Becoming his toy – 2

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I am back with another part of my story of becoming a toy he plays with. My name is harshita, for those who are new please read the first part also.


The next morning i shifted to his flat with my suitcase and lots of hopes of being ploughed abundantly to his satisfaction. I always have this feeling to be abused by my lover sexually that makes me hornier and drives my sex urges to another level.

As we reached he drove straight to the garrage. I was wearing a salwar suit to look decent yet slutty with the tight fitting and low cut front and even deep lower cut back. No bra anf no panties on as he demanded me.. we went upstairs to his flat which was a big 3 bhk with giant glass window with a lake view just infrnt of us.. the rooms were quite big. He kept my luggage in the master room and showed me last room which had so many of my pictures all mostly highlighted my cleavage and curves.. i asked him – “where did u get these from?” He smiled came close grabbed both my nipples tightly pulled me closer and said – ” i saw the look in your eyes everytime we crossed each other. I couldnt take my mind off u from the first day i saw u and your body kept inviting me to play with it. U r sexy and i love that about u. I used to take your pictures secretly whenever i had a chance. These helped me a lot in the last two years but now your body is mine n i wont need tonjerk off to your pictures anymore.” He was pinching my nipples harder n harder with each word he said continuously pulling them like a cow. Ohhh i loved it so much..

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His words made me so wet n horny n he knew it by just my expressions. But he smiled and said – “a little more of settling you down at my place and then you will have your hole filled all the time..” i nodded. He intimidated me so much i spoke more by nodds n smiles and rarely in words arround him.

He removed my dupatta and kept in away. He told me this room was our play room when we will have guests over whom he will let to play with me infront of him. I was a little worried but he assured me saying that will be very controlled and guided session and only in his presence. I nodded. He then brought me back to the master room and asked me to leave all my dresses in the bag except bras n panties. He asked me to take all the bras n panties out. I did so. He one by one cut the covering cloth of all my lingeries into a heart shape except two of the pairs which were already see through lacy lingerie. I stayed silently there looking at him designing my dresses for me. After he was done he demanded me to take the panty out of my pussy which he had put in last night. I went naked infront of him and he put his fingers inside me. And pulled the panties out. He then threw me on the bed and started feasting on my pussy like a kitten licks milk. Sucking and bitting my clit as it it was a candy. Ohhh that made me soooo horny i couldnt control n my hands went to his head and pushed him down on my pussy even more. He understood my needs and started sucking even more savagely and inserted 3 fingers at a time inside my pussy. I moaned like there is no one listenning pulling my own nipples. He made me so wet that there was no pain in 3 fingers being inside me. He felt i needed more and he put in his 4th finfger as well. I couldnt take it and started screaming in pain but of no use. His hands grabbed me tightly and continued the exploring.. after 20 minutes of eating me i came 3 times. He smiled and told me – “i like giving you multiple orgasms . Your pussy looks happy now. But what about your boobs..” i asked “play with them too. Make them happy.” He smiled and pinched both my nipples and pulled me up with it. I sat. He went to his drawrs and brought two small sucking vibrators. And placed one on each nipple with vaccum and set the vibrating to max. I couldnt control my scream and started getting wet from the pulling pressure on my nipples. Part 3 next…
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