Beautiful wife finds that sex outside of marriage can be fun

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Beautiful wife finds that sex outside of marriage can be fun, Lacy Hawthorne was raised in a small southern town. Everything about her upbringing was conservative. She played soccer, softball and basketball in high school. In the summers she swam in the city pool. Her parents were strict and very religious. The congregation of her church were mostly country people and for this size town everyone was close to country. The preacher knew how to fan the flames when he preached and railed about divorce, homosexuality and anything else deemed “sinful”. Every girl in her class had taken the virginity vow which meant that they were to save themselves for their husbands. Interestingly enough, the girls did not talk much about sex. They commented on boys that they said were “hot” or handsome. They would never share details with each other for fear of being labeled a slut. Divulging anything about sex could come back to haunt if it got out. Even heavy petting was a sin.

Lacy did well in school and went off to a major college Maryland. After her freshman year she was asked to join a sorority. She was actually recruited by several sororities. There was no doubt why. She had blossomed into a stunning blonde. She was five feet, six inches tall, gorgeous and smart. Growing up, no one treated her as a great beauty. She was pretty, all right, but her athleticism and intellect were the centerpieces of her personality. But, now she was coming into her own. Still a virgin, she was nonetheless coveted by just about every red blooded male she came in contact with. She had many dates the second year especially, but soon became known as Miss Frigid. She even heard other girls whispering when she walked by. Sometimes she would hear slightly muted calls of “Ice Queen” behind her back.

She hardly talked to any of her new friends about this because she had not grown up sharing feelings and secrets about lovers. Her closest sorority sisters treated her well, but did not share intimated details of their sex life with her as they did with each other. However in some regard the sorority helped her develop socially and along with her unmistakable beauty, she began to blossom into a more rounded college sophomore.

It was that summer that she spent two weeks with one of her best friends in the sorority. Her friend had a boyfriend back home who went to a different college. They were doing the long distance relationship until they could spend holidays and summers together. The boyfriend worked part time for spending money, so the girls had plenty of time to bond. One night, Lacy and her girlfriend went over to the boyfriend’s apartment. They decided to stay in and watch a movie. The couple got into a good natured argument about what type of movie they were going to rent, so they ended up going out together to get one.

Lacy volunteered to stay back at the apartment and wait on delivery of a giant pizza. While she waited she started browsing the apartment until she found a copy of Penthouse Letters. Out of curiosity, she picked it up and began reading some of the stories. The stories told of illicit sexual adventures, infidelity, homosexuality and just about anything you could imagine. She read nervously for fear that her friend would come back and catch her reading such filth. However, she felt a strange nervous warmth in her stomach and could not seem to put the book down. As she flipped pages, she idly began to move her free hand to her shorts. She had masturbated some in high school, but like most Bible belt girls, had the decency to ask God for forgiveness afterward.

Her junior year she met Jeff. They were introduced by mutual friends who though it would be a good match because both were very studious and conservative. They dated for a year and a half before having sex. Everything was very proper and satisfying. After graduation they got married and Jeff entered law school. Lacy went to work in human resources at a large corporation. After law school, Jeff was hired by a large law firm and began the regular 80 – 100 hour work weeks. Their sex life while never a scorching event anyway, became even less so. Lacy worked out five times a week at the company recreational facility. She was busy working and tried to stay busy to make up for her husband being gone so much.

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