A family trip to the cabin uncovers some taboo secrets

This is a complete work of fiction. The Author does not condone any of this behavior in real life, as this is simple erotic fantasy.

All characters are 18 and older.


Days of Winter

I watched through the window as the snow came down hard, the first layer covering the meadow like a blanket.

It was thick. The snow, that is… stacking up, out in front of us like a rising tide.

“What do you think?”

It was the voice of my son, Steven, exiting the back bedroom.

I let out a sigh and turned toward him. “I think we’re stuck here. At least until it lets up. It’s coming down hard.”

He looked past me. “Yeah it is, geez. I don’t think we’ve ever been up here when it’s come down this hard.” He walked up to the window, and his breath caused a thin film of frost.

I was wearing thermals, and could use an extra layer on my body. The furnace had gone out, and the wood in the fireplace was just starting to burn through.

“I’m gonna go put another pair of sweats on, you need anything?”

“No mom, I’m good. I might make some hot chocolate though.”

“Mm sounds delicious.” I said as I walked off up the stairs.

I got to my room and I could hear him banging about in the kitchen.

I had felt bad all day, but this was the icing on the cake.

It was my idea to come up to the cabin early. I had wanted to talk to Steven privately, and so I had pushed for him and I to come up early to get the cabin ready.

It would typically take a day to get all the supplies from town, stock everything up, and get the repairs done that were needed. Steven’s wife, Jane, was a teacher, and had to get everything ready going into the winter break. Roger, my husband, Steven’s stepfather had meetings that he couldn’t cancel. So they would be up in a couple of days to join us.

So, I figured I’d take the extra day to drive up and talk to Steven about a few things that had been bothering me. But, I had no idea that we would possibly get snowed in.

I chickened out on the ride up. Maybe that’s being a little harsh. I really just wasn’t sure how to start the conversation.

It was a month prior to this trip that Jane and Steven had gotten into it. Probably the worst yet. At least that I was somewhat witness to.

Jane showed up at my house hysterical.

“Steven is a pervert, Dana.” She started rambling, “I found porn on our computer, I found chats, he’s looking at graphic stuff!” She went on and on.

“Slow down, come inside Jane it’s okay.” I told her as I brought her in.

Roger and I were at church when I received the first hysterical call. Roger stayed and said one of the elders would bring him home. I rushed out of there.

“What’s going on? Take a deep breath, I’m sure everything is okay.” I tried my best to comfort her.

She wiped her eyes and looked at me. “I was on the computer trying to get some assignments done, and it froze on me. Steven was sleeping so I used his laptop.” She sighed hard, shivering. “He had files… they were locked.” She shrugged, “seemed odd.”

“I see…” was all I could manage.

“I typed in a password I thought he’d use… nothing.” She shrugged again. “I pulled up history and he had visited pornographic sites. I don’t know what he was looking at, but…”

“Didn’t you say you saw the history?” I asked, legitimately confused.

“Yes… but they are coded or something. Like locked. I don’t know. I looked up the names and found forums… other wives, saying that they are pornographic sites.”

“He’s a man, Jane.” I shrugged subconsciously, “I mean… I’m sorry but they do that. We don’t want to believe it… we don’t want to acknowledge it, but… they do.”

She continued, ignoring my comment, “He walked out and got mad at me. He yelled, I yelled. I asked him what was in the locked files…” she cried, “he wouldn’t tell me.”

“Nothing?” I pressed, curious.

“He said work stuff.”

“You said chats?” I asked her, refreshing her memory from earlier when she came crying.

“He visited chat sites…” she wiped her nose, “I couldn’t see anything…”

“He works with the government, Jane, you very well could have stumbled upon a file that was classified.”

She sniffled, “that’s what he said.”

I scooted next to her. “Look Jane, he loves you. I don’t know or want to know anything about what goes on in the bedroom, but him looking at porn, if he even was… is wrong, but it is no reflection of you.” I put my arm around her, “I’m sure Roger did it.” I sighed, unsure if I should go on… “I caught my father doing it when I was younger.”

She gasped, “what?”

“Yeah… I don’t think my mother had a clue.” I said, and figured I’d stop at that.

“My goodness.”

“My point is, it goes on. I can talk…” I started.

“No… please don’t…” She pleaded, “especially from you, his mom, talking to him about pornography.” She had a disgusted look on her face.

I was a little taken aback, but decided it best to take a back seat… after all, we had our 2020 winter trip coming up, and I wanted to make sure that it was pleasant. And… the last thing I wanted to do was discuss pornography with my adult son.

“I won’t say a word.” I said as I crossed my heart, “but relax… it’ll be okay. If you need anything, I’m here.”

We hugged, and she seemed a bit more calm as she left.

We had since had family dinners and everything appeared okay.

So, now, here we were… snowed in, and I wasn’t sure if I should say anything or not.

I slid a pair of sweatpants on over my thermals and I headed back downstairs.

Steven was sitting at the breakfast nook on his laptop with a cup of hot chocolate.

“Hey you.” I said sitting down beside him, looking at his screen.

He slid the second cup over to me, “hey… nice and hot.”

A chill ran up my spine as I looked at the locked file on his desktop. It was labeled SIL, and it had a little padlock emblem on it.

“What’s that?” I asked pointing at the file.

He shifted uncomfortably, and closed his laptop. “Just work stuff.”

“Yeah..” I said sheepishly. I breathed hard. “Everything okay with you and Jane, sweetheart?” I said it… or better yet asked it.


He stopped and turned away. I could tell that he was upset and wanted-needed to talk about it.

I put my hand on his back and rubbed, “Sweetie…”

He let out a grunt or gasp.

“Not really. I don’t know…” he paused and I waited. “She’s…” he was looking for the right words.

I thought maybe I’d show my hand a bit more, see if it would give him a direction he wanted to go.

“She came by…”

“Yeah…” he acknowledged it nonchalantly.

“She was upset Steven…”

He turned to face me, upset, “she’s a prude mom!” He ran his hands through his hair and over his face, “fuck…”

I hadn’t heard him swear in a long time, possibly ever.

“I’m sorry.” He paused, suddenly being drawn back to this day and time, “I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean…”

“Don’t.” I rubbed his back, up to his neck and in through his hair to the back of his skull. “Don’t do that, Steven. You deserve the best, period.”

He looked over at me, “god that feels great.”

I laughed, “well I’m no massage therapist anymore!”

Back in the day, when he was a boy, I would do massage therapy at a mall at one of the chair massage places. Once a month, I’d work out of a studio. It was a little extra cash that helped with his upbringing.

“It still feels great.” He sighed, letting go of some of the built up stress.

I wasn’t sure if I should address the prude part or not. I chose not to at the moment.

“I’ll tell you what…” I looked around the room, “get comfortable, and put the throw over you laying face down. I’m going to run up and use the restroom. When I come back down, I’ll give you an hour massage… see if I can’t get rid of all that built up tension. Deal?”

He laughed. “Deal, mom.”

By the time I got back downstairs, he was laying facedown under the throw just like I had told him to.

Between the storm and the time, the room was getting dark.

“Let me light a couple candles.” I said as I searched the kitchen for some matches.

Between the couple of candles, and the fire, there was a nice orange color illuminating the room.

I grabbed some lotion, and kneeled down beside my son.

I opened a small bottle of eucalyptus and held it near his nose. “Breath in with your nose, sweetie.”

I listened to him inhale, exhale. I watched his back rise and fall. I grabbed at the blanket covering his body, and I folded it down just above the crack of his buttocks.

I dug my fingers into him, kneading him, his muscles flexing with every press. “Mm relax, sweetie… let go.”

I worked his back, listening to him moan and groan. He needed this. And, I think he wanted it. I could feel his body relax, sinking into the ground beneath us.

“Relax…” I told him again, as I moved the throw off of his legs, exposing his buttocks, and thick thighs, I tucked the material into his crotch, protecting his most private areas. “Yes, breath… let go of your stress.” I said to him again, as I held the eucalyptus back up to his nose.

His bottom was thick, and muscular. It was hairy. A lot hairier than his father, but not quite as hairy as Roger. His thighs were the same, thick, muscular and hairy. I rubbed the lotion into him, digging the tips of my fingers into his thighs, rubbing the length of the inner leg.

“Mmmm” he moaned.

I accidentally… let the tips of my fingers run underneath the blanket, and I grazed his private area. My body went stiff with embarrassment.

He jumped, twitched, surprised.

“I’m sorry.” I said in a hurry, and I quickly pulled back.

I breathed hard, and realized I was sweating through my clothes.

He shifted and turned his head… then he laughed awkwardly. “Strange question…”


“Can I get a quick bathroom break?”

I let out a little laugh, “oh of course, I’m sorry hunny.” I stood up, “I’ll just be right here.” I said and turned toward the entertainment center.

Before I realized that I was staring at the reflection through the tv, it was too late. I watched as Steven pulled the blanket off of him and stood up completely naked.

It wasn’t super clear, but I was pretty sure that I could see his manhood bobbing as he walked off toward the bathroom.

Something took over my body, and forced me to turn as he was nearing the bathroom door. He disappeared into the bathroom, but not before I got a look at his bubbly bottom.

I felt a chill run up my body, resting in my neck. I cursed myself for turning. I didn’t know what had gotten to me. I was a little bit ashamed at myself, and I let it sink in causing my body to hunch over.

I suddenly felt the heat and the feeling as though I could pass out. I pulled my sweats off so that I just had my thermals on, and I pulled my shirt off leaving myself in a damp tee. Before I knew it, I was at the refrigerator downing a bottle of water.

The flush of the toilet and click of the knob snapped me back to reality.

I pulled my head up from the bottle, as Steven exited the bathroom.

“Whoa…” he stopped suddenly.

The sudden stop caused his body to jerk, forcing his penis to rock from one side to the other.

I couldn’t help but glance down, looking at his crotch. “I’m…” I pulled my eyes up to his face and turned back into the refrigerator, “sorry… I got hot… I thought I was going to pass out.” I glanced out of the corned of my eye, and he was still standing there. I looked back into the refrigerator, “I’m sorry sweetie, if you want to continue, get comfortable.”

I heard his feet tapping at the floor, then the weight of his body laying down.

I hesitantly looked over, and he was laying there, the throw haphazardly covering his lower half.

I took another sip of water and set it on the counter. I walked over to him, and kneeled down.

“Breath in… ” I said holding the eucalyptus up to his nose again, trying to get him back to a calm state.

I shifted the blanket around, covering up his crotch area, as I exposed his glutes.

I dug back into his butt cheeks, and I felt his muscle flinch at my touch.

“That feels good.” He mumbled into the pillow.

The blanket ran up the crack of his bottom, keeping it covered.

My mind flashed to seeing him exit the bathroom, to his manhood on full display.

My body got warm again.

I opened my eyes and looked down at my son’s body. I started at the back of his head, the way his hair faded up at his neckline. I let my hand wander down over his back muscles, then back up to his head. I ran my fingers through his hair, letting my nails scratch at his scalp.

I could feel myself getting warmer… the heat radiating off of me. I stretched my right leg out over his butt, and I straddled him. This was something I’d typically do in a massage, so I felt it was appropriate. It allowed me a more direct approach to his back.


For some reason, with him, my son… it felt different… it felt wrong… it felt taboo.

“Mm that feels good.” He moaned.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you or you get too hot…”

“Not at all.” He whispered.

He shifted, and I felt his glutes moves like rolls along my inner thigh and crotch.

“Breath.” I quietly breathed out, and in, “breath… relax… shhhh.”

I scooted my body down lower, straddling his thighs now. I slid the throw a bit more to the center of his crack, doing my best to keep him covered properly.

As I massaged into his meaty cheeks, I slowly found myself running my fingers back underneath the throw. I moved to his inner thigh, working the length of the muscle. I worked up, following his thigh, to his crotch, letting my fingers move underneath again.

“Breath…” I moaned… maybe more for myself than him.

I pushed the throw over, exposing the crack of his butt. It was dark with hair.

I stared down at his body, my own body numb with fear? Not fear… maybe I was anxious…

I could see his sack peeking out between his legs, just below the dark crack of his butt.

I kneaded, pushing into his cheeks, designating one hand to each side. Every time I kneaded, his cheeks would part, showing his hairy sacred private hole.

I felt my mind pulling at me to stop, but my body wouldn’t let me.

I slowly moved down my son’s thighs, squeezing hard, massaging him, moving down his calves to his feet. I rubbed him, pampering him. I cracked his toes, and worked the sole of his feet.

“Ugh…” he grunted.

“Does it feel okay, sweetie?” I asked him, wanting a real answer.

He cocked his head, as if to try and look at me, “Amazing.” He said, then rested his head back into place.

“Mm good…” I replied and paused.

I looked down at his body. This was my son, my boy. But, now as I looked down at him, his muscles, his body covered in hair, he was no longer a boy… he was a man.

I suddenly got a strange urge to kiss him. I wasn’t sure what had come over me, but something moved my lips to his feet, and I gave him a soft kiss on the heel.

“Mm.” He moaned.

I worked his foot with my hands, as I pulled his leg into me, I leaned in and kissed at his calf.

“Ahh…” he shifted, “this feels great.”

I slowly lowered his leg to the floor, and massaged up his calf, the back side of his knee, moving back up his thigh. I exhaled hard, and I leaned in and kissed his right butt cheek.

I immediately felt his body shudder, and then the goosebumps like braille on my lips.

“God…” he barely got the words out of his mouth.

His entire body was pulsating beneath my touch, and I felt the rush go straight to my vagina.

Something was happening to him. Something was happening to me.

His body was reacting in a way I could have never imagined. He was in the midst of an orgasm.

“Shhhhhhh… just breath, sweetie…”

I let my nails tickle his lowers back as I attempted to soothe him. Every touch, and shudder, I found myself fighting back my own taboo climax.

I shut my eyes tightly, and I imagined the snow, a snowman, anything to fight against where my mind was at… where it was going.

DON’T… I hushed myself.

I was close, so close to getting back my composure, when the smell hit me like a hurricane. It was pungent, biting at my nostril like a freshly sliced onion. My eyes watered, and my lids opened. I looked down at my son, his body still trembling. It was as if opening my eyes made the smell stronger, more present. I knew the smell, as prude and inexperienced as I was, I knew that smell.

I leaned back, unsure of how to close, so I did what I’d always done in a session.

“All done.” I breathed out loud, letting the air leave my tense body. “Can I get you a water, sweetie?” I said as I stood up and walked to the kitchen.

I opened the refrigerator as I heard him move around on the floor. Then I heard the footsteps and the door to the bedroom close.

I was afraid to turn around for the first minute or so, but finally worked up the nerve and turned toward the floor.

The glow from the refrigerator illuminated the blanket just enough to see the baseball sized wet spot. I closed the refrigerator and walked over to where we just had our session and I let my nose lead the way.

I sniffed around, and the burn hit me. I felt my body shiver, as I leaned in smelling what my son had left behind.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I didn’t want to just throw the sheets in the wash. I leaned in closer, smelling him, his seed.

The reality suddenly hit me… my son had orgasmed as I massaged him. I leaned in closer, too close… the tip of my nose touched it… him… and I felt my own orgasm at the tip of my clit.

I breathed heavily, my mind leaving my body, unable to control my movements…

I got on my knees, and slid my long Johns down past my thighs to my knees. I was exposed. I felt goosebumps, and the heat from my vagina breath along my inner thighs. I was shaking. I lowered myself until my vagina was touching his now cold seed. I rubbed myself into him as the orgasm took over my body. I thought to myself, maybe his seed was still alive, then I immediately shook it of as a dumb thought. I fell backward off my knees, and I cupped my vagina with one hand, and bit the knuckles of my other hand in an attempt to hush myself.

My mind flashed to his barely covered body laying there spasmodic as he spilled his seed.

My body finally stopped shaking, and the guilt immediately crawled up my spine and into the forefront of my brain. It sat there, holding me hostage until the tears ran down my cheeks. I slid my pants back up over me, covering my privates like a battered creature.

I wasn’t sure what I should do from there. I wanted to get the blanket cleaned up as fast as I could, but at the same time, I needed to clean my body off… as if I could wash the sins straight from my soul.

I managed to throw the clothes into the washing machine, and crawl into a bath.

As I sat there, I felt the guilt weigh me down like a cinder block, my body sinking in the warm bath water. I was guilty, plain and simple. I did a bad thing… a very bad thing, and the only thing I knew to do, was to push it out of my mind the best that I could manage, and act like it never happened.

I laid there in the tub for quite a while and was kind of dozing off when I heard Steven’s door open and the footsteps.

I listened to the refrigerator open and close, then I heard the noise of cords being messed with. He was grabbing his laptop.

I heard the footsteps again, then his door shut.

I pulled myself up out of the tub, and dried myself off. I stood there, looking at myself in the mirror. Perfect body? Not even close. I had dimples in my bottom from the cellulite. A little bit of a tummy, but not bad. My breast were large, but not really firm. I couldn’t tell you when I shaved or trimmed my pubic area, and the hair was thick and dark. I turned, and spread my butt open, looking at my back door. Wisps of hair trailed back, and lightly circled my forbidden spot. I turned back around and grabbed my nightgown hanging off of my closet door.

I walked to the bedroom door and stopped, listening. Nothing. I slowly, quietly cracked my bedroom door, and saw the glow of Steven’s laptop peeking out from the crack in his door.

I inched closer and I could hear a slight moaning, and rustling of skin… maybe smacking. ‘Was he? Was he masturbating?’ I thought to myself.

It must be the “SIL” file he was getting into. It’d make sense, with the big snow storm there was absolutely no wi-fi connection. He had to resort to the files he probably downloaded from online.

I took a deep breath, and felt goosebumps. I wondered if he’d orgasm again. With that, I went back to my room, crawled into bed, and passed out.


The sun creeped into my room, stretching out across my bed like a lazy dog, tapping me ever so slightly. My eyes opened, and I suddenly felt that I… I was dreaming. At least I hoped.

I knew that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t dreaming.

I could smell the coffee brewing, and the sound of the shower.

I walked into the kitchen and saw that he had his laptop open. I glanced at the screen and saw that the file labeled “SIL” showed the padlock in the open or unlocked position.

I walked over to the downstairs bathroom and listened to the shower run. I could feel steam on my feet escaping from the bottom of the door.

I walked back over to the laptop, and positioned myself at the counter and leaned in. I moved the mouse over the “SIL” file. CLICK. I was inside. There were, if I was to guess, over 20 file folders. Each one labeled.

I looked back at the shower. It was still running. I took a deep breath, and felt my body shake. I was nervous. My hand controlling the mouse pad was trembling.

I looked at each file trying to read them as fast as I could.






Then the shower water turned off, and I moved as fast as I could toward the refrigerator.

The door popped open and Steven walked out with a towel around him. His body was still wet.

“I thought I heard you.” He said, and I popped my head out from the refrigerator.

“Oh hey… good morning.” I held up the OJ, “orange juice sweetie?” I said as I got a glass and poured.

“Im good, I have a fresh pot of coffee.”

I looked over at the coffee maker, “mm I saw that.”

He was looking over at his laptop, and I let my eyes follow his. I had left the main SIL file open. I immediately felt a weight on my chest.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked.

He turned to me and smiled a genuine smile, “good…” he paused and looked back at the laptop, “great… thanks to you.” He said and walked over kissing my cheek, “thanks again for that.”

“Mmhmm of course sweetie.” My turn to pause. I blatantly looked over at the laptop, “if Jane and Roger don’t make it up today due to the storm, maybe another session?”

He breathed hard. “I’d like that.” Then he looked outside. “Looks really bad… worse than yesterday.”

“Mmmhmm it does.” I said, almost wickedly.

He walked over to his laptop, and started to shut it.

“Whoa…” I said in a panic. “I want to see…” I wasn’t sure what I was doing, “your work files.” I paused, “I want to see what you’re working on, sweetie.”

He stopped and opened up the laptop. He stared at it for a long time, then looked at me. I looked past him at the screen, and saw that the file had automatically locked now.

“Just work stuff… boring.” He mumbled.

“What’s SIL stand for, sweetie?”

“Mom…” he paused.

Maybe something was on his mind.

“I understand…” I started.

“Shit I like…” I whispered.

I heard him, but I was confused. “Huh… what, swee…”

“Shit I like.” He exhaled, “it’s not a work file, mom…”

I wasn’t sure what to say. But, it didn’t matter. He continued.

“It’s the stuff I like… I enjoy… I get…” he stopped there.

I walked toward his laptop, toward him. “What do you like…?”


“Tell me…” I paused, “show me what you enjoy sweetie…”

He typed in the password, and open up up SIL.

There they were all of the files.

“I’m telling you mom, it’s…”

“Stop. This is what Jane was upset over… show me…”

“She didn’t see anything…”

I looked at him, “I want to…” I looked at the files, and pointed, “this one…”

He took a deep breath, and moved the mouse, letting it hover over the file: BRED/BREEDING.


The file opened, revealing a bunch of video and picture files.

Steven didn’t look at me at first. Instead, he took another hard breath and clicked.

A VIDEO opened:

It’s a hotel room, darkened by dimmed lighting. A man, 50’s, sits in a big comfortable arm chair. He wears a tank top and slacks, complete with a black dress belt and shoes. The dress shirt lays at his feet. The man is mature, graying hair, and stubble. He’s out together. He watches something off screen, lust fills his face, and he touches himself through his slacks.

The man palms his crotch, rubbing down the length of what one would suspect was his shaft running along his inner thigh.

Off screen a man’s voice, “can I see it?”

The man in the chair cocks his head, “shhhh… turn around.”

The camera cuts to a bed. There’s a stud, 18-19 years old. He has blond curly hair, and a fresh face. He’s completely nude as he turns around exposing his bare hole. His manhood hangs down between his thighs. His balls are smooth, baggie, hanging low from his shaft.

“Mmm… fuck, you’re cute…” the man in the chair moans and undoes his belt.

I feel my son’s presence, close, concerned, wondering what I’m thinking.


This is the honest to god truth. Part of me is mortified. Here I am, in our snowed in cabin with just my son. No husband, no wife. Part of me is extremely curious. My son, is showing me a collection of “shit he likes” and that “shit” being graphic porn? Gay porn. Part of me… a big part of me, is very aroused. Two men, attractive men, both on completely different ends of the spectrum, are playing out in front of me on screen.

And on top of it all… my son his breathing heavily right next to me, still in his towel.

I felt his presence, but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

So I didn’t. “You…” I started, as I watched the older guy sitting in the chair pull out his… dick. “This is what you like?”

“You asked about the files…” he started.

“Work files…” I corrected him.

“They’re not work files…” he said, stating the obvious.

I decided to turn toward him, looking at his face. “I can see that.” I let my eyes flicker down to his crotch, then immediately back up. There was a visible bulge. “This is what you like?” I asked again, wanting a straight answer.

He looked past me, at the screen. I followed his eyes. The older man was stroking himself as he stood walking toward the bed. He kneeled, positioning his face… more particularly his mouth, at the young man’s hole.

“Oh my god…” I whispered unable to really get the words out.

I looked back to him, my son, looking at his face. He kept his eyes on the computer for a second, before allowing his eyes to move back to my face, his eyes connecting with mine.

“Yes.” He whispered.

I let my eyes move down his body, over his pecks, his hard nipples, down his abs. I looked slowly this time, taking him in. I stopped at his crotch, covered by a towel. I almost gasp, but kept my composure. He was hard, the shape of his shaft running downward curving right toward his thigh.

I kept my eyes on his crotch. “Yes, what?” I asked him, and I felt my body go hot.

“This is what I like… all of this.”

I watched his penis flinch beneath the towel. I moved back up his body, my eyes, stopping at his beautiful face.

“Yeah…? Jane had no idea that it was this, did she?”

I couldn’t hold back. Something dark took a hold of me, controlling me.

“You like men, huh? Gay men…” my hand moved to his crotch and I felt him through the towel.

“Or straight…” he said and I almost laughed, but held my composure. “Jane doesn’t know…” he whispered looking at me.

“Jane doesn’t know what?” I asked, pushing him.

I grabbed a hold of him through the towel, feeling his size for the first time.

He was big.

“Jane doesn’t know that I like men.”

“No…? Do you like men sweetheart?” I found the slit in his towel and slid my hand inside, grabbling hold of his bare balls, moving up to his dick.

“Yes… I like men.”

“why me… why do you want your mother to know…? I pressed into him, whispering into his ear.

His breathing sped up, and he looked down at my hand, then back up and over at the computer.

He was thinking…

I pushed harder, fear starting to hold onto me. “Stop me, sweetie…” I whispered and meant it. I was no longer in control. “Fucking stop me.”

“Because it’s taboo…” he answered, a mere whisper. “Because I’m married to a woman who won’t let me be myself. Im married to a prude.”

“Fuuu… ugh…” I needed him to push me away. I couldn’t stop. He felt too good in my hand. “It’s taboo showing me your pornography collection? Showing me what you like?”

He moaned, “Yes…”

“You know something…?” I asked him.


“I’ve always been a bit of a prude myself…”

I was in my nightgown, it was a soft satin chemis. I had panties on that were a mesh nude color. I could feel myself reacting to his thick muscle. It pulsated in my hand, and the taboo nature of it was causing me to go mad. This was my son. What in the FUCK was I doing?

I played with it in my mind for what seemed like minutes, but it was flash seconds of time, settled there in the magnetic force between us.

I slid my hand slowly from his dick, and out of the towel. I looked at him, the disappointment setting in across his face.

“I love you…” I whispered and looked down at his bulge.

He started to talk… to respond, probably with “I love you too mom.” But I stopped him. I held a finger up to his lips, hushing him.

I turned my entire body toward the counter where the laptop sat, playing the Shit he liked.

My thick ass was positioned right at his dick. I pressed into him as I leaned over the laptop, watching the video.

“Mmmmom…” he moaned and flinched.

He was my married son. He’s certainly had sex with Jane. Probably even before leaving town. But, was it enough? He called her a prude. Not just saying it to a friend, but to me… his mother. Why?

I had always thought I was the prude.

The mature man was rubbing the head of his cock into the teen’s asshole, coating it with precum. He kneeled, lapping up his own precum with his tongue, then he’d rub his dick into him again.

I pushed hard back into my son, feeling his dick press into my nighty, spreading my ass.

“Tell me your favorite…?” I asked him as I watched the mature daddy press into his stud.

He was nervous, “I…” the words were caught in his throat. “Mature…”

“Like…” I pressed.

“Mature, married, Daddies…” He whispered.

I was watching the man on screen fuck his stud, and I suddenly found myself wondering if Steven has been…


I pushed the image from my mind almost instantly. I wasn’t ready for that. My GOD… was I ready for any of it?

I wasn’t sure what to do… I wanted to stop, break away, run and hide, and… repent.


‘Seriously? I asked him why?’ I asked myself.

I cocked my head back toward him just a bit. “Tell me why you like married daddies?”

“Because I have daddy issues…”

I wasn’t expecting that.

Then, I felt the heat, like piss, pushing into my cheeks through my nightgown.


At the same time, I watched the onscreen daddy pull out, exposing the stud’s gaping hole. The daddy started cumming, ropes of spunk landing inside and around the studs hole.

I instinctively reached back grabbing hold of my son’s cock, holding him as tight as I could as he spasmed. I could feel his cum saturating my hand.

I could smell him, just like the night before, but stringer. I inhaled, and brought my other hand to my pussy, cupping myself as I rode my orgasm.

When we were both satisfied, I turned to him. “I’m sorry sweetie.” I kissed his cheeked, then moved to his ear, “good night, I love you.” I whispered, and walked off to my room.

I stared at myself in the mirror, my body still trembling. I looked down at my hand that was coated in his seed. I brought it to my mouth, tasting him. The orgasm came roaring, and I dropped to my knees.

I looked at myself in the mirror, on my knees, filthy… disgusting. I got down to my side and curled up in a fetal position and fell to sleep.


When I woke up, I was still on the ground, and the room was black. I looked at the clock.


I got up and walked out into the living room.

My son’s laptop was sitting on the dining room table, and it was open. I walked up to it. The SIL file had the lock completely removed.

“I couldn’t sleep.” My son said, causing me to jump.

“Oh my god! You scared me.” I yelled and turned toward the couch.

My son was sitting up on the couch, his body barely illuminated by the laptop light.

He got up, and I could see that he had on briefs and a tank top. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said as he walked towards me.

I sighed, “it’s okay.” I looked over at the laptop, “what were you doing?”

“I…” he stopped in the middle of the room.

“Which one…?” I asked him as I moved to the laptop and slid my fingers over the mousepad.

He took another step closer and I could see the outline of his flaccid dick beneath his cotton briefs.

“It’s minimized…” he whispered, as if not to wake anyone else up. “Down at the bottom of the screen.”

I turned back to the screen, and placed the mouse over the minimized video.


The video popped up and showed a girl outside in a little sundress watering flowers.

As she bends over, her ass is exposed, showing a little white thong riding up her crack.

I look over at my son, who was still standing about 6 feet away from me. I looked back at the screen.

The girl looked like she was young, maybe 19 or so. She walked around, with a little bounce in her step as she watered the plants with a hose.

A guy calls out to her, then walks into the frame. He looks around 50.

“Where’s your mom?” The man says.

The girl turns, “hey John, I thought she was going by the grocery store after work.”

“Riiiiight.” He walks over to her, “I completely forgot.”

The man has on trunks and a tank.

“Special occasion?” John asked.

The girl laughs, “the dress?” She playfully asks as she hold the edge of the hem out.

“Yeah, looks cute on you.” John said as he eyed her.

“Awe thank you, John.” She said as she turned and held his stare. “I’m glad you noticed.”

He took a step towards her. “Yeah?”

“Yeah…” she said, and paused, looking down nervously. “I like when you notice me…”

He reached out his hand and grabbed her by the chin, pulling her face to his.

“I always notice you…” he said, as he reached around and grabbed her ass.

She leaned in kissing him as she starts massaging his dick through his trunks.

I looked over at my son who was massaging his own dick through his briefs.

I slid my hand between my thighs and pushed my nightgown into my pussy. I began masturbating as I watched.

John turned the girl around and started eating her ass through her white panties that rode up her crack.

He slid them aside, exposing her asshole. It was pink and pretty. He reached into her crotch area, and exposed more of her… and her dick.

She was a tranny.

I turned looking at my boy, “mmm you really do like cock.”

“Yeah, I do.”

I’d never seen tranny porn or anything close to it. I was in awe. I wasn’t sure how to react, but I knew one thing for certain… I loved it.

I kept my eyes on my son, looking at his body. “Can I see…” I whispered.

“See what…?” Steven asked me.

“You… your dick.” I moaned, biting my lip.

I wanted to see him. See what he looked like. How big he was. I felt it, but I didn’t see it. The shadow of it didn’t count. I wanted to know how it looked, in the flesh.

Steven slid the front of his briefs down, allowing his dick to spring free.

“My god…” I cooed at the sight of him.

He was big. Really big. I had felt him earlier, but DAMN… seeing is believing.

“Do you…” Steven started.

I knew he was asking what I thought, “It’s perfect.” I cut him off.

I wanted to taste him. I wanted to feel what he felt like inside of my mouth, my face. I wanted to feel him spasm and ejaculate down my throat.

I walked over to him and grabbed hold of his hips. I slid my hands into the back of his waistline, and slid his briefs off, allowing them to fall to the floor.

I leaned in and softly kissed his lips. “I love you…” I whispered into his mouth.

He tried to talk but his words caught in his throat. “I lo…” he swallowed hard.

I could feel his cock bouncing around at my tummy. I reached down grabbing hold of him. He felt thick, thicker than earlier.

I slid my hand along his shaft, down to his balls. I loved his course hair. It was sexy on him. I played with his balls, and he moaned. I slid my fingers past his balls, between his thighs, along his hairy tante. I bumped something hard with my nails and stopped.

I looked up at him, a question appeared upon my face and he knew what I was asking.

He looked at me, something in his eyes I couldn’t identify. “It’s a…” he started to say nervously, “a butt plug…” he sounded ashamed.

I wanted to make him feel better, less ashamed.

“Steel, sweetie?” I asked him as I gave the plug a little tug.

“Ugh…” he moaned, “yes…”

“Yeah?” I whispered into his ear as I pulled on it, “does it feel good?”

He breather hard, “really…”

I stopped pulling, “really what?”

“Really good…” he moaned.

I pushed it back into him, burying the toy deep inside of him, “how good?”

“Really fucking good.” He said looking down at me.

“Mmm…” I moaned and pulled on the steel head until it popped out of his rectum.

I brought the steel plug up between us. “It’s fat…” I moaned looking at it.

“It needs to be…” he started, “to get the…” he paused looking at me. “It needs to be fat, so I feel it…”

I got down on my knees so that his dick was at my face. I slid the toy between his thighs, and pushed the head back into his asshole. I immediately felt him take it, deep into his rectum, his hole pulling it back in, taking ownership.

“Oh god that feels good…” he moaned, and jerked his hips, causing his cock to hit my lips.

I tasted his salty precum, and I couldn’t resist. I slid my mouth over him, taking my son’s head deep into my face. The ecstasy filled my every vein.


I paused and looked up at my boy, his dick hanging out of my mouth.

I stared at him, his eyes locking on mine. I kept my face still as I massaged his shaft with my tongue.

I moved my hand up to his asshole and grabbed hold of his toy. I worked the steel in and out of him, as I felt his dick thrash into my closed mouth.

“Ugh…” he moaned.

I felt his cock pulsating on my tongue, so I rotated around, putting pressure on his shaft. I ran the tip of my tongue up around the head, tracing him, until I got to his piss-hole. I tongued him… tasting the sweet nectar… with a tinge of salt.

“I’m gonna cum…” he said pulling off of my tongue.

I grabbed back at him, holding onto his balls and cock. He spasmed in my hand, and like a drug fiend needing my fix, I took him back into my mouth.

His cum was good. It hit my inner cheek, tongue and back of my throat, as he shot load after load.

I continued sucking him as he went limp in my mouth. I looked up at him, his meat pouring out through my lips.

I reached behind him, grabbing at the steel plug. I pulled it, freeing it from his hole. I dropped his dick from my mouth, and tasted the soiled metal toy.

“Oh god…” my son said, and his dick flinched.

I looked up at my son, shame suddenly crossed my face. Steven saw it immediately, and bent over grabbing his briefs and pulling them up, covering himself.

I stayed there frozen, unable to think. Unable to focus. I was humiliated. Not by my son, but for my son. How could I do this? What had gotten into me? I wasn’t myself… I couldn’t be. Not me, the sweet loving, nurturing mother. I had become someone else entirely.

I felt my son’s hand grip mine, and I managed to regain focus. I looked at him, into has eyes right as he pulled the steel toy from my hand.

My god, I can’t believe I licked it and was still holding it.

“I’m sorry mom.”

I watched as Steven walked to his laptop and closed it. He left it where it was and walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

I felt my lip quiver and I bit it, holding back my tears.

I got up from my knees, and walked to my room. I didn’t know who I was, and how the rest of our lives would continue. I was exhausted and defeated. I laid down and I was out.


I woke up to the sound of crunching snow. I managed to pull myself up out of my slumber, and look out through the bedroom window. It was Roger’s truck coming up the long drive.

I grabbed some sweats and a jacket and hurriedly put them on. When I made it downstairs to the loving room, Steven was standing there looking out the big picture window with a cup of coffee.

“I didn’t think they’d make it up with this storm.” He said without looking at me.

“Yeah, me neither.” I agreed.

He looked over at me, “there’s fresh coffee.” He said, then looked back at the window.

“I smelled it from upstairs, it smells wonderful.” I walked into the kitchen and poured myself some coffee.

Steven walked over to the door, and opened it.

“We didn’t think you’d make it!” He yelled out.

The truck door slammed, and I heard Roger’s voice, “we had to leave Janes car down in the village… it got too nasty coming up the mountain!”

“Yeah I bet it did!” My son yelled back, then he saw Jane. “Hi babe, how was it?”

“Ugh… it was long.” She said as she came in and dropped her bag.

I thought to myself ‘the prude.’

I wonder what that even meant. For a brief second, I flashed back to the night before. I felt something creep into my core, then quickly shook it off.

“Hi my dear.” I greeted Jane, then walked over and gave my husband a kiss on the cheek, “and hi my other dear.”

“Hi sweetheart.” He said back, closing the door behind them.

Once inside, we had small talk as I made breakfast.

Steven and Jane broke away and I could hear what sounded like bickering coming from the room. Maybe it was just them attempting to talk quietly.

“How was the drive up the mountain? Did Jane have anything to say?” I asked Roger, who was fixing himself a coffee.

“She was pretty quiet. She said that her class was set up for the break.” He said and paused. “She said Steven has been acting strange.”

“She elaborate?” I asked him.

“I asked. She said she talked to you… I didn’t press.” Roger said, nonchalantly.

“At church a month or so ago, when she called me hysterically…”

“Yeah…” Roger said, remembering the day.

“She suspected him of looking at porn…” I said, sheepishly.

“And…?” Roger threw up his hands, “I’m a religious guy myself, you know that, sweetie… I’d never dream of looking at such things… but, that being said, it happens. All over… men and women… they stray…”

Roger was a very religious man, but he wasn’t a hypocritical religious man. He called things how he saw them.

“So you… that being said, it happens?” I asked him, repeating what he said, “Have you strayed?” I pressed.

He grabbed my hand, “hunny, I’ve never touched another woman… not like that… not since we’ve been together.” He kissed my hand, “but of course I’ve looked…”

I looked him in the eyes, and I quietly asked him, “at pornography?”

“Yes…” he admitted.

I kept asking, “women at church…?”


My breathing got heavier and I wondered if he had noticed.

“At Jane…?”

His breathing got heavier… maybe he was aroused… “yes…”

I squeezed his hand… maybe it was my way of telling him ‘it’s okay.’

We were sexual, of course we were sexual. But it was more of a planned thing: I’m going to shower, get cleaned. I’ll lay there in bed, let him do me missionary style, lights out, condom on… blah blah blah.

Most of it was my fault. I never really felt sexy or sexual. I certainly wasn’t kinky or taboo… at least not until the last day or so. So, I took blame for the BLAH.

I knew something inside of him had ignited when I asked him about Jane. I just wasn’t sure how far I should take it.

“What about her…?” I asked him, wanting to know where his thoughts about Jane went within the confines of his mind.

I felt my pussy go wet.

“Dana, hunny… let’s not.” He said, turning away from me and opening the refrigerator. “I don’t want to go there, not with you… not here.”

“Of course…” I suddenly had a thought. I walked up to behind him and reached around feeling at the bulge in his pants, “when you’re ready… I want to know what it is about her.” I whispered and walked off to my room.


Dinner was business as usual. Roger asked Steven how life was, work, business, etc. Jane laughed at some jokes, and I did the same. Steven would glance at me then turn away abruptly. They all raved about the food, which made me very happy.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it was going through Steven’s head. Shame? Disgust? Joy? Love? Whatever he felt, I couldn’t tell one way or another.

After dinner we all cleaned up and Jane and Steven retreated to their room, and we retreated to ours.

I put my nightgown on, and crawled into bed next to Roger.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him.

He looked at me, opened his mouth to speak, paused, shut it, then opened it again, “why’d you ask me that earlier?”

“Hmmm… curious I guess.” I sighed and turned towards him, “we haven’t be all that sexual…”

“We’re both busy, it’s nothing…” he started.

I cut him off, “I’ll do anything you want, okay…” I told him.

I sat there looking at him, shock inside of me from my worlds, but I don’t think it showed.

“What…?” He asked, unsure.

“I’ll do anything…”

“Her ass… she has a thick, nice, ass…” he said.

I scooted up next to him and let my hand gravitate to his crotch. I felt the erection through his sweats.

“Mm I like it too.” I moaned.

He shot me a ‘really?’ look.

I pulled his dick out and licked it. This was something I’d never done before.

“Dana…” he moaned.

“In my mouth…” I said as I took him deep into my mouth.

He immediately swelled and came. He was bitter… not as tasty as Steven. Just the thought of it sent a chill up my spine.

I swelled and lifted my head from his crotch. “Thank you.” I smiled.

He moaned, and ran his hand through my hair. “Thank you, babe.”

He rolled over and passed out.

How could I blame him? He had a long day, and his wife just relieved him with her mouth.


I sat there in bed for another 20 minutes before deciding to watch tv in the living room.

I got comfy on the couch with a blanket, and found what looked like an erotic thriller.

On screen a woman was clearly having an affair, fucking a man, as her husband watched on a tv monitor.

I suddenly heard the latch on my son’s door, and I instinctively went to change the channel, but stopped myself. We’re all adults.

I was surprised to see that it was Jane who had walked out. She was illuminated by the light of the tv, wearing sweats and a tank top.

“Oh sorry…” she said surprised to see me up so late. “I needed some water.”

I shifted, “don’t be… I felt like watching something on tv.”

Jane grabbed some water, and looked over at the screen. “Anything good?”

I moved over, allowing space for her… it was an invitation.

She sat down and curled up, pulling half of the blanket onto herself.

“I don’t know, some kind of thriller… I’ll see what else is on.” I said as I went to turn the channel.

“No… it’s okay.” She said back.

The girl was being taken from behind, her nipples were solid. They were married or having an affair.

“I can…” I started, feeling uncomfortable and awkward myself.

“I was thinking about what you said… I need to relax a bit.” She turned to me, “it’s okay Dana… leave it.”

“Okay…” I whispered.

As we sat there, watching a man watch what might be his wife, I felt my pussy go wet.

Something got into me, and I slid my hand under the blanket, and started to touch myself through my nightgown.

I pressed against my clit, masturbating right there next to my daughter-in-law.

I would glance at Jane from the corner of my eye as I touched myself, looking for a reaction. Did she know? I was being very very subtle, but maybe she knew.

I noticed her head move, and I stole one more quick glance. She was staring at my crotch area through the blanket. I decided to turn my head completely toward her. She kept her eyes on my crotch, and I kept mine on her face.

I spread up my rubbing, making it more obvious.

I watched as she slid her right hand under the blanket. She was trying her best to be quiet and still. I was looking at her crotch when I felt her eyes on me. I kept my eyes locked on her lap, wanting to see if she touched herself.

She was still, quiet as a mouse, but I could feel her eyes burning into me.

I increased my movement, spreading my labia and thumbing my clit. I let out a soft moan, and then I saw it…

Her hand moved, sliding into her sweats…

I moaned again, letting her know it’s okay.

Her hand bobbed, moving up and down as she undoubtedly played with her pussy.

I looked up at her face, staring at me.

“Yes…” I moaned as I watched her bite her lip.

I moaned again, looking between her lap and her face. She did the same, biting her lip, moving faster and faster.

I couldn’t really process the moment. Everything was going so fast, I really had no choice but to go with it.

I slid the blanket back, seeing her hand inside her sweats moving steadily. She paused for a second, then continued as she watched me, wondering what I was thinking or doing.

I slid off of the couch like a snake. I felt like a snake… sneaking around innocent like, but with a very dark, almost disgusting side… slowly sliding through the grass, ready to bite.

I grabbed at her sweats and slid them down to her ankles. I watched her hand play underneath her panties, and I could smell her sex.

I put the palms of my hands on each of thighs and spread her. She moaned Pulling her hand out and spreading a little more.

I leaned in smelling her sex through her panties. It was intoxicating. I licked through her clothed pussy, she was soaking wet. I slid the thin material of her panties to the side and let my tongue touch her clit.

“Mmm my god…” she flinched, the whisper barely escaping her mouth.

My tongue worked the folds of her labia, tapping at her clit then back down. She was wet… soaking wet.

I lifted my head and looked up at her. She looked down at me, biting her lip.

I spread her legs more, grabbing her thighs and pushing up, attempting to expose her back door…

“I want to taste you…” I told her, lust in my eyes.

She slid down, just enough so her ass hung off of the couch.

“Mmm.” I moaned and I looked at her dark hole. “Can I…” I looked at her hesitating. “Can I taste you there…?”

“Mmmhmmm.” She moaned and pushed her ass out and toward me.

I leaned in, my nose against her hole… I breathed in hard. “Mmm fuck.” I hummed into her.

I tasted her, her sweat, her stench, the darkest dirtiest spot on her body… her asshole.

“You taste so good…” I said and meant it.

I pressed my tongue hard against her puckered hole until she took me in…

She squirmed, taking my tongue into her… “yessssss…” she said, “oh yeah…”

I could feel the orgasm quickly approaching, and by the way she was allowing my tongue to butt fuck her, I could tell she was close.

I pulled out, and crawled up her body, pressing my pussy against hers, I kissed her… my tongue coated with her scent, I tongued her face, letting her taste herself as we both came.

She grabbed hold of me, my body, holding me there as she sucked my tongue clean.

“Oh my…” she moaned into my mouth, “I wanted you that day I came to see you about Steven…” she whispered and looked at me, grabbing both sides of my face, “I wanted you to take advantage of me then…”

“When was the last time you fucked?” I asked her quietly in her ear.

“It’s been forever…” she said, kissing me. “Before I saw you… before I talked to you.”

I started fingering her as she kissed me. I grabbed her hair pulling her back. “Fuck him… make love to him… let him cum inside of you…”

She leaned in, licking my lips. “Yeah…?” She asked pushing her tongue into my mouth. “Let him cum inside of me… inside of my pussy?”

I couldn’t believe what a little closeted freak she was. A wild little nymph.

“Yes…” I whispered. “Let him cum inside of your prude little cunt.”

She liked that… the idea of playing an innocent little house wife.

She stood up and turned around. She slid her sweats down just past her ass, and spread her cheeks. “Maybe I will…” she said as slid the sweats back up over her cute booty and walked away.

I sat there for a minute, rubbing my fingers through my thick mound. I couldn’t help but think about my daughter-in-law Jane, and my boy Steven. Two freaks, and they could never really be open with each other. They’ve lived in a world of fear to be who they are and to express what they truly want.

I suddenly felt a pang in my heart. I thought about how I raised Steven. How I nurtured him, and loved him, and always tried to make him feel comfortable. I wondered if they were drawn to one another because they both shared a wicked secret.

I pulled my nightgown down and stood up. I wanted to go stand by the door and listen to them… hear them, if indeed she was having sex with him.

I walked into my room, and was immediately greeted by the soft snore of my husband.

He was handsome. A father figure to Steven. He was kind, and religious. But, I wondered how much he kept locked away. I wondered if I told him I just ate our daughter-in-laws pussy, if he’d be disgusted or turned on. I hoped for the latter.

I slid into bed and I leaned in and kissed his mouth. He moved and his eyes flickered open.

“Hi sweetheart.” He moaned, half asleep.

“What is it about Jane, Roger?”

I slid my hand to his dick, and rubbed him through his briefs.


“Tell me Roger…”

I slid my hand into his briefs, grabbing his dick. “Her ass?”

He flinched.


“Why, hunny?” I pushed.

“Because it’s tight… hard… because she’s…” he paused.

I finished for him, “our daughter-in-law…”

“Yes…” he flinched again, and I could feel him pulsing.

“I’d watch you fuck her…” I moaned and bent down taking his dick into my mouth just as he started to cum.

“Oh my goodness.” He moaned and pulled away from me.

I could tell he was ashamed. He rolled over and went to bed. I did the same.


Morning came quick. I laid there in bed, still, quiet, trying to to think about the last couple of days. Were they real? Of course they were real. Insanely real.

I wondered what Roger thought.

There was a toilet flush, then Roger walked in. He was unkept, and I liked him that way. 2 day stubble was attractive. He was always so put together, suit and tie. Now he wore sweats and a v-neck.

“Hey you.” He said.


“She’s…” he paused.

I sat up, “What is it hunny?”

“Janes in the kitchen, making coffee.” He said as he kind of adjusted himself.

“Yeah?” I leaned in kissing him, “you like her, don’t you…?”

He thumbed his waistband and pulled out his dick to show me.

I breathed hard, and grabbed it. “I want to know what you like…” I kissed him again, “I want you to know what I like…” I started stroking him. “Tell me what you like…”

“I look at her…” he said, looking at me. “Her ass…”

“Mmm yeah… her ass…” I hummed looking at him, then back to his dick.

I looked at me a bit surprised. “It’s… it’s really…” he could find the words.

“Sexy…” I helped him

“Yeah… perfect.” He said, allowing his dick to jerk at the thought.

“Have you fantasized about fucking her?” I asked him, kissing him and looking at him.


“Tell me…”

I slid my nightgown up and crawled up onto his lap.

“Do you want to fuck her, Roger?”

I pressed down onto him, his dick opening me up, forcing me to take him.

“Yeah, I want to fuck her…” he breathed out heavily, “I want to fuck her so bad, babe…”

I rode him, fucking him like a wife should.

“I want you to fuck her…” I pushed harder onto him, deeper. “I want to watch you fuck her… cum inside of her.” I hissed into his ear.

I could feel the jerk and pressure release on his valve… he was coming inside of me.

There was a tap at the door. “I’m going to make some pancakes if you guys are hungry?” It was Jane, talking through the door.

Roger was startled and tried to move me, but I held him in place. I was silent, as I started to rock back and forth over his semi erect cock.

“What’s that dear?” I sang out to her.

The door pushed open, and her head appeared “I’m making pan…” she froze looking at us. “Ummmm, I’m so sorry…” she quickly closed the door.

“Fuck…” my religious husband blurted out as his dick grew to size inside of me.

“She saw us…” I whispered, then started to orgasm on top of him. “Oh my god.”


Roger made breakfast fairly uncomfortable. Rightfully so. Jane had just walked in on us fucking, and he wasn’t privy to the information I had from the night before.

Jane was a fucking freak.

Steven hadn’t made his way out of the bedroom yet. We could hear the shower going, and he was known to take long showers… even as a kid.

I found myself wondering what he did in those showers.

“Syrup… pass the syrup please.” It was Jane snapping me back to reality.

“Here you go sweetie.” I said handing her the syrup.

She even seemed a bit off. Maybe from the earlier visual or maybe from last night.

Did she feel bad about the night before, I wondered.

It’s very possible. I mean, I felt like a sack of garbage after I touched Steven. But, that was my blood. My son. I was her mother in law.

Nevertheless I could see the guilt with finally letting go and indulging in a fantasy.

The door to the bedroom opened, and Steven walked out in sweat shorts and a tank.

“Whoa, it’s still pretty cold young man.” Roger said to Steven as he sat down at the table.

Steven laughed. “It’s roasting in here with that fireplace blasting all night.”

Roger let out a laugh, “fair enough… it was hot last night in here.” He paused, had a sip of coffee, “We need to go into town to get some supplies.”

I didn’t like the idea. “Roger you think that’s a good idea in this weather? There’s supposed to be another big snow storm.” I said, expressing my feelings.

Roger looked over at Steven, “whatcha think? Wanna head into town?”

Steven took a bite of pancakes. “Sure, why not?”


We had finished up breakfast and Roger and Steven headed out.

I grabbed a novel and was reading it on the couch close to the window when Jane walked out of her bedroom.

“I’m sorry…” she said to me. “About last night. I’m not like that.”

I set my book down and looked up at her, “like what?”

She was wearing a long T-shirt. I wasn’t sure if she had any thing else on underneath.

“And I’m sorry about walking in this morning…” she said ignoring my question.

I kept my eyes on her, “you’re not like what, Jane?”

“A pervert. A freak…” she sighed.

“You knew what you could see…” I paused. “If you opened the door. You heard something…”

“I did…” she answered sheepishly.


She turned looking away then back at me, “I liked it…”

“Why would such an innocent housewife like that…?” I pressed her.

She stepped closer. “Maybe I am a…” she stopped.

“A pervert?” I told her. “A freak? A slut? A closeted whore?”

“Yes… I’m not… but I am…” she exhaled, “I want to be…” a tear broke at her eye, sending a stream along her cheekbone.

I stood up and walked over to her. I wiped the tear away. “You can tell me anything, Jane… anything.”

Our faces were almost touching and I could feel her breath on my lips when she spoke, “he doesn’t get hard…” she was nervous. “When we are intimate… he doesn’t stay hard.” She looks at me, my eyes, my lips, “I want to tell him what I like, see if it makes him erect… but, I’m afraid he’ll think I’m disgusting…”

“What is it that you like…?” I asked her.

“Girls… pussy.” Her lip was quivering, “what you did to me… eating my ass…” she grabbed my hand and brought it up under her tee to her pussy, “dick… I like random strange dick…”

I slid my finger into her, “yeah Jane…?”

“Yessss.” She moaned, “black dick… fuck Dana.” Her body shook, “white dick… Hispanic uncut dick…”

“Yeah? You fuck that strange dick since you’ve been with Steven… my son?”

“Yes…” she moaned and looked me in the eyes. “I love getting fucked.”

I grabbed her hair and forced her to her knees. “Eat me… all of me.”

She slid my sweats off of me and buried her face into my hairy cunt. “Yes, fucking eat me.”

She licked my pussy, tapping at my clit then back down my slit.

“Turn around…” she said as she forced my body.

She spread my ass, exposing my asshole. I could feel her cold nose like a dog, pressing into me… smelling me.

“Mmm fuck…”

Her tongue spit out like a reptile, burying deep inside of me. She was eating my asshole.

“Fuck Jane, you’re so fucking good…”

She stopped, moving up the back side of my body, biting on her way up. She grabbed my hair, pulling my head around until her mouth was at mine.

“Taste your ass, Dana.” She kissed me hard.

I sucked her tongue, my ass all over her mouth.

“I had to fuck them Dana.” She whimpered into my mouth, “I needed it… hard… raw… bare…”

“Dirty…” I said to her as I kissed her.

“So fucking dirty.” She moaned back.

We moved to the couch and ground our pussies into each other.

She slowed down, kissing me softly, they moving to my ear… “I have to tinkle…” she whispered.

She got up and looked back at me… “wipe me?”

“Yes.” I stood up and followed her into the bathroom.

She sat there, looking up at me as if I was her mother. In a way, I guess I was. She had a black well groomed patch at her pussy.

Then… a golden stream of pee shot from her pussy.

I started fingering myself as I watched her. “Mmmm Jane…”

“Yes?” She asked me.

“I like you’re type of freak… so sexy… kinky…”

“Taboo…” she looked at me as she stopped peeing, “I’m done, mommy…”

I moved to the paper roll and wrapped just enough around my hand. I wiped her, her pee soaking the paper and my hand.

She leaned in licking my nipple as I started to finger her.

“I want to be your freak, mommy.”

My pussy went numb at her words. I was ready to orgasm. I crawled over her straddling her on the toilet.

I leaned in kissing her, “okay sweetie.”

My pussy was at her. I pushed, allowing my own golden stream to escape.

“Oh fuck me Dana… fuck”

She pulled me tighter, my pee hitting her clit, causing her to convulse in my arms.

“Oh my god, I’m coming.” She moaned.

“Mmmm me too sweetie. Me too.”

I kissed her hard and passionately.

“I’m going to go get cleaned up.” I told her as I watched her sink into her shell.

“Okay.” She said shyly.

I paused at the door, “Jane..” she looked at me. “We’re all closeted freaks… until we’re not. It’s okay…”

She smiled and I walked out.


It was a about an hour or so later that I came out of my room and found Jane looking out the window.

“Hey… they’re taking a while.” She said as she kept her eyes on the scenery.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine.” I paused. “It is coming down though.” I said as we watched the snow fall.

Jane turned towards me. I can see the guilt in her face.

“Jane…” I started.

“No… I wanted it… I was going to say… thank you.” She said with a sweet smile.

I walked over to her and looked at her, “I want to tell you something…” I said to her.

She looked at me nervously. “What is it?”

“Stephen likes men…” I paused, looking at her. “He’s gay, Jane.”

“What…?” She asked confused, “you know this?”

“The files…” I took her hand. “They’re all porn… all gay porn.”

“I feel like an idiot…” she pulled her hand away to wipe her face, confused, “I knew…” she shook her head, “In the back of my mind… I knew.” She looked at me, her eyes teary. She sighed, “Dana what happens now?”

“I don’t know…” I took her hand in mine, kissing it. I pulled her in close to me, “we all have secrets…” I paused, trying to find the words. “Maybe his is he’s gay… but wants to look straight? Portray the straight lifestyle? You said yourself… you’ve cheated…” I said and felt a tingle in my crotch at the taboo thought of her sleeping around. “Maybe that’s the life. Picture perfect on the outside, and dirty on the inside.”

“Has he been with men?” She asked me.

I couldn’t help but giggle, “I don’t know… how would I know?”

“True… I thought maybe… I don’t know.” She looked out through the window. She was thinking about something.

“Are you okay?” I asked her, rubbing her cheek with my knuckles.

“Last night in the heat of the moment…” she said hanging her head, “you told me to fuck him… fuck Steven and let him cum inside of me…”

I looked at her. “Yes…”

“You already saw the videos. You knew he was gay.” She said matter of fact.

“I did.” I told her and I could feel the shakiness in my voice.

“You knew you’d eat me out again… it wasn’t a fluke, something that kinky and passionate…” she said to me.

“Yes… I hoped I would.” I told her.

She snapped back, “you knew you would.”

“Yes…” I answered sheepishly.

“Tell me why…” she demanded.

“Why?” I asked her, wanting more.

“Yes… why you wanted me to let Steven cum inside of me.”


“Tell me.” She demanded again.

I breathed in heavily, “Because, Jane… I wanted to taste him inside of you.” I told her, my legs felt like jello.

She looked at me, her face an inch from mine.

“Him?” She asked me.

“Steven, my son.” I reluctantly told her.

She leaned in kissing me, her tongue intertwining with mine. She grabbed my hand and slid it into her underwear, revealing her soaking wet pussy.

I pulled my face back, “so you like that?” I asked her.

“Yes, I do.” She said and kissed me again. “I want to see the videos…”

She grabbed my hand and walked me into the bedroom. Steven’s laptop was sitting on the dresser.

Jane grabbed the laptop and moved to the bed, nodding me to follow. I did.

She opened it up, and clicked on the locked folder.


“Any ideas?” She asked.

“Hmmmm.” I thought for a second.

“How’d you get in?” She asked me.

“He left it on the kitchen counter… unlocked.” I said to her. Telling some of the truth.

“Damn!” She howled.

“Sadie… his first dog.”

She typed.


“Sadiegirl” I told her, “that’s what he always called her.”

She typed, and the folder unlocked.

“OMG” she said softly.

She was cute.

She opened the file and started looking around. The mouse stopped on a file: DICK WITH TITS


There were 20 plus videos.

She clicked one.

The video showed a girl with a tiny little skirt on and her pink little dick peeking out from underneath. She looked to be around 18.

“My god… she’s cute.” Jane moaned.

“She is.” I agreed.

A stud walked into the room and grabbed her by the neck, and slapped her ass. He kissed her hard the bent her over and lifted her skirt to expose her tight pink asshole.

“I can’t believe…” Jane started.

“I couldn’t either, Jane.”

“Fuck.” She moaned.

I slid her sweats down past her ass and I pushed up against her. “Keep watching…” I whispered into her ear then dropped to my knees.

I spread her ass open and buried my face into her. I could smell her as I licked, tasting her.

“Yes mommy…” she moaned as her pussy dripped onto my tongue.

She was drenched, her little cunt spasming as I ate her ass while she watched the tight young tranny get fucked.

Jane turned around, and pulled me up kissing me.

“I bet you wish you could taste his cum huh?” Jane said to me between kisses.

I thought I’d play her game, “who’s cum, baby?”

“Mmm your son… my husband’s cum…”

“Fuck yes…” I said and meant it 1000%.

She stopped kissing me and held my face. “Dana…” she was breathing hard, “I want to watch Steven fuck another man.”

“Yeah?” I asked her.

“Yes…” she said staring at me.

“Me too, Jane… I want to watch Steven fuck and get fucked…”

“Yeah?” Her breathing was heavier. “Who, Dana… who?”

“A man. A daddy… a tranny. Anyone with a very hard dick.” I moaned.

“Could you really watch him… knowing?” Jane asked.

“Knowing what, Jane?”

“That he’s your boy… your blood… your son.”

I kissed her, letting my mouth hang over hers. I knew she could taste her ass on me… I could smell it between our lips. “Yes… I could watch. I want to smell the sex.”

She kissed me and came without me touching her again. Her body shook and her eyes rolled back.

When she came to, I was looking at her pretty face.

“That felt so amazing.” She whispered.

“It looked amazing.” I said to her and kissed her.


Steven and Roger arrived back at the cabin within an hour or so of our last encounter.

I watched Jane greet Steven with a little more pop to her.

“Hey babe!” She said throwing her arms around him.

“Hey you.” He said back, excitedly.

Jane and Steven have always had a good relationship and seemed happy until somewhat recently. I wondered… if the two of them actually shared their kinks and taboos with each other, they’d get along better… emotionally, and sexually. I suspect that they would.

They retreated to their bedroom, and Roger went to shower.

I started preparing dinner when I heard Jane’s voice.

I stood outside the room and pressed my ear to the door.

“Let me…” Jane persisted.

“Jane, seriously? What…”

“I want to…” she whispered. “Do you not want it…?” She asked him.

I risked cracking the door so I could see what was going on.

Jane was in her underwear and tee, and had her arms around Steven’s hips as she tried to grab at his ass covered by only his underwear.

He was shirtless, and his muscles flinched every time he tried to hold her back.

She moved quickly sliding his briefs down exposing his ass. “Turn around…”

“Yeah?” He questioned her. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Yes…” she told him as she pushed him around with little to no effort. “You… sex… being here… that’s what has gotten into me.”

As he kneeled on the bed, she crouched behind him, spreading him apart.

She smelled him, breathing him in. Then, she kissed his puckered hole, sliding her tongue over the sacred spot.

His briefs barely covered his ball sack, only exposing his tante and hairy asshole.

I bit my lip as it quivered. I was turned on by the two of them.

“Do you like that?” She asked him.

Steven breathed heavily. “Yes.”

She slid her hand to his crack, and began thumbing at his asshole.

I watched him, his movements of panic as his eyes and head quickly farted around the room.

He was looking for his laptop.

It was there, on the dresser, open… and the file was unlocked.

Steven turned around abruptly. “Jane, no…”

Jane leaned into him, whispering something into his ear.

“No… I… I don’t… I don’t like that.” Steven lied.

I wondered what she was thinking. That she was wrong? He truly didn’t like that? He was gay or bi or taboo…

“I thought…” Jane struggled to find the words. “I thought I’d do something different. Spice it up. Jesus… we haven’t had sex… I thought maybe that’s why you’ve been distant, detached, uninterested.”

“Jane, I’m just busy with work is all.” Steven said as he rubbed his face and covered his flaccid cock.”

“I know…” she said in retreat.

“Did you use my laptop for something?” He asked as he pulled up his boxers and walked over to it, locking it and closing it.

Jane was suddenly hit with the realization that Steven had noticed the file, and that he may have been caught.

I was praying that she’d blame me or something.

“No.” She told him and paused. “Your mom, she changed out our sheets when I showered earlier. Maybe she…” she froze. “Why?”

Steven snapped his head back toward her. “It has work stuff on it and it looks like it was played with.”

“Why are you so worried about it?” Jane kept going. “What’s on there?”

“Work stuff, Jane.”

“Show me…” Jane persisted.

“Jane, seriously? Leave it be.” Steven was agitated.

I could understand… Steven was gay or at the very least, bi. He’s hidden it for so long, it had to frustrate him to not be able to be him.

But, Jane knew… at least now she knew, and she was just about to embrace it.

“I’m sorry.” Jane said and retreated.

I moved quickly, as I heard my bedroom door open and Roger walked out.

“Hey…” Roger said looking at his phone. “I got a call from Russ… we might get the Halton contract. I’m going to have to head back today to work on it with them.” He walked over and kissed me. “I’m sorry babe.”

“Are you kidding me, that’s great news! You need to get on the road.” I pushed him.

Within 20 minutes, Roger had left the three of us here to fend for ourselves.

I was happy for him. It was a new build that they’ve been trying to get for the last year.


I had gone back to preparing dinner, and had just gotten out all the makings for a salad when Steven walked out.

“Hey hunny.” I greeted him, maybe a bit awkwardly.

“Hi.” He said. “Did you look at my laptop today?” He questioned.

“Umm no. Why?”

“I don’t know. File was open. I made sure to lock it.” He shot back.

“The file?” I asked him.

“Yes.” He was agitated.

I put the lettuce, carrots, and cucumbers into the colander and washed them really well, keeping myself from looking at him.

I finally turned toward him. He had on some sort of work out shorts and a sweatshirt.

“Why don’t you tell her?” I asked him.

“Shh… Jesus mom.” He hushed me. “She dozed off but damn… I don’t want her to hear.”

Frustrated, I ignored him and turned and began cutting up the lettuce and carrots.

“I’m sorry.” He started. “She was trying to be all…” he searched for words, “kinky I guess. She was trying to be sexual in a kinky way… it’s just not her… so I don’t know if she found it and was testing me or what.”

I laughed and turned toward him, cucumber in my hand. “Testing you, Steven? Really… how so?”

He got closer to me, keeping his voice low. “She wanted to rim me, play with my… backdoor. Like massaging her finger into me.”

“Look, what happened the other night… I’m sorry…”

“Mom don’t start that, it was a one…”

I cut him off, “let me finish. What happened the other night shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Do you think she’d ever guess that? Ever guess that you… or me for that matter, are that dark? That taboo?” I held my finger up to my lips, “shhhh… don’t answer. Of course she wouldn’t guess it, not in a million years. But, let me ask you this… what about her? Maybe she has just as kinky taboo fantasies, and she’s too nervous to tell you.”

“She doesn’t…” he shot back. “Trust me… she’s not kinky.”

“Maybe she says the same thing about you…” I shot right back at him. “When she’s talking to her friends… she says ‘my husband is a prude.'” I paused thinking. “Let me ask you this, Steven… you like men, their sex, their scent, their bodies… but you have a wife. Why?”

He shrugged, “I love her…”

I laughed, “are you turned on by women or not, Steven?”

“It depends I guess…” he answered back nervously.

I eyed him, “on what?”

He dropped his head. “I don’t know…”

“Yes you do.” I shot back at him. “This is the problem, Steven. You aren’t honest with her. It’s not fair for you to call her a prude, if you haven’t given her the chance to react positively or negatively to what you like. But she’ll never get that chance, if you don’t give it to her.” I put my hand on his chin, and pulled his face up to mine. “I didn’t see a single video with a girl in it. So I’m asking you, what does it depend on? Because to me, you’re gay, straight or bi…” I kissed him softly and let my free hand feel for his reaction. “So which one is it?”

I felt his dick expanding beneath his shorts.

“Tell me…” I pushed

I handed him the cucumber and turned around, pushing my ass out toward him. I lifted my nightgown, presenting myself to him.

I walked up right behind me, pressing into me. I could feel the nervousness in his body. I felt the coolness of the cucumber tapping at my upper thighs, right at my pussy.

“I like men… a lot.” He slid my panties to the side and pressed the cucumber into me. He leaned into my ear as he slid the vegetable inside of my body. “I like women that like men…”

“Oh yeah?” I asked softly.

“Yes… I’m a freak.” He said between breaths.

I pushed back, taking the cucumber deep inside of me.

“So am I.” I had to hold back from coming it felt so damn good. I reached back and grabbed his dick. “So is Jane.”

Stephen stepped back, maybe in shock or disbelief.

“Jane…?” He asked.

The orgasm hit me hard as the cucumber fell to the floor.

I turned around and watched his cock slowly go soft beneath the thin material.

“After dinner, lets all have some drinks and talk…” I said with a trembling voice.

I walked away from him and retreated to my room.


Dinner was pleasant. A few awkward moments but that was about it.

We all had some laughs… most of them at the expense of Roger, and his neuroticisms.

We washed the dishes, and Steven made us some Irish coffees.

We lit a fire, and gathered round. There was silence. We sat there, just enjoying the moment, sipping our hot coffee, relaxing for a change.

I wanted to say something… anything to move the space and time along, but couldn’t find the words.

Jane shifted nervously… a bit anxious.

I wondered if she knew about Steven and I. Part of me wanted her to… part of me, the motherly part, felt like I had betrayed her… my daughter in-law.

But, she had told me that she cheated on Steven. That she craved cock. Her words.

And I had shown her the videos on the laptop… the gay men… Steven also craves cock…

“Is Roger gonna try to make it back up?” Jane asked, breaking the ice.

“I wish… but I doubt it. Just the three of us…” I said back to her.

“Not a bad thing…” she shot back.

I gave a wicked grin, “no it’s not at all…” I shifted, “sooooo…” I was hesitant on what to say, “hmmmmm should we play a game?”

Steven looked over at me, “like?”

“I don’t know!” I said throwing my arms up.

We all started laughing.

“I have an idea…” I said, “how about I give Jane a crash lesson in massage?”

We laughed again.

“And who does this benefit?” Jane asked sarcastically, “him?”

I giggled.

“Well…” Steven started to defend himself. “She suggested it…”

“I mean I’m all for it…” Jane jumped at the opportunity before it got awkward.

“Done… let’s do it.” I stood up, “get to your comfort level, and I’ll grab some lotion and oil, and we’ll get started. Drape yourself with the blanket.” I told him and got up and walked to my room.

I slid on a pair of yoga pants and walked back out into the living room. There was a soft glow from the fire, much like the first time I massaged Steven… except this time I’d be doing it with his wife.

Jane came walking out of their room wearing a pair of pajama shorts and a tee.

Steven was under the thin blanket, covering his waist down.

“Okay, are you ready?” Jane asked Steven playfully.

“I guess so…” Steven grunted.

I kneeled down beside Steven’s body, and Jane did the same.

I opened up the oil, “just breath in, let your body relax and heal…”

“Mm smells good.” Jane whispered.

I poured some of the oil onto his back and started massaging it into him.

Steven breathed hard. I grabbed Jane’s hand and guided it to one side of his back, as I worked the other side.

“Just like that.” I encouraged her.

Steven shifted his body and I wondered if he was getting turned on.

“Mm feels good.” Steven muttered into the pillow his face was buried in.

“Good sweetie… this is all for you.” I smiled at Jane as I said it.

I slowly moved the blanket as we got to his gluteal muscle. I tucked the material around his private area and the crack of his ass.

Both Jane and I took a cheek, and began massaging. With each motion, the blanket slowly slid down off of his crack, exposing him. I moved to grab the material and bring it back up over his exposed area, but changed pushed my hand back. She looked up at me and gave me a wicked grin.

Jane let her fingers massage inward toward Steven’s crack of his ass. She kept going, looking up at me then down at her husband’s ass. I could feel my pussy tingle with electricity.

She let her fingers slide into the canyon between his cheeks, and I could tell by the lust in her face that she was touching Steven’s asshole.

His body shifted and his moaned. It was an almost uncomfortable shift, as though ‘this feels good but my wife is here…’

I wondered if he thought it was me touching his most private area without Jane knowing it.

“Does that feel good baby?” Jane asked him.

“Yes…” he moaned into the pillow. “Really good…”

“Yeah?” Jane asked as she leaned down into him and licked down the crack of his ass.

“Oh my god…” Steven moaned.

I mouthed the same thing to Jane as her head came up.

Jane leaned over Steven’s body and wrapped her hand around my head, pulling me into a kiss.

I could taste him. Sweet… salty… bitter…

“Mmm” I moaned into her mouth.

I felt Steven shift, turning at his upper body, lifting his head up. He looked right at us kissing.

“What…” Steven started.

“Shhhh…” Jane hushed him. “Lay down babe… let us rub you.”

I looked at Jane, the wicked, devilish grin spreading across her face… there was something about her.

She grabbed my head again, and pushed me down to Steven’s ass. I licked as he moaned and turned to face me…

“Mmm Dana, eat him… I’ll be right back…” Jane moaned and left the room.

“What the…” I said looking at my son.

Jane was quick and came walking back in holding the laptop.

“I was looking around, and I stumbled upon this crazy little video…” she said as she tapped on the keys.

She sat down next to us, and Steven turned to look… something different crossed his face, something darker.

Jane hit play, “I think you’ll like this one, mommy.”


It was a dingy motel room, and the date in the right hand corner of the video showed that it was shot a couple months ago.

“Hey babe, come out here.” It was Steven’s voice behind the camera.

Jane came walking out of the bathroom in a pair of white panties and a tank.

“Mmm filming already?” She said to the camera.

She crawled onto the bed and the camera followed her to Steven’s dick.

“Fuck I’m so horny. Where the fuck is he? I hope he’s bigger than you baby… I want to taste that sweet cum so fucking bad.” Jane moaned as she played with Steven’s hard dick.

“Yeah baby? You gonna eat is cum out of me while he’s fucking you?” Steven shot back.

“Mmm fuck, I want it.” She said in a devilish way. She then looked right at the camera, “you know what else I really want, baby?”

“Tell me…” Steven suggested.

There was a tap at the door, and Jane turned toward it, then back to the camera.

“Mmm baby… I’ll tell you after her leaves.”

She got off the bed and Steven followed her path to the door.

Jane unlocked it, and the guy… kid walked in. He was about 18, Hispanic with tattoos everywhere.

“Fuck you’re cute.” Jane said as she pulled him into the room and started undoing his pants.

“Mm babe, he is fucking cute.” Steven filmed as Jane pulled out the strangers dick, “and uncut…”

“Fuck.” Jane took him into her mouth and started sucking. “Mmmmm” she moaned around his meat.

Steven moves in closer, “suck him babe, get him fucking hard.”

Jane grabbed the camera and pulled her mouth off. “Suck him babe… lick his sexy dick.”

Steven moved in and started sucking him hard and deep.

Jane passed the camera up to the stranger and she started licking him with Steven. Both of the sucking him hard and long.

“Here sexy boi, gimme that…” Jane took the camera, “babe get on all fours…”

Steven got on all fours as the stranger reached over and grabbed a condom from his jeans that were now on the floor. He slid it on and got back behind Steven and started rubbing his dick into Steven’s asshole.

“Mmmm sweetie… mmhmm… no no no…” she grabbed at the strangers dick and pulled at the condom. She slid it off, then licked his precum off of the tip. “We don’t use these sweetie… we want to feel, smell, and taste every little part of this.”

The strangers duck twitched and precum oozed out from his piss hole. Jane grabbed him, rubbing the head into her husband.

“Fuck yes… fucking bare… raw as fuck.” Steven moaned as he felt him enter.

“Fucking bare, baby.” Jane whispered into the strangers ear.

The stranger tensed up and Jane watched his balls tighten, “oh fuck…” he moaned as he started to cum.

Jane watched as her husband began shooting his own load onto the floor beneath them.

“Yeah that feel good coating your insides?” Jane asked her husband.

“So damn good.”

The stranger pulled out, still pulsating, coated in cum and ass. He looked for his pants.

“I…” he started.

Jane got close to him, grabbing his dick, “no hun… I want to feel the last little bit…” she said as she pulled her panties aside and pulled the strangers dick into her. “Mmmm fuck baby he does feel good.”

Steven moved to his face, “clean me off sexy.” He told the stranger as he put his dick into his mouth.

The stranger sucked Steven until he went soft inside of his mouth.

Jane slid off the strangers dick, “mm that felt good. Even though it was the leftovers.” She said with a wicked laugh.

The stranger dressed and said by nervously as he left the room.

Steven has the camera, and looked at Jane. “Fuck baby, he was hot.”

“I know… I wanted to feel him cum.” She said back, looking at the camera.

“You gonna tell me what else you really want, baby?” Steven asked her, holding the camera on her face.

“Mmmmm” she giggled in a dark deviant way, “I want us to seduce your mother…” she whispered, and bit her lip.

There was heavy breathing coming off the camera from Steven. Then, the camera moved down janes body, and stopping on Steven’s cock. He was rock hard.

“You like that idea, baby?” Jane whispered then moved her hand to his dick.

“I do…” Steven said as his dick spasmed.

The video cut out to black.


I sat there looking at the black screen of the video on the laptop.

Then, Janes voice snapped me back to the real.

“Dana… mommy… I want to eat my husband’s cum out of you.” Janes whispered.

“Mmm” was all I could manage, as I slid my bottoms down past my ass.

I leaned forward onto all fours, and felt my son position himself behind me.

“Fuck, you’re dripping onto my dick.” Steven said as he pushed into me.

“Oh god, fuck sweetie.” I moaned hard.

“Fuck…” Jane got close to us, touching both of us, “you two look beautiful… so erotic and taboo… I can smell the incest.”

She crawled underneath me, so that her mouth was at my pussy.

“Cum inside of her baby… do it…” Jane mouthed as she licked me.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck!” Steven

I could feel each and every spasm, and the load of hot seed drive through me.

As soon as I felt him pull from me, I sat up, leaning back onto janes face.

I started to cum as she sucked my son’s cum out of me.

I turned around and kissed her, my pussy at hers, and I could feel her body shake. She had wanted this for a long time, and I could feel the pleasure rush through her soul.

“I love you, sweetie.” I told her as I kissed her.

“Mm I love you mommy.” She said kissing me passionately.

Steven’s dick was inches from our face. I pulled at him, putting him into Jane’s mouth.

We shared him back and forth like that for the next few minutes, until he came between our lips.

“Mmmm I love you both.” I whispered and kissed them.

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