Affair with an irresistible married lady

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Hey folks! I am here to pen down my third story. For those who don’t know me, my nickname is Criminal (quite a story behind this name) and I have been a resident of Bangalore since birth. To describe my appearance I am quite lean, 5’9, a little on the ‘fair’ complexion (if that matters). Overall a good looking 32 year old single.

Coming to the story, it is about a 40 year old lady I met on tinder. She was married with no kids and her husband was working in another city, while she pursued her career in Bangalore. I am on tinder not just for dating. It isn’t disappointing if you just make a few new friends on a dating app. The lockdown has taken a toll on people mentally and thus this statement from me.

From day one, this lady was to the point and spoke her mind. Mind you, she did not have a single picture of hers on her profile. On the other side, I have quite a few pictures of mine on my profile. I spoke to her only as a friend and as days passed, we found some common interests. I happened to visit a new pub in the city with a big group of guys and she was there (got to know this later) with two of her friends. This was such a coincidence and totally unplanned. I didn’t know of her plans at all.

While I was having a few drinks with my friends, I noticed a sweet and attractive lady a few tables away. We had many instances of eye contact and she was the winner. She did not stop looking even though I looked away for a while. I did not want my friends noticing me doing this. The dim lighting in the pub wouldn’t allow me to check her out completely. To my luck, she had to pass my table in order to go to the washroom. That’s when I had a good look at her. She was in a black crop top paired with blue denim. Her navel was deep and her hips were wide. Even in the dim light I could see how smooth her skin was around her hips. Deep navel and smooth hips turn me on like crazy.

She looked at me while passing our table and I returned the favour. All the while we were there, we kept looking at each other but never spoke. A couple of days after this incident she texted me on tinder saying she saw me at a pub. Initially, I thought she was just messing with me and I asked her to describe the place and the songs that were being played. She got that right and also mentioned what I was wearing and where I was seated. The obvious question I then asked her is why she didn’t come speak to me if she was sure it was me. She said she tried but couldn’t gather the courage to approach me as I was with a big group.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t see her and she saw me. It was then she said that I was staring at her all through the evening. To confirm, I asked her if she was the lady in the black crop top and blue denim. When she said yes, I was thanking my stars that I knew this stunning lady and could meet her again.

We finally decided to meet for lunch one fine weekend. The same day my car broke down and I had to take my two wheeler. I called her and mentioned about my car breaking down and that we would be going by my two wheeler. She had to change because she was wearing a dress assuming we would go by car. I reached her place and said I am waiting outside. Just when she stepped out of her place, it started raining and we decided to wait until the rain stopped. Unfortunately, it never stopped and our plans had to be called off. This was when cyclone Nivar had made its landfall in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Bangalore witnessed frequent rainfall during this time.

With disappointment, she said we will have to eat at home today and invited me to her place. She guided me to the guest room and said I could use the washroom there to freshen up. She went to her room for the same and came out in a pretty night suit. I could see the disappointment in her face that we could not go out for lunch and she was absolutely not in the mood to cook. Sensing this, I offered to order food for the two of us. To cheer her up I also ordered some desserts.

While we were waiting for food, we had a drink and smoked a couple of cigarettes. She was hungry and quickly had food while it was still warm. We then had ice cream while sitting on the couch next to each other. She was very interested to try out the ice cream I had ordered and I am a person who doesn’t like sharing ice cream. When I resisted, she tried grabbing my bowl and ended up spilling a bit on her night suit. We then made peace and I offered to feed her from my bowl.

That was the ice-breaker moment. I was inching closer to her on the couch and now our thighs came in contact. Though she did not give me any direct or indirect signal, I decided to trust my gut and thought of kissing her cheek. But then I did not want to ruin whatever bonding we had so far. After an internal mental battle I had running in my head, I mustered all the courage and planted a kiss on her cheek while feeding her ice cream. She felt a little shy and did not know how to react. But she did not object.

I kept this going with each bite of ice cream and finally she was comfortable to kiss me back. That was a good enough signal. We quickly finished the bowl of ice cream and I hugged her while sitting. The heat was building up and slowly our lips were getting closer and closer. I could not take it anymore and placed my lips on hers. We continued kissing for about 15 mins and took a break.

There was awkward silence for a while as both of us did not expect this to happen. I was thinking what’s going on in her mind and whether she would regret doing this because of the fact that she was married. Tens of questions were running on my mind. Just then she got off the couch, held my hand and pulled me to her bedroom. Once again we started kissing madly once the door shut behind us. We were running our hands on each other’s back while kissing and it then hit me that she has beautiful hips. I was itching to get my hands on them soon and lifted her top slightly just enough to explore her hips. She let out a slight moan as the cold wind hit her bare hips. My hands were cold too and she wrapped her arms around me tightly.

Her temperature was increasing and she was waiting to be touched everywhere. I moved to remove her top and she helped. She was in a beautiful navy blue bra. Her choice of bra made me wonder if she has a hand-picked collection of inners. Anyhow, it was time to concentrate on the act and wonder about these things later. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt quickly and we hugged each other. She wanted to feel the warmth of each other’s body touching and stayed put for a while.

She suddenly pushed me on the bed and jumped on top of me. That blew me away and I instantly knew she’s the dominant one in bed. We kissed again and I unhooked her bra in a second. She smiled at me indicating the speed in which I unhooked it so effortlessly. She had the perfect size boobs for her body (34B). They were firm, smooth as butter and her nipples were pinkish. Once those melons were set loose, she rubbed her boobs on my face. She locked my hands with her legs (kneeling down on me). Then she placed her left boob on my lips and I started kissing them slowly. She had started to enjoy this and after a while I sucked her boobs one by one.

We were in no hurry and she wanted to take it slow with each act and wanted me to explore her body completely. After a while of sucking, her boobs started turning reddish and her nipples were completely erect. She had enough of it and started running her hands on my dick over the trouser. I was getting harder and harder with her touch and was at full strength in a minute. Noticing this, she unzipped my trouser and grabbed my dick over my underwear. She played with it for as long as she wanted while I continued to suck her boobs. Because of the sucking, she had marks all around her boobs.

It was time for me to take up the next act and I loosened up her pants. My hands were exploring her ass over her navy blue satin panties. She was fond of lingerie and made sure she always matches her inners. I love it when women do this. Her ass was complimenting her hips which were wide. This got me excited. She then slid her hand inside my underwear and freed my dick. I was on cloud 9 when her bare hands touched my dick. Isn’t that how guys feel? Though she did not start sucking it immediately, she stroked and kissed my dick for a while. When I was rock hard, she grabbed lemongrass oil from the table next to the bed and started applying it on my body and dick. She loved that fragrance and wanted it on my dick before she gave blowjob.

The aroma got her in the mood and she started sucking my dick. I cannot describe what I was feeling right then. She knew exactly what she was doing. The pressure on my dick kept increasing and I was close to cumming in her mouth. Just then I stopped her indicating I wouldn’t like to cum just yet. She understood me well. I then grabbed her and kissed her madly. During this I stripped the last piece of cloth on her body. It was time for me to return the favour and I sucked her pussy. It was shaved and she was clean. I continued exploring the interiors of her pussy with my tongue. She was dancing in her bed whenever my tongue hit the right spots.

While eating her pussy, I was also kissing and biting her inner thighs and she loved it. I kept switching between these places. She suddenly turned around and left me confused. She then asked me to spank her ass, kiss and suck her whole back, then to kiss and bite her ass cheeks. That made me realise she is the wild one. I spanked her ass harder and harder each time and due to her fair complexion, her ass cheeks turned red. The whole act got my horses running and I was at full strength again. Without any indication, I got on top of her and entered her love hole from behind. She let out a loud moan as she did not see this coming. My dick slid inside easily because she was really wet by then. I continued to fuck her for 5 mins and she wanted me to fuck her harder. I adjusted my position and started banging her in doggy for another 10 mins. Just when I was about to cum, I stopped and asked her to turn around.

Instead, she got up, pushed me on the bed and started riding on me. As time went by, she started riding me harder and harder. To be honest, I was hurting a little because she was riding a little too harder. But pleasure took over the pain, as usual. I could see her sweating and getting tired of riding me. I asked her to switch and pinned her down. We then fucked in missionary for a while and she had an orgasm. I could see a bit of her juices flowing.

It was about I increased my pace and did so. Within a couple of more mins, I was ready to come and told her I was cumming. Just when I was ready to pull out, she asked me go harder and cum inside her. This got me even more excited and I released my load in her. After a really long time, I released so much. For a moment I felt I will not stop releasing. I laid on her for a few minutes and finally got up to clean. She went straight to the bathroom to clean herself and she forgot to lock the door. I noticed this and went straight in. She was surprised by my presence.

I offered to clean her up, to which she obliged. She kept smiling throughout and I asked her what the matter was. She said her ex boyfriend and her husband have never helped her do this after they had sex with her. I was happy to see her smiling all along. We then had shower together and I helped her dress up too.

We had early dinner after that and it was time for me to go. I wanted more of her and did not want to go so soon. She had the same feeling. When I said bye, she asked if we could have a quickie. I didn’t even think for a second and caught hold of her, undressed her in seconds and she helped me do the same. We went straight to the couch as that was the nearest place we could land. It was wild and I came inside her within 5 mins. We got that extra sex we wanted and were relieved. I got dressed, kissed her bye and left before I reach a point where I would not want to go back home.

More such adventures followed with her at each visit. Her wish to have anal sex is still pending though. Might happen soon. By now, you would have realised that I am into mature women. Their experience is truly exciting and they would teach you well in case you are willing to learn.

Guys, would love to hear from you on the story. Please do not approach me asking to get in touch with the woman. Protecting her identity is my priority and I would never betray her trust. This story was submitted with her consent so she would read your comments and I will convey your wishes to her too. Girls and ladies, feel free to mail me at [email protected] or ping me on hangouts using the same ID. Happy to have decent conversations too. Your privacy will be respected and your identity will be my top most priority. I look forward to hearing from you lovely people. Have a good day!

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