Three years ago, my wife Jean 32 liked to experiment with sex, outdoors, roleplay and some flashing. Jean was working at a landscaping business and was spoilt by her boss Ron who was 55 .
Ron haad a son who was 20 and was very shy, he was well built and good looking but had not experience with girls. Ron told Jean he would love to get Kenny laid and was thinking of paying a woman to fuck him!
Jean came home and told me about their conversation, I kissed her and asked if she would do it with Kenny? Jean barked at me and said she could never do that!
I kissed her and as we fucked and she had an Orgasm I asked her again if she would help the young guy? Jean said she would but she did not want me to think her a slut!

I told her she should invite Kenny to our Holiday shack on the pretence of fishing for the weekend! Jean went to work and told Ron she would have sex with Kenny and about our plans. Ron said he would give us $5,000 for the service and he would be very grateful for this.
Jean then invited Kenny to come with us that weekend, Kenny seemed excited to go to our shack with us. She bought sexy undies and she also bought condoms because she was not on birth control after my vasectomy.

We all drove to our shack on the friday night, Kenny was shy at first but soon got to chatting away. I made him feel welcome and we hd some scotch before he brought out some smoke. The three of us smoked a couple of joints before the subject turned to sex.
Jean asked how many girls he had sex with? He blushed and said he had not had sex at all! Jean then asked if he would like to have sex with her? Kenny looked at me and I smiled then nodded approval.

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Kenny said he found her very sexy but was nervous about her proposal! Jean lead forward and kissed him and told him she wanted him to fuck her.
We drank more scotch and had another smoke before I headed off to bed leaving them alone. Kenny put his arm around Jean and they kissed, they kissed for several minutes before he cupped her tits and she rubbed his cock over his shorts.
Jean then undid his shorts and took his cock out, she was amazed at his size, he was 9″ and very fat. She knelt on the floor and took his big cock into her mouth and sucked him.
Kenny removed her top and her bra, he then played with her tits as she sucked away on his big cock. Jean then stood up and led him off to his bedroom where she undressed herself and then him.

She lay on the bed as he licked and sucked on her body, she instructed him all the way. She got him to lick her pussy and she reached her first Orgasm. He then moved up on top of her and rubbed his big knob against her wet pussy.

Jean guided his cock into her, forgeting to put on a condom. Kenny fucked her for over 15 minutes and she had several Orgasm’s. Jean was begging him to fuck her harder as he sped up and pushed deeper into her wet pussy.
Kenny told her he was going to cum and she pulled him into her as he pumped gallons of hot seed deep into her womb. Jean then realised she had taken him bareback and could get pregnant.
Kenny was still hard and started to fuck her again as she exploded again with a fearce Orgasm. They fucked for another 10 minutes before he once again filled her belly with his fertile seed.
Over the weekend they fucked all the time, sometimes infront of me and sometimes outside on the beach. Jean slept with kenny that weekend and fucked him every day at work. They would fuck in the Tool shed in the yard at work every lunch time, each time she let him cum inside her.
After two months of this Jean became pregnant and Ron gave us a lot of money to take care of the baby for the next few years.
After Jean gave birth she ended up fucking Ron when she returned to work but went on birth control. Kenny also came over to our place on weekends and they fuck all the time. Some times Jean is naked all day and lets Kenny take her when ever he wants her.
Jean is now 35 and wants to get pregnant again so we decided she should go off the pill and let Ron and Kenny both fuck her bareback until she is pregnant again.

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