You and Me – You find it too big for you today

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Hi I am Rahul. “You and Me” is love of you and me. We both are grown-up and matured, with average looks and body stats. This is our third meeting today. Previous all were great and so will be today. We are completely in each other and appreciate being together.

I checked in the Hotel room and messaged you the room number.
You came in the room and kept your bag on the table. We hug and kiss standing close to the table. We move back and reach the bed side. You pushed me on the bed and I sat, with my feet on the floor. You pulled my T-Shirt then the vest. You made me stand up and removed my jeans and briefs. I am substantially hard. You pushed me back to sit and went on your knees and kissed it, moved your tongue all over and sucked it, then. You gave me nice in and out of your mouth. You pulled your mouth and stood back. You tell me to take off your clothes now. I was about to stand but you said “No, do it sitting”. I sat back, and stretched my arm to take off your top. You are in Palazzo Pants and Top, waist length, elbow length sleeves. I move your Top to your head and you help me take it off. I open the button of your pants and you help me to loosen it. I slide down your Pants. You are in Panty and Bra. It is Kombu Green coloured. It is looking sexy on you.

I pull you close to me and touch your breasts over your bra. Pull you in my hug and Insert my head in your bosom. My hands move on your back, unhook your bra and take it off. You run your fingers through my hair, pulling my head on your boobs and I take your left breast in my mouth. I move my left hand on your back, just above hips and right hand down to your pussy. You hold your breast upright helping me to have you more in my mouth. I am having your breast, sucking it deep and down I move my finger across your cunt lips. I open your cunt lips and move my finger lengthwise in your cunt lips, opening them. Your cunt lips have engulfed my finger length. You get wet. I move my finger tip in your vagina. Insert it further and in. You are getting wetter. You pull your breast out from my mouth and let my finger out. You push me back. I recline my body backwards with support of my hands back on the bed.

You turn your back on my face. Open your legs, bend down little, move your hand between your open legs and hold my dick. It is hard and straight. You lower your waist, your cunt to my tip. Gradually start lowering your cunt on my penis. It is getting in slowly and slowly. You open your legs more. Put your hands on my thighs and shift your body weight on your arms. I am thick and large. You adjust it and continue. It is half in. You hold there for a while resume your move. It is difficult for you to take in further. You hold and say, ufff it is thick. Yet, you move and it gets in more. Somehow you get ok with the thickness but it is the length now concerning. Slowly you move up and down to generate more lubrication for easy entry. It is better now, gets in more yet there is much more left. You are trembling and struggling to take more, but no more going in. You say, your length is so much. Your bottom doesn’t seem to be coming. Finally you quit saying, “I can’t go further down. You seem to have increased your length, how did you do it“? Saying this you stood up and pulled me. “You do now, do some different way today”.

We moved to the side by work table. I cleared the table, table lamp and writing pad etc. But the table is cold. I ask you to wait and I get the bath towel. I spread it on the table top. I turn you, your back on my face. I bend you little on the table. You lean with your hands on the table. Held my penis and move it in between your butts parting. You raise yourself on your toes easing me to reach you. I move my penis locating your vagina. It finds its right point and my tip touch the cunt lips. You and I are in hurry to have it in you. I am hard and erect, you are fully wet and waiting. I move ahead and enter. I take due care and go slow, very slow, the dick moves in and more in. You start feeling its thickness, separating your cunt walls with its travelling in you. You moan with its each inch forward. You bend more on the table. Your breasts rest on the table, getting crushed under your body weight. I move my palm below your boobs, you raise your chest up, giving me space and I grab your boobs. Gently squeeze them while moving in and out of you. I make some more moves and then stop. You are on your toes all this time and it is lot tiresome to you.

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