Father in law

As far back as i can remember my dad had been real handsey with me especially if he thought i was asleep. When i turned 7 it started to turn into more than just rubbing on me and he started using my mouth. At 10 he made my drunk mom get in on it and by time i turned 12 my dad had taken my ass and tried to stick more than just his head of his dick in my pussy which lead to my mom finally sober enough to send me to live with my granny.

Unfortunately she lived 4 houses down from my parents at the time and my dad had a key to her house, so yes several nights i would be woken up to my dads hand rubbing on me before him pushing his dick into my mouth.

At 14 i ran away with my boyfriend who was 3 years older than me and after us staying with several different family members of his we ended up staying with his parents.
Turns out his dad was just like mine and had a thing for young girls.
At first he would just stare at me like i was a peice of meat he couldnt wait to sink his teeth into.
Now john my boyfriend is a walking hard on. We had sex 5 or 6 times when he came home from work and before he left in the mornings. Some days on his lunch break he would come home just to fuck before going back to work. So needless to say i slept in a really short cotton night shirt with nothing on under it.

So the first time anything happened with elisha johns dad. I was home alone and still in bed when i heard the bedroom door open and close. I figured it was john coming home for a quickie.
I was on my side facing the wall, arm laying on my side on top of the sheet.

I kept my eyes closed as i felt a hand take mine and picking it up pulling back towards him. I started having flash backs of my dad as he wrapped my fingers around his hard cock and using his to make my hand hold a grip around his dick as he slowly pumped his dick in our hands.

It didnt feel like johns dick, this one was alittle thicker, not as long as johns. I squeezed my eyes tight pretending to be asleep as his pace quickened and i heard grunts right as he drops my hand.

I start squinting and peeking to see and i see johns dad open the door and walk out.

Now thoughts run through my mind should i tell john, what would happen if i told him. I hadnt even told him about my past with my family. I knew john was very jealous and he had a quick temper. If i told him who would he beleave. So i decided to keep my mouth shut. After all i was used to this type of stuff.

After that and over the next month elisha would sneak into our room when i was home asleep by myself and use my hand to jack off. After the third time he got braver and started rubbing his free hand on my hips or around my ass while he jerked off. It was becoming my new normal in away.
But one morning i had been sick with a cold and i was really out of it. I was running fever and was really hot so i didnt have the covers over me when elisha crept into my room. To make it more awkward i was on my back and from all the moving around trying to get comfortable my short gown haf risen up kinda high. As i peeked at elisha standing there stareing at me wide eyed. I started to cover my self but i didnt want him knowing i was awake. He turns walking out of the room leaving the door open. Few seconds later he returned and says michelle are you awake. Again he says are you awake. I say nothing. He reaches out pulling on my foot and saying michelle are you awake just want to check on you. It dawns on me while he is pulling on my feet he is actually spreading my legs wider apart.

As he puts hus knee on the bed and starts slowly moving up between my legs i have the sudden urge to move away from him or kick him off the bed But i freeze and dont move.
He slowly pushes my legs futher apart as feel his breath on my thighs. Then his tounge warm and wet touch my clit. I shutter as he starts licking and sucking on my pussy. I stay still squeeze my eyes shut as he pushes his tounge inside me and sucks. I can feel the bed moving as elisha eats my pussy. The movement getting faster and faster till i hear him grunt and i know he just came.

Slowly he eases off the bed and i see him stroking his dick a few more times before putting it in his pants and walking out the room.
After that he became really friendly with me, buying me stuff and always asking if i needed anything. I was worried someone would figure something out but they didnt.

I let him eat me out a few more times till he got alittle to brave and started pushing his fingers into me and after that i went back to laying on my side under the covers when i was home alone.
Just as luck happens john came in and tells he got laid off but had already got another job. Only down side is it was over nights. To me that was good news, meant john would be home during the day and his mom home at night so elisha wouldnt be able to come mess with me any more.

I felt safe and started sleeping good at night. So when i woke up to someone getting into bed with me and sliding up behind me placing his hand on my thigh running up my hips pushing my gown up over my hips.
I figured it was john home on his lunch break for a quickie. So i relaxed as his dick poked between by cheeks and his hand pushed on my back to get me to lean forward and arch my ass back towards him more.
I was already getting wet as his head slowly enters me and stops. I feel his head swell up throbbing and then slowly push in more.
As he enters deeper into me he places his hand on my hip and squeezes tightly. Its different some how feels thicker.
Just as i cum he pulls out till just his head is in and slams forward, again and again he rams his hardness into me. His pace quickens getting faster and i climax again. He’s getting faster as he slams into me again holding still deep as he can get. His cock is swelling and throbbing and i hear “dam little girl your pussybis so fucking wet and tight ”
My eyes jerk open its elisha. I pull forward trying to get away from him and tell him to stop and to get away from me. He tightens his grip on my hip a d as i pull forward he pushes me twisting me onto my stomach.

His dick slides out as he is now laying ontop of me.. Im in shock how could he be so stupid. He pushes the back of my head down into my pillow and whispers into my ear ” shut up you little cock tease, i knew you were awake ” Get off me elisha now. ” i said shut up.” He starts rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks the more i wiggle around to keep him from getting inside me.

” its not going to take me much longer so lift your ass up so i can finish” No get off me ass HOLE or i will tell john.

“Go ahead and ill tell him how you let me eat your pussy and jacked me off. I know you were not asleep ”

As i think what john might do if he beleaves his dad i slowly lift my ass and elisha slides back into me with ease. He waste no time now fucking me faster a d harder. As i cum i feel ashamed.

“Thats a good little girl, i knew you were gonna have some tight ass pussy. John sure knows how to pick em” he starts pulling me hips back to meet his thrust forward, harder and faster he slams in again holding still deep as he can a d i feel him throbbing i know he is about to cum as he grunts with each push deeper.

Dont cum in me ass HOLE but its to late i feel him shoot and feel my pussy.

I lay still as he gets out of the bed. He leaves the room without saying a word.

I jump up running to the bathroom and clean myself. I cant beleave it.

As soon as john got home he snuggled up to me. I wanted to tell him what his dad done and i wanted to let him know his dad came inside me. But i was worried how he would react and who he would beleave. So i just kept my mouth shut.
As we layed there he tells me that his job wanted him to go out of town for a week and i could go stay with my granny if i wanted.

A week turned into 2 and when he finally came home i talked him into us staying with my granny.

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