Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son (episode 4)

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Bathing Mom pepping tenant’s son episode 4

In continuation of above episode part 3, mom caught with tenant’s son venki during their wild play.

Mom felt guilty and confessed that will not continue. So considering the family’s welfare I not enquired much but my mind often remembered their amazing fuck.
I don’t want to further encourage it.

After a month later myself and mom went for a marriage at nearby village for one of our tenant’s daughter marriage by 2 wheeler.
At marriage unexpectedly we noticed venki.I teased mom saying your boyfriend also came for marriage, Mom terrifyingly looked me and moved from there.
Venki tried avoid me to face and hided in crowd but tried to propose my mom whenever she was alone.
Mom avoided him.

Since its a village marriage more delay happened to complete.

So its very late night to start.During depature from marriage venki came to me and requested to travel along with us in 2 wheeler as its late since no buses to home location.
I saw mom for permission but she signaled not to take him.I covinced her to give him a lift as situation was she accepted with hesitation.
Venki suggested mom to sit at middle by putting both legs on each side as at end of seat bike was very small. mom questioned wearing saree how possible to sit middle with both legs on each side.

He requested to fold her saree upto knee and asked her to getin the bike.Mom glared at him in anger.
I encouraged his suggestion acting as in safety point of view. Mom grumbled something, looking around further and started to lift her saree bottom for folding.
Venki commented no worry aunty its just like u do at home.
Mom once again glared him in tense.

No Aunty you normally do cloth washing in that manner so I said in that way in terrified voice.

Mom with some reluctant mind raised her saree upto knees.As I said my mom posture just looking similar like actress pavitra devi .Her milky legs in dark night too glared much.
I seated first in bike then mom tried to get in.As step in was high venki acted as if supporting her to get in by holding her both under arms to lift her but he rubs her huge tits in the meantime during lifting as if by accident.
Mom once again glared him. He murmerd his intention to support her.Then he seated behind her.

Bike started. As it was village route and late night road was almost empty. Venki started his mischievous play with mom within a 5 minutes start of travel. He first kept his hand holding her half covered bare hip.
Mom tapped his hands but he keeps on trying.

At one point she accepted his hand holding. Then he inserted his hands inside her saree and started to scratch her bare hip and then her belly.
Mom just holded his hand but he resisted and continued his play. As he is more stronger than mom she can’t able to hold.
She keep on glaring at him.He doesn’t consider that and proceed his hands invasion on her physical parts.

In his one hand started to insert his one finger in her bare belly hole and another hand inserted in her inskirt and started to scratch bare milky tighs.
Mom understands his anger doesn’t works and requested in husky voice please leave her dont do as my son in front off me.

She imagine as bike is running her voice can’t be heard in wind noise but my full focus on rear whats happening on back.
Venki noded as if nothing myself can’t understand as he was busy in riding.
He started to squeeze her boobs with blouse and another hand scratching near her pelvis.

He leaned his head at her neck and started to kiss and lick.
Mom just holding his both hands not able to resist in helpless condition stayed calm.
She just tries to manage as if nothing happening at backside.
Venki unhooked her blouse bottom and pulled her bra up to her boobs and started to play with her milky boobs and nipples.

Mom shivered with lust and light fear.
He then reached her ass hole and started to finger fuck.
Now mom started to respond him.
He pulled her saree up and started to scratch his cock in her butts crack.He started stroking in the crack of her butt.
I can able to feel their vibration during riding the cant able to control moaning.

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