Goddess Parvati Fucks Her Young Ganesha

Author’s Note : The characters in this story bear no relation to any individual alive or dead. If religious content disturbs you, please stop reading. All characters are adults over the age of 18. Parvati woke up to the most wonderful feeling in the world. A warm, ticklish feeling near her genitals. One of the

Father in law

As far back as i can remember my dad had been real handsey with me especially if he thought i was asleep. When i turned 7 it started to turn into more than just rubbing on me and he started using my mouth. At 10 he made my drunk mom get in on it and

Daddy satisfies everyone including new neighbors

Saturdays at our house were usually filled with “to do lists” for each of us. Things we couldn’t or didn’t get done during the week, for whatever reason. (Read prev story) When I opened my eyes from a blissful night’s sleep, my mind flooded with all the sexual events that I had taken part in

I Hope That We Both Have Girls

I can’t say that I’m really surprised when Danielle handed me divorce papers. Our lives were completely turned upside down ever since that night, when she woke up to find me dumping my load into our 16-year-old daughter. Lindsey had come immediately to my defense. Trying to explain, that it was something that she wanted,

Married sister Tony : part-02

Hello readers, My elder sister have enjoyed lot of physical love with me as I got immense pleasure with him.now we both are going to his hubby’s home as I have to make her journey safe and comfortable.we both are in a cab as my mom is with me to give her daughter a nice

Mother and son: Try me

Mother and son family taboo incest sex story… I came home from riding my bike in the scorching midday sun, feeling heated and a little dehydrated. It was my own fault; with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, it might not have been the most ideal time of day for outdoor exercise, but I was a