went from an arched back to forcing her hips forward to meet my tongue. I was tongue fucking my mom and she was loving it. “Oh god baby, that feels so good. Use your tongue on mommy, make me yours. Make me cum in your sweet little mouth” she said as her breathing increased.

I remembered mom humming earlier as she sucked dad off so I began to hum as I ate her wet pussy. This added pleasure only let her say “oh fuck, oh fuck.” Which I was more than happy to continue doing with my tongue. I continued tongue fucking mom till she moved both hands behind my head. I knew she was on edge and I wanted to prolong her orgasm so I pulled my tongue out of her hot pussy and stood up.

“Baby, don’t leave me like this” she begged.

“”Oh trust me, I’m not” I said with a devilish grin on my face. I grabbed her ankles, as her feet were now positioned on the edge of the bed, and lifted them up and out so her pussy was open and even with the edge of the bed. I moved up between her legs so that my pussy was in direct contact with her pussy.

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“Oh” she said. “I love this idea” as she moved her hands to grab her tits, taking her rock hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She pulled up on her nipples and gave a long moan. I pressed my pussy hard against hers and began to thrust my hips into hers. My clit was rubbing against my mom and it didn’t take long for both of us to lose all inhibitions and begin rocking and thrusting while we pulled on our tits and pinched our nipples. This new found position with my mom was now one of my favorites.

“Yes, yes,yes” mom exclaimed as her body moved in rhythm with mine. Our wet pussies continued in their French kiss as our orgasms were building. I was oblivious to everything around me except the feeling of my pussy being taken by my mom’s pussy. I felt like I was in her, like I had a cock and it felt so good. I could feel my heartbeat in my ears and the tingle that raced through my body.

What I was not aware of was my dad standing at the door stroking his cock. For some reason, I opened my eyes and saw him in the mirror with his business in hand. I said nothing as this added to the fire building from within. I had eaten mom earlier and while I wanted to eat her now, I could not pull myself away from this new position and feeling. Instead, I pulled her ankles to each side of my head, slightly bent her knees out and humped her like there was no tomorrow.

Mom had lost all sense of presence as her head swiveled left to right and her eyes remained closed while she squeezed her tits like dough. Her tits are amazing, they don’t sag much at all. “Make me cum…make me cum…yes…yes…yes!” mom began to chant.

I gasped as I felt my orgasm take over and I began to pant as if I had just ran a marathon. “Sh…sh…sh…sh…” was all I could say at this point. With that, I pushed my pussy into my mom’s with all I had and started doing short humps at the point of highest sensation. I could hear mom saying “don’t stop…don’t stop…don’t stop” to the top of her lungs. As our orgasms ran through our bodies simultaneously, we tried to remain still in that position but our nerves would cause us to jump which prolonged our pleasure. It was mind bending till our orgasms began to wane. Our stomachs continued to involuntarily convulse at random, causing the other to react in kind.

I heard dad behind me begin to moan ” oh…oh…oh…oh…” As rope after rope of cum began to shoot out of the end of his cock. As each rope was launched towards us, landing on my ass. As the last rope of cum launched, dad caught it with his other hand, milking his cock for any more that might be remaining. He raised his cum covered hand up as if inviting me to come take it.

Mom was dropping her legs back to the floor when she looked up and saw dad with his hand out and laughed. “Trying to lure my date away? Get your own date” she said with a slight chuckle and threw a pillow from my bed at him. Luckily the pillow missed his offering to me so I ran a finger in mom’s wet pussy, took it out, and put it in my mouth. I turned and walked to dad, finger still in mouth, and grabbed his arm that contained the offering. As I took my finger out, licked his cum off his hand, and mingled it with mom’s juices.

With his cum in my mouth, I walked to the edge of the bed and crawled up over my mom. Our mouths met and we shared a kiss that include the salty, yet satisfying mixture. Mom’s tongue met mine and we swirled the combined juices in our mouth before swallowing every drop. As our kiss broke, mom agreed with me that that flavor was her favorite.

I rolled off mom and lay beside her until we caught our breath. “Now I know what it is like to be on top as a boy, well almost.”

“It looked pretty convincing from my viewpoint” dad said as if he was judging us on our performance. “If I hadn’t witnessed the end and the fact that it was just pussy to pussy, I would have believed you had a cock.”

“The only thing that was missing was that fantastic full feeling you create” mom stated as she was caught staring at dad’s cock, which had one drop of cum on the tip. “And thank goodness we have you to fill that bill, shall we say.”

I walked past dad and went to the bathroom to retrieve a towel to clean up but when I returned, I saw that dad had other plans. His face was buried in mom’s pussy and he was cleaning up so I took the towel and wiped myself clean. I was hungry so I left them to clean up themselves.

In the kitchen, I found some snack food and a cold bottle of water in the fridge. I also found some steaks that sounded great for supper, just had to convince dad to grill them. I grinned as I didn’t think it would be very hard at all to get grilled steak tonight. Closing the fridge door, I took my snack to the table and before I could open my water bottle, mom and dad emerged from my room and grabbed themselves a snack and joined me.

Dad, I noticed steaks in the fridge, can we grill tonight? I’ll make it worth your time” with that same devilish grin on.

“How can I resist that look!?” dad said leaning towards me. “Did you use a towel to clean up with?” he asked. “I was going to clean you up after I finished with mom.”

“From now on, no wasting towels on clean ups. Let someone else do it or do it yourself” mom sternly voiced.

“Me too?” dad asked.

“You too” mom shot back.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding someone to volunteer to clean you up” I proclaimed.

After our snack, we wandered to the pool where our new relationship began. Dad’s cock was limp and laying to one side as he floated face up to work on his perfect tan. Mom was face down on her float and she quickly fell asleep. I chose to float face up like dad remembering how I was cut short by someone last time I laid out.

As we floated, we could hear men talking and it sounded as if it was from the empty property next door. I heard bits and pieces and it sounded as if they were talking about building a house next door. Yes, new neighbors, maybe we can convert them to our lifestyle if they don’t already live it. We will just have to see how it goes.

The afternoon wore on and eventually all three of us were ready to exit the pool for cooler surroundings. Settling in the family room, we laid on various pieces of furniture in various positions. Dad settled in his recliner, feet up with cock in hand. Mom was on the small couch with her legs pulled under her and I had chosen the other end of the couch, in almost the exact opposite position.

I watched as dad stroked his cock while staring our twin forms. The tv was on but it was just for background noise. Dad laid his head back in his recliner and closed his eyes as his pace quickened. I slipped off the couch and eased over to the side of his chair trying not be noticed. I was close when I saw his hips thrust forward and I knew he was about to cum.

As I saw his balls draw up, I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth as he unloaded. I felt the heat of his cum hitting the back of my throat as his cum ropes were released. I let him fill my mouth and as he milked the last drop, I pulled off of him, swallowed, and slipped his cock head back in my mouth to make sure he was cleaned up.

I sucked on his cock till I felt it start to shrink in my mouth so I let it drop out of my mouth. I reached up and kissed him then said “time to get cooking. Thought I would make it worth your time.”

“Well played” he said and he headed to the kitchen to prepare the steaks for grilling.

When I returned to my spot on the couch, mom commented that I was greedy with that load then giggled. “I’ll try to save some next time.”

The evening was spent on the back deck cooking and talking about the future with the new neighbors. As the night grew closer, we returned to our spots in the family room and watched our shows before retiring to bed. As we approached the master bedroom, I followed them in as if I belonged and, without any questions, joined them in our new sleeping arrangement. It just seemed natural now. Cuddling and fondling was on tap as we drifted in and out of sleep.

Sunday morning came and we lay in the bed relaxing, not really wanting to get up. We were all a bit sunburned from our Saturday pool session so that added to our not wanting to get up. Mom was the first up and as dad and I lay in bed, I ask dad “want me to rub lotion on your sunburn?”

“That would be sweet baby” dad said as he pushed the covers down to the foot of the bed. He was even burnt on his cock.

I got out of bed and went into my bathroom to get a sunburn lotion with aloe. When I returned, dad was laying in the middle of the bed, face up and spread eagle. I was distracted by his gorgeous body which had a slight red color. He was miserable, his beautiful cock was even red so it had to be hurting.

“Are you hurting very much?” I asked as I crawled up on the bed and placed a hand on his stomach to feel the heat.

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“Ooo…your hand is cold” Robert squealed as he pulled my hand away.

“Sorry but I have to put thus lotion on you and it’s going to feel cold too” I said as I thought how much of a wimp he was being. Maybe he was acting this way to get more attention.

I started rubbing the lotion into dad’s chest and rubbed it over his shoulders and upper arms. I poured more lotion in my hands and spread that out on his stomach and both hips. I purposefully avoided his cock as I wanted to save that for last. I moved down to his legs and put a good coat on both legs. He seemed to relax as the lotion soothed the burn.

I poured one more small amount of lotion in my hand and reached for his cock. As my hand surrounded it, he inhaled slightly at the touch. Ever so slowly, I rubbed his entire cock and ever so slowly it became erect. He must have really been burned and that made me feel bad for thinking he was acting like a wimp. I finished him off with a kiss on his rock hard cock. I closed the bottle, sat it on the night stand and got up to go to the kitchen. Dad remained where I left him.

I was really enjoying this whole no clothes attitude that we had adopted since mom returned from her trip. So far, I had spent almost two weeks with no clothing on, fucked both of my parents and started sleeping with them. I barely remembered what clothing felt like against my skin. This all ran through my head as I entered the kitchen to find mom fixing her power shake. She drinks several each day as part of her healthy diet. She had on running shorts and a small sports bra with bright blue running shoes.
“Are you about to go run?” asking the obvious.

“I thought I should considering I haven’t because of my trip and our wicked fun weekend” mom said. “Wanna come with me?”

I thought for a second and decided that I should since I was in the same boat. All I had done as far as exercise the past two weeks is fuck. “Sure, let me find something to wear.”

“You can borrow some of mine, if you want to, after all, we are about the same size” mom said as she looked me over. Actually we were the same size but I think she said that as a compliment for both of us.

I hurried to my room, dug through my drawers and didn’t really find what I wanted to wear. Frustrated, I went to mom’s dresser and found some brightly colored short shorts and a solid colored sports bra that accented the shorts. Without putting any panties on, I slipped into the shorts and turned to see how they fit in the mirror. My ass looked great in these shorts and you could see the outline of my pussy as they rode up, then I grabbed the bra and slipped it over my head. My nipples were hard as rocks and could be seen sticking out against the top.

As I took one final look in the mirror, I heard Robert ask “where are you headed?”

Mom and I are off for a run” I told him as I pulled my hair back into a ponytail.

“Wow, your liable to cause an accident dressed like that” he said as he leaned up on one elbow smiling.

Challenge accepted I thought, smiled and turned to give him a kiss before leaving. “Thanks dad, that’s my goal” as I giggled and left the room.

When I returned to the kitchen, mom was putting her shake in the refrigerator so it would be cold when we got back. “Woah!” she said as she closed the fridge to find me standing there.

Her eyes looked me over and said “picture perfect image of me” and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and grabbed her ass like I’m prone to do only to find she wasn’t wearing panties either. Her ass was firm and well rounded, which temporarily distracted me from my thoughts of running.

“Let’s go” I said as I purposely broke our hug so I could concentrate on running.

We went out the front door to warm up in the yard and I realized this is the first time I had been out here in a long time. As we stretched to warm up, we talked about which direction we would run. After settling on a short run through our neighborhood, we took off.

Mom and I have ran several marathons so we knew all the right things to do, like pacing and breathing, to get the best out of our run. As some of our neighbors were loading into their cars for church and other outings, I noticed some of the men stopping to watch us run past. I heard a few unconsciously say “wow” as we pasted.

This attention brought a smile to my face as we continued to run. During our run, we past several others who were out getting their exercise as well.

As we turned the final corner towards our house, we slowed to a cool down walk and noticed a couple of vehicles parked at the lot to the left of our house. It must be the people we heard talking the other day.

As we neared the house, we saw two big men, a lady, and two girls that looked to be my age. We walked up to the driveway and mom continued past the driveway, straight over to the people in the lot.

“Hello, my name is Tish and that’s my daughter Sandy.” She said as she extended her hand to the lady. She looked back to me only to find that I had stopped at the driveway. Motioning me, I walked over to her. Introductions were made and we learned that one of the men was the builder named Joe. The others were the family, Jeff and Sam, which I assumed was short for Samantha, and their two daughters Katie and Destiny. Katie was going to be a senior at college and Destiny was going to be a junior. Katie was 20 and Destiny was 19.

As we talked, I noticed the girls checking mom out. At one point Destiny looked at me, dropped her eyes down then back up to meet my eyes and slightly bit her lower lip and smiled. I returned the smile and took a deep breath allowing my tits to push together in that bra, making me nipples more pronounced. My nipples were standing erect as I thought about what I would like to do with Destiny. She noticed them as I watched her eyes dart from nipple to nipple.

My attention was turned to Sam’s voice as she talked about how soon they planned to build. She glanced at me and her eyes darted to my nipples which caused her to take a brief pause before continuing to talk to mom. She looked back at mom in hopes that her glance was not noticed but as she continued to talk Katie followed her mom and glanced at me also.

After a few more minutes of updates on the build, mom said “we’d better get home, we just finished a run and need to get cleaned up. By the way you are all welcomed to come to the house and visit and swim in our pool anytime you’re here. So bring your suits if you have them or we have some extras or you can swim naked. We have been known to so it’s not a bother.”

I was amazed that she was saying that to these people we just met. They probably think we are pervs or creepers or something and will not want to associate with us at all. Sam said “sounds like a date! We plan on coming up this next week, will it be okay to drop by?”

I was jumping for joy inside and blurted “sure!” before mom had time to say anything. I took that opportunity to look Destiny up and down as my quick response made her look at me. I noticed her nipples were now hard and when I got back to her eyes, the corner of her mouth had a half smile and one eyebrow was raised.

“Settled then” mom said to Sam as they both chuckled to each other. “What day were you all thinking about coming up? Sandy is here all day, she is enjoying her last free summer before college starts. I can take off from the studio so I can be here and we can get to know each other better.”

“Oh, you don’t have to take off from your job for us.” Sam said apologetically.

“No bother, I own the studio, I make my own hours. Besides, it will be nice to have new neighbors, we can celebrate.” mom said in her reassuring voice.

“Then it’s a date, let’s say Tuesday about noon? Is that good?” Sam asked.

“Noon it is then, on Tuesday” mom replied as she looked at all three of them, pausing at Destiny who was biting her lip again. Mom gave her an extra smile then we said goodbye and walked to the house. They returned to the boring construction talk between Joe the builder and Jeff the dad.

As we entered the house, mom began at talk about Tuesday’s visit and reminded me about house rules and company. I told her I was sure that Destiny would want to join our lifestyle based on her checking me out and the looks she gave to mom. “She wants that hot body of yours mom” as I smiled that smile she loves.

“This old thing?” She asked as if to play it down.

“No, that hot thing” I corrected her. “Now let’s get cleaned up” motioning to the bathroom.

Mom followed as we walked and shed our clothes in the process. As we reached the bathroom door, we were naked and in need of a shower. Mom got towels and I turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature of the water. I sat on the toilet and peed as we waited then mom checked the water. It was just right so we both got in. We showered, taking care to ensure each other was clean, spending extra time on our pussies, tits, and asses.

After cleanliness had been achieved, we toweled each other off, covering tits with soft kisses and gentle finger strokes to our damp pussies. The doorbell interrupted our session so I volunteered to answer it.

I opened the front door and at that exact same second, remembered I was naked. There I was, naked, looking at the two girls I had just met. Their mouths dropped as did their eyes to inspect my naked body. I stood there for a minute while they soaked me all in then I said “Katie, Destiny” and snapped my fingers to break their trance.

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“Oh! We are so sorry for staring it’s just…” Katie said as she looked back down at my body. Trying to act like I was not totally mortified at what just happened, I continued to stand right where I was when the door swung open.

“Do you need something?” I asked in hopes they started talking soon. I didn’t want the entire neighborhood to see me, well maybe, but not right this minute.

“Yes. Yes.” Katie got out as she regained her senses. “Could we borrow a bathroom? We were drinking sodas earlier and now we need to pee”

Destiny could only shake her head as she continued to stare at me, mouth still open. “Really!” Katie said as she elbowed Destiny in order to bring her back from staring.

“Sure, come on in, my bathroom is down that hallway, second door on the right” I said as I pointed and led the way. Katie followed me and Destiny shut the door as she entered and followed her sister. I announced our guests as we walked down the hall and the master bedroom door closed as we approached it.

You have to go through my bedroom to get to my bathroom. Katie and Destiny were looking around as if in a tour when we went through it. “Here we are” I pointed to the door, which Katie went through and closed. Destiny had made the full room with her eyes then settled back on my nakedness.

“I should put some clothes on” I stated.

“No, don’t. Can I ask you, do you always walk around your house with no clothes on?” Destiny inquired.

“Yes, we all do” I said before thinking.

“Who is we? You and your mom?” Destiny wondered out loud.

“And my dad too” I said very matter of fact. We have been going naked around the house for several weeks now. She didn’t need to know all the details now, just enough to peak her interest.

“Oh my god! What about when your dad gets…you know…a…” She hesitated.

“An erection?” I asked. I heard the toilet flush about that time. The bathroom door opened almost immediately after that.

“Did you say y’all walk around here naked, all the time?!” Katie asked as she came out of the bathroom buttoning her shorts.

“You heard all of that from in there while you peed?!” I said in shock.

“Yes. And..?” She demanded.

“Yes we do Katie and, Destiny, as far as erections, yes he gets them. Are they a problem? Absolutely not.” I thought, no problem at all, in fact it fits nicely in everything we own.

They both looked at each other, mouths hanging open. “your parents don’t mind if you are naked, even in front of your dad?” Destiny followed up.

“They don’t mind, besides I’m eighteen, I’m grown. What would they say? They are naked too,” I said. “I have the exact same body size and shape as my mom, Tish, and it’s not like he has never seen my body before.”

Destiny said “come in the bathroom with me, I don’t want to miss anything and I really have to pee.”

She turned to go into the bathroom and Katie turned to follow. I was right behind them. I didn’t shut the door in case mom wanted to eavesdrop on us. Destiny turned away from the toilet, unbuttoned her short shorts and put her thumbs in each side to pull them down, right in front of me. As her shorts were being pulled down, it became clear that, not only was she not wearing panties but, she was also as bare as I was.

Destiny had pulled her shorts to her lower thigh as she stood straight up as if to give me a look at her pussy, while pretending to be distracted by me talking. Her pussy lips were small and her inner lips were poking out from within ever so slightly. What a turn on, then she sat and began peeing.

“Okay, so what about your dad’s erections?” Destiny asked as if she wanted to know more.

“Well, just between us, first, my dad is built like a Greek god. He works out almost daily and he has a great tan.” I began to describe him. “He owns a building construction business so he has to stay in shape for his work.

“So is his penis big?” Katie asked very bluntly.

“I call it a cock and yes, it about nine or ten inches long, very thick and his cock head is perfect” I told them.

“Wait, how do you know how big it is? Have you measured it or something? I know I would. I’d probably try to get my hands on it at least” Destiny said as she sat on the toilet. She had finished peeing but continued to sit and listen. As she waited for an answer, she wiped then stood, pussy on display, and continued to stand there not attempting to pull her shorts up,

I looked down at her pussy and licked my lips. When I caught myself, I looked back at her eyes and one of her eyebrows jumped as if giving me an invitation. She took a finger and ran it down her slit before reaching to the side and pulling her shorts back up. Not one time did she lose eye contact with me. I felt my pussy start to get wet.

Katie had moved to wash her hands so she didn’t get to see this exchange between us. I’m glad because she may have stopped her or she may have pulled her out of the house and told their mom.

“We have to go but we will definitely talk more Tuesday” Destiny said as we left the bathroom. Katie had walked ahead to the front door so Destiny and I were several feet behind. Before we made it to the bedroom door, Destiny turned to me and said “I love the shape of your pussy” and slid a finger in me quickly.

I froze in shock as she withdrew it and stuck it in her mouth to suck it clean. “Mmm, you taste sweet” Destiny said after she released her finger, then turned and walked out the front door behind her sister.

As the front door shut, I was jarred back to reality. “What just happened? Was I dreaming just now?” I thought in my head as I looked around to see if it really happened. I went into my bathroom and the sink was wet. “Wet!” I thought and I put a finger to my pussy slit. Sure enough, I was wet. I went back to the front of the house and looked out a window and there were two vehicles sitting next door.

I walked back to the master bedroom and opened the door to find mom riding dad’s cock. She was massaging her tits and her head was arched back as she was swept away in sexual bliss. I walked to the foot of the bed and watched as my two favorite people became one in this most beautiful act. I lowered myself so that my upper body was resting between dad’s feet. From this vantage point, I could see mom’s pussy taking dad’s cock down to its base. As she rose from his cock, I could see her juices coating his shaft and run down to his balls.

I sat quietly for a few minutes and as my own desire took over, I shoved two of my fingers into my empty aching pussy. I imagined dad’s cock where my fingers were dancing on my g spot. I took my thumb and started making circles around my slit hood. It didn’t take long to reach a sexual level that is just short of orgasm. I eased off my clit as I wanted to last as long as my parents did.

As mom picked up her pace, she looked over her shoulder at me and smiled as she extended her hand. With my free hand, I took her hand but continued fingering my pussy with my other hand. She squeezed my hand letting me know she was close so I stepped up my pace.

“Ah…fill me with your cockmom said as she buried dad’s cock deep.

“I’m cumming Tish!” dad said as he matched her thrust with his own.

I buried my face in the bed as I screamed as I came. “Fuck me!” I never lost the grip on mom’s hand while my orgasm flooded my body. I violently humped the bed with my fingers buried to the hilt.

As my orgasm subsided, I looked up to see dad’s cock still buried in mom’s pussy and some of his cum oozing out. I also noticed mom’s asshole sort of wink at me. A new desire was flamed within me.

Mom collapsed next to dad and more cum oozed out of her spent pussy. I scrambled up on the bed and attacked her pussy so I could eat their mixed juices before they were lost in the sheets. She grabbed the back of my head as I gobbled every last drop. Mom successful had another orgasm from my cleaning session with her.

Looking up at her when I finished, juice was all over my mouth. They pulled me up to them, kissing and licking me clean. After they finished cleaning me, I told them we need to talk.

I explained what happened with Destiny in my room from her showing me her bare pussy to sucking my juice from her finger. They sat quietly for a few minutes before mom asked “so how did they react about Robert?”

I looked at her “you heard!?”

“You left the door open, I assumed that was so I could eavesdrop and I did” mom said. “I gotta say listening to you explain it to them really got me going so I had Robert satisfy my urge.”

“Well” I started “I think I sent Destiny over the edge and it caused her to react to do what she did. She shocked me when she turned and stuck her finger in my wet pussy. It was very bold and sexy. I think she will fit in with us nicely and her pussy looked yummy.” A smile stretched across my face. I looked forward to having new neighbors.

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