Betrayed Husbands Anonymous

“I hope he didn’t get them from my soon to be ex.” I laughed.

“You will get a kick out of this. His wife was no longer willing to sit and pretend not to know of his philandering and decided to get a little on the side, herself. Being a neophyte, she contracted the diseases and gave them to her husband.


“Her fuck-buddy, as it turns out was the man your wife is involved with. He was infected by some person who seduced him, oddly just as you wished. From there it is unclear. He, of course fucked your wife and the boss’s wife. Your wife also fucked the boss. So, you would need timing information and who knows what else to actually know who gave what to whom. But, the wife, being no fool, accused her cheating husband, who in turn blames your wife.”

“Oh, that’s sweet.” I could not have been happier. “Sounds like she is the victim in this and ends up wearing the shame of the ‘perp’. I’m sure her boyfriend is not going to volunteer he is fucking the boss’s wife.” I could not contain my glee. “Gee, I feel bad for her.”

Chuck was smiling, too, “Yes, I can see you are heart-broken; maybe in time you will get over it.”

“Well, I hope not, but we will see.”

“Unfortunately, it gets worse for her. The wife is the daughter of a past CEO of the company. She has complained to the company head quarters and all of them are going to lose their jobs. It is going to take corporate a couple of weeks to get replacement personnel, so this mass dismissal is unknown to anyone local. It is a great time for you to quit your job and disappear.”

“Well, I have wanted to go out on my own for a while now. But I can’t see how I could possibly do that. I have to get established in a strange city, that could take years.”

“More good news. I am a mid-level manager in a company, Perfect Project Planning. I have a certain amount of latitude, the owners don’t pay attention to what I do, only how much I make. I can offer you a job. Some of what you do would be for Perfect, some of what you do would be for Betrayed Husbands Anonymous, but paid by Perfect, and some of what you do would be for yourself and paid by Perfect.”

“Chuck, being honest, I don’t want to get involved in criminal activity. The guy I saw the other day wanted his wife to die in a foreign brothel. I can’t say whether she deserves such a fate, but I can’t be the one to condemn her to it.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Our part of the victors has nothing to do with anything illegal. Well, that’s not 100% true. Your wish was that people got STDs; it turns out they did. If someone did something to cause that, I suspect it is a crime.”

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