A mother and son experience

When Andrew was younger everyone said he looked exactly like his father but this wasn’t necessarily true. Sure, he shared his Dad’s general build, his impressively wide shoulders, but now at eighteen it was increasingly evident that he got the lion’s share of his looks from his mother, In particular her eyes and high cheek bones. This very thought occurred to him as he was flicking through some vacation photos before bed.

His finger lingered over one photo in particular. He’d walked out of their hotel room and caught Katie, his mother in a moment of deep contemplation. He’d been momentarily stunned by her beauty and felt compelled to snap the picture. In the picture she was leaning against a palm tree, looking forlornly out at the rising tide. She’d been wearing a yellow sundress and her shapely figure was bathed in the golden light of the dying sun. How could they be so much alike but see the world so differently? His mother had everything going for her, looks, brains, the whole package, but she always played it safe, never taking any chances in life. Andrew, on the other hand, was always looking for the next big challenge.

He touched the screen, zooming in closer on her face. Her dark eyes, delicate chin, and rosy red lips took up the entire screen. There was an undefinable quality in her expression that made her look beautiful but troubled, like a goddess in contemplation or a woman with a wounded soul.


He heard the creaking of hall floorboards. Smiling to himself, he tossed his tablet onto the nearby nightstand, snugged up his boxers, and adjusted his angle on the bed so that his back was against the headboard.

“Hey got a second slugger?” his mother whispered, tiptoeing into his room.

Andrew’s face lit up when he realized she had just taken a shower, her usually straight shoulder length hair framing her heart shaped face in damp blond curls. He liked the wet look.

“Sure Mom, No Problem!”

She shushed him, and pulled the door shut behind her.

She was dressed for bed, sporting a simple nightshirt over a pair of white cotton panties. At 5’3″, 129 lbs. his thirty-eight year old Mother’s clothing choice did little to mask the curve appeal of her petite frame. If anything it accentuated them. As she moved to squat by his side her shirt rode up at her waist, causing the top to billow out, affording Andrew the perfect view of her cleavage.

“Why are we whispering?” he asks, fairly certain he already knew at least part of the answer.

“Your Dad’s watching TV, and I thought it was a good time for us to have a talk.”

“About?” Andrew asked raising an eyebrow. He was trying to play it cool even though he was tense with anticipation he kept his body relaxed. He felt like his heart was going explode out of his chest any second.

“About what you asked me earlier,” she blushed. “I should have given you an answer, not walked off in a huff. You caught me by surprise.” She said in a calm soothing voice as she took his hand in a practiced motherly manner and continued; “We can’t do that. I’m sorry. I know there’s been a strange uhm… energy between us lately, but no. Just no, Honey”

“But Mom-!”

“I can’t teach you those kinds of things.”

“What gives? I thought we were close, that you of all people would understand!”

A confused look fluttered across her face, “Me of all people? What are you talking about?” she asked.

“I can see what’s happening. You and dad have no kind of relationship. You guys don’t even sleep in the same bed most nights.”

“What does my and your father’s relationship have to do with anything?” she said, deflecting; “You’re a kid, you don’t understand the repercussions of what you’re asking me to do. Messing around with someone you’re related to, even just touching. If people found out they’d call it perverted, or worse, incest!”

“Mom, we’re both adults! Guys my age are hooking up with girls all the time, I’m just curious about an older woman’s body. What’s the harm in letting me just touch your breast? It’s not that big of a deal!”

“No, you’re not a kid anymore,” she conceded, “and one day you’ll find the perfect girl and the two of you can figure everything out together. That’s how it’s supposed to work.”

“You weren’t listing. I’ve been with girls and done stuff?”

“Stuff?” this time it was his mother’s turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Yes Stuff. But they were all athletic-y, tall types. None of them have what you’ve got, what I might be missing out on! How would I know?”

“What do I have?” his mother said, giving him a flat look.

Andrew realized he’d stumbled into dangerous territory. “I don’t know? Something different, for one you’ve got…” Andrew trailed off. He was letting her get him worked up. He stood up. He was almost a head taller than his mother.

“How about this and this for starters!” As he spoke, he placed his right hand on her left hip and the other on her right breast.

His mother let out a startled breath, but didn’t step away. Underneath his hand he felt her nipple growing suddenly hard.

She took his wrist as if to pull his hand away, but instead crushed it tighter between them and leaned in, closer.

“You know this is wrong,” she whispered standing on tiptoes and nuzzling the side of his face with her own.

Andrew craned his neck, catching his mother’s dark eyes, trying to tell if she was messing with him, and was pleased by what he saw smoldering in their depths.

“Wrong doesn’t always mean bad,” He whispered back.

Returning his gaze, she gave a small nod and her nostrils flared. Their lips were mere centimeters apart. Andrew could feel his mother’s hot breath on his chin, and experienced and overpowering need touch her skin.

They had both been feeling the same primal pull, but Andrew had been the only one brave enough to take the first steps.

“Just touching?” Andrew asked in a breathless whisper.

Their lips brushed, their mouths opened, they began to kiss.

There was a noise at the door.

Startled his mother took a nervous step away and cleared her throat.

Andrew’s Dad, Philip barged into the room unannounced. A balding middle age man, he was shorter than Andrew but taller than his mother.

Andrew’s Dad stood a little unsteady on his feet; He didn’t seem to notice the awkward silence or the guilty look on their faces.

“There you guys are. What the hell are you doing up here?” he bellowed and then, without missing a beat, “Never mind.” He drunkenly surveyed the room as if looking for ninjas hiding in the corners. “I’m out-a beer Katie, you know where the extra beers are?”

“Did you check the refrigerator in the carport?” his mother replied, her voice cold.

Andrew’s Dad sneezed and wiped his nose off on his own sleeve. “First place I looked.”

“I don’t know then, I guess there all gone,” his mother’s shoulders slumped, defeated.

“I’m going to hit the bar then, grab a few with the guys. Wanna get dressed and come along? It’s been forever since they’ve seen me with a pretty lady on my arm,” he said, like the idea had only just occurred to him. But it was evident to everyone in the room that this wasn’t the case. This same scenario had played out many times before.

Andrew’s Mother gave his Dad a nasty look. “It’s late. Why don’t you stay home with us? I’ll grab a new six pack from the store tomorrow,” she growled, “besides you’ve already been drinking. You shouldn’t drive.”

“Naaaa. I’m heading out you judgmental bitch. I’ll grab an Uber at the end of the road. Your loss.”

With that he turned and lumber back out not othering to close Andrew’s door.

They stood in awkward silence until they heard the front door open and slam shut. His Mother started to say something but Andrew spoke up first, “how long do you think he’ll be gone this time?”

“Hours probably,” she replied, her tone dry.

“Ah, where were we then?”

“You’re really not going to let this go are you?”

“We were just starting to get somewhere. P-P-Plleease! You felt it too. Don’t pretend you didn’t. There was a… uh spark. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to find out what that’s all about?”

His Mom sighed. Coming to a decision, she closed the distance between them once more and touched his cheek with the back of her hand.

“If we DON’T do this it’s going to be a long night and I don’t feel like fighting or being upset anymore. Okay you can touch my bare breast, just this once, to see… how did you put it? ‘What a real woman feels like!’, We do this and never talk about it again. One time offer. Deal?”

“Wow! Okay! Deal!” Andrew spoke fast afraid his mother would change her mind. He couldn’t believe this was really about to happened! He rubbed his hands together with glee but his Mom threw up her own hand to stop him.

“You don’t tell anybody. You don’t brag to your friends. You don’t go blabbing to some therapist in a few years. AND you MOST definitely DO NOT ever tell your father. EVER! Are we clear?”

Deal but you have to take your top completely off, and I’m not talking about just a quick grab and it’s done. I want the full boob experience,” he added.

Two could play at this game his mother decided. “Okay then, but, you have to do something for me later.” She pensively continued, “Anything I want.”

His mother contemplated her own words before continuing “Maybe something nice, because your Dad’s an asshole.”

“Deal already!” Andrew said grinning from ear to ear.

As he looked on, his Mother took a few seductive steps backwards and unbuttoned her nightshirt coyly, shrugging off one shoulder then the other, before letting it fall to the floor in a pile at her feet. Her breast, large and alabaster, with big rosy pink nipples puckering before his eyes, had only just begun to subtly sag with age.

“Well don’t just stand there all night gapping Andrew. This is what you wanted. What are you going to do now?”

He cupped them both and squeezed.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked self-consciously. “Are they too big? They used to be smaller before I had you.”

He could feel his mother’s breast reacting to his touch, swelling, growing firmer in his hands.

“Oh yeah, I think they look perfect just like this. This is hands down the greatest day of my life.”

“Funny,” she said rolling her eyes and blushing.

Andrew realized, despite her words, his mother was honestly flattered.

“Okay that’s enough.”

“One more thing Andrew said smacking his lips and lowering his head to her chest.

“Hey, not part of the deal,” and then in a slightly higher pitched tone, as he got closer, “I’m sensitive!”

Katie let out a shudder as her son bent to take a nipple into his mouth. She secretly longed for him to taste her sweet ripe berries, but she had to stop him now, before they went too far and did something she might regret later.

“Okay Andrew that’s enough. We have to stop now.”

“Hey you said I could touch. This is the touching part,” Andrew teased.

“This isn’t exactly what I agreed too.”

“Come on Mom, just a little taste.”

She put her hands against his shoulders as if to push him away.

“Please stop. For me…”

Ignoring her protest Andrew bent closer, all of his attention on her right breast, tongue almost brushing the cherry red tips of her captivating bounty. This close he could see a gossamer web of tiny blue veins just barely visible through her alabaster skin, radiating out from her bountiful areolas. The areolae surrounding the nipples were a dusky pink. While Andrew paused, examining his mother’s breast, Katie’s breathing had quickened, and her nipples grew harder still, beckoning his lips. They were both dark and swollen now, like two ripe red cherries waiting to be tasted. Devoured.

As he latched on, he looked up into his mother’s eyes. Her eyes glittered darkly. More black now than brown.

“How about this?” he said as he drew her nipple into the warmth moistness of his mouth.

Katie flashed back to Andrew’s infancy and flushed with memories of his infantile suckling. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and bit down but a moan still escaped her lips. His oral attention rocked her to her core and a familiar moist heat emanated from the depths of her womanhood.

Softly she said, “We really need to stop,” but Katie took no action to end his attack.

Andrew withdrew and moved to her remaining breast.

“Please stop! Honey? Baby! This is wrong.”

Desperate as her pleas were, her hands were no longer on his shoulders but around his neck pulling him closer. Her breathing hitched. Her breasts heaved.

He buried his face in her chest and continued to suckle her like a new born.

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