Young guy Raj: part-04

I am enjoying my life with my hubby as well as others and a 19 years guy is a new entry in my sexual life.Raj have got the taste of my hot body thrice as he is 6 years younger to hunger as well as thirst for sex is mounting as I am being fucked for 3-4 times in a week and change of bed partners is also desirable.its a nice morning as I am sitting in balcony with cup of coffee as my hubby Anish have left for his office and maid is working in kitchen (Read prev story Young guy Raj – part 3). Now my mobile started ringing as I walked to dinning hall to pick my mobile and I can see young guy Raj’s number flashing on its I received his call……..

“hi Raj
(Raj)hello Bina ,how are you ?
(Bina)fine and how is your examination going on ?
(Raj)nice ,my both entrance exams happened last week ,are you free right now ?
(Bina)sure but after an hour why?
(Raj)I want to meet you Bina.”


As I put mobile on table and walked towards washroom to put my towel and clothes there for bath.after a while,maid left my home as I moved inside washroom and removed my night gawn,now I am nude as I am having bath in washroom.after a while ,I came out of washroom as I am in my room thinking about my I am standing infront of mirror as I am looking my nude body,stretching my legs wider ,I can see little hairs on my vagina as I put a red brassier on my boobs and a G string on waist to cover my vaginal I walked to kitchen as I took my breakfast and than while sitting on sofa in my undergarments only ,I am waiting for Raj to come so I took my mobile and called him……

“hello Raj
(Raj)yes Bina ,are you free now
(Bina)yes I am waiting for you.”

As I put a gawn on my body to cover my hot body and than walked to bedroom to put everything properly as this room remains vacant .now I changed the bedsheet as I walked to dinning hall to watch t.v and door bell started ringing ,so I opened the door and Raj is standing there with a small bag on his hand…….

“come inside you smart guy.”

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And he is sitting on sofa as I walked to kitchen and came back with two I can see Raj opening his bag and took out bottles of beer ,while sitting near him,I opened the seal of bottle as I started putting it in we both are drinking beer as I ask him……..

“Raj close your eyes for a while ,I will give you a surprise.”

As he closed his eyes ,I removed my gawn and now I kissed his face……..

“now you can see.”

As Raj opened his eyes ,his eyes is on my lovely semi nude body and while drinking beer ,he put his hand on my thigh as he is rubbing it……..

“you are too sexy Bina , love to fuck you till evening
(Bina unbuttoning his shirt)Raj ,I need a good fuck with you but I want to say something special
(Raj rubbing my thigh)sure you can
(Bina)I need a gangbang party ,will you arrange for it
(Raj kissed my lips)sure you bitch ,my 3-4 friends with me can make you cry on bed
(Bina unzipping his jeans)ok I will call you for that but make sure that guys will never reveal the secret.”

As I removed his jeans with his vest and undies ,Raj is nude and now after drinking beer ,I hold him in my arms as I started kissing his face and lips.raj is a young guy as he sits on my lap with his legs wrapped on my waist and now we both are kissing eachother.I have hold him in my arms as he took my lips in his mouth to suck ,I am pressing my boobs hard on his Raj hold my hairs as he pushed his tongue in my mouth and I am sucking his tongue as my back is getting his soft I can feel Raj’s hand unhooking my brassiere as my boobs are nude,Raj pushed my face as his tongue is out of my he left my lap as he is sitting near me and now he hold my boobs as he took my breast in his mouth to hand have hold his penis as I am masturbating it slowely and Raj is pressing my other boobs as his other hand moves to my waist.she got the strings of panty as he opened it and I took out my panty as he is sucking my other boobs ,now I am screaming in joy…….

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“oohh uumm Raj fuck me soon ,my cunt is in fire.”

As he left my boobs and now sits on my legs,I put my sexy ass on sofa’s corner as my legs are wide spread.looking at me ,Raj put his nose on my vagina as he smelt it hard and now he is kissing my hand is on his hairs as I put my fingers to widend the hole ,Raj pushed his tongue in my vagina as he is licking it while massaging my breast.He is novice in sex as he is enjoying a older lady and he is licking my vagina like a dog,my hand is on his head as I am pushing his face towards my cunt and I am shouting……

“oohh aahh Raj now fuck me you dog.”

And he took my vagina in his mouth as he is sucking it wildely.later on he left my vagina as I walked to washroom to pee,now I walked to dinning hall as Raj is putting beer in glasses and I sits on his legs as he gave me a glass full of beer and while drinking it ,my hand have hold his cock just massaging it I put my lips on his penis as I am kissing it with my fingers in his pubic hair and than I removed his skin of dick as I started rubbing it’s glans on my face and lips.I love to feel it’s touch as I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it like a mouth have hold his cock as my face is moving up and down and Raj is screaming in pleasure…….

“oohh aahh you bitch leave my cock soon.”

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And I took out his cock as my tongue is licking it’s saliva of my mouth.raj put his hand on my breast as he is pressing it and now I ask him…….

“Raj come with me.”

We both walked to bedroom nudely.
Now I slept on bed like a whore with my legs spread and he is sitting in between my thighs while holding his cock .Raj put his glans in my cunt as he is pressing his penis in my vagina with his hand on my waist ,my cunt swallowed his cock as he started fucking me with speed as well as power ,he is a trainee fucker as he have got the first cunt to fuck in his he is pounding my vagina hard as he slept on my top ,now my lips are on his lips as I hold him in my arms and now started bouncing my sexy ass to enhance our sexual vagina is in fire as Raj is giving me a nice fuck and I am shouting……..

“oohh aahh Raj fuck me hard.”

And my boobs are brushing on his chest as he is fucking me for 5-6 minutes ,I know his potential of penis but I screamed…….

“oohh uumm Raj fuck me hard ,I will cum soon ” and my vagina is wet as juice started dripping out and Raj put his face on my vagina as he is licking my cunt to taste it’s Raj is sitting on bed as I am on my knees and elbows,like a bitch and while sitting on my back ,Raj pushed his dick in my glory hole as he started fucking me wet cunt is getting the fuck of a teenager as I started swinging my ass wildly and his hand hold my boobs as we both are enjoying fuck on bed ,after some time ,Raj shouted……

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