Becoming his toy -3

Hi friends,

I am back with the story of my slavery for you all to enjoy. If you have not yet read my previous journey please read part 1 and part 2 of the story.


Getting back to my situation.. till now i told you how he took me to his appartment and introduced me to my new life with a little bit of teaser. Continuing to that day..

He had already assaulted my nipple with the vaccum vibrator on them and was amused with the flood which was coming out of my pussy. He went to his drawer and took out a pink vibrator which had a long thin extension. He held me by my neck and made me lie down on the bed. Opened my legs wide and pushed it deep inside me. It slided all thw way inside given all the lubrication from the assault on my nipples. I was already on the verge of my another organsm when suddenly my pussy got a shock when the vibrator inside was turned on. He set the frequency to maximum and enjoyed me shivering and dancing on his bed naked. And then and there i squirted again letting all of my excitement flow out of my pussy infront of him. His eyes wandering over my womanhood, it seemed like those eyes were proudly telling me your body belongs to me and you will be exploited to the full capacity. I loved that look. I was loving each second of the assault and orgasms he gave me without even touching me yet. I couldnt imagine what his dick was gonna do to me. I dozed off there naked with nipples still being sucked on by the mini devil machines and pussy still buzzing like anything. I woke up 20 minutes later to another orgasm and to my pleasure my mouth was full with his dick in my mouth and ass streched out with a butt plug nipples now had clamps and pussy was still vigourously vibrating. With his dick in my mouth i moaned another orgasm. And started sucking him. He was in deep sleep yet his dick was hard like a rod. After about 15 minutes of sucking him he woke up and held my head and pushed his sperm in my throat. Ididnt like the taste but couldnt spit it out as his dick was still in my mouth so i gulped it down. It felt dirty and veryyy kinky.. he then turned me down, my pussy facing him. He pulled the vibrator and clamps away with one pull and i screamed in pain. Ohh he enjoyed it so much. Both his hands started massaging my already sore nipples and he dug his face between my legs. His teeth assaulting my clit and tongue licking the hole which he was about to ruin…

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He made me come again with his beastly assault and i lay there each part in pain and full of pleasure. I was so horny and he knew that. He waited no more. He climed on top of me. Pulled on breast to his mouth. Started sucking it like a baby and with no mercy on my body he with one push inserted his monster inside me. It was too big for my pussy to not pain and i screamed. With another hand he continued assaulting another nipple while chewing one with his teeth and tongue. Ohhh it felt a mixture of pain and pleasure and it was divine. He kept changing breasts and continued to tear my pussy for 25 minutes, i came 4 times and finally he decided to fill my pussy with his juice. He pushed deep in me and sprayed his juices all inside me and kept pinching and pullinv my nipples like they were rubber bands or some stress toys for him. He slept on top of me with his dick in me so that his juice wont flow out. I enjoyed this assault and took that moment to digest the fact that now my body was going to be treated this way everyday and every moment of each day. I was happy and full and satisfied. I had always wanted to be abused sexually and finally i was getting my dreams true.

The next part i will tell u my incounter with 4 of his friends and how they used me for 3 nights continuously and how i started lactating.

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