Betrayed Husbands Anonymous

I looked at him, it didn’t sound right. “The opposite of a victim is not really a victor, is it?”

“Winners and losers.” He stopped to assess if I was with him. “Between husband and wife, one is a victim the other the victor. Our group doesn’t involve the betrayed, but we call them victors, anyway. That aside, this is getting to be a large group, there is much involved. We have a group who finds betrayed husbands, a group that arranges meetings, a group that plans, and a group that executes the mostly legal revenge.”


“You suggest more questions than you provide answers. I paid a lot of money, but it is a pittance toward the work you described. Are all these people volunteers?”

“I never thought about that. I can’t tell you much because I don’t know much. Everyone I know is a volunteer. I do know there are some who are not, but who and how many, I have no idea.”


Chuck’s pre-prison life left him with a personal fortune. He was happy to spend some of that fortune avenging the wrongs of cheating wives. His idea of a support group was great. There were plenty of husbands who wanted revenge but lacked the ability or the balls to carry it out. There was also an endless supply of felons, addicts, and other miscreants to execute the crimes. The tricky part was finding someone to create a plan to be executed — a hungry criminal will do anything for money, just not very well.

Another thing at which Chuck had excelled was planning. He decided the way to enable his support group with an endless supply of thugs and henchmen was to form a legitimate company, which in turn, could carry out various and nefarious tasks. Chuck found a couple of partners and formed Bright Edge Capital, whose purpose was to provide venture capital to new, emerging technology companies.

Chuck’s two partners were brilliant young guys, who needed capital, themselves, to get started. Chuck provided all the money for a 40% ownership, his partners holding 30% each. They thought it a great deal, they were the partners and held 60% of the vote. They had no problem with Chuck operating his small, “skunk works” on the side.

At the weekly partnership meetings Chuck was very helpful to the two entrepreneurs, who could tend to get too excited about some concept, which had no real chance to make money. They were also very “helpful” to Chuck, paying almost no attention to anything his skunk works was doing. It was a match made in heaven, with an unknown to most, dark, dark side.

One legitimate business the skunk works undertook was a multi-city detective agency. The revenge business would need private investigators, who might as well do work for others, as well.

The second business Chuck established was Perfect Project Planning. There were so many small businesses in need of temporary help to: build their new offices; install major office equipment; set up an accounting system; and a variety of similar tasks. Perfect was also a place from which to pay planners of revenge.

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