Wife receives long fantasized surprise

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For my wife’s 54th birthday, I surprised her with something we had talked and fantasized about for several years. This birthday she was receiving the undivided attention of 2 men. My reward would be to watch her completely used and abused.

Here’s the standard “who we are” info. I’m 60 and though still active can’t give Emmy what I used to and what any 2 guys still can. Emmy is still a stunner at 54. She’s 5’7″, C-cup breasts that still look and feel great, a great ass that begs for attention and a puffy lipped pussy that is oh so accommodating. All this on a set of long legs that any 30 year old would be proud to have. After 4 kids she does have a slight belly, but it’s firm due to our gym sessions. Her half Irish-half Asian ancestry gave her a wonderful olive complexion along with her black hair (short) and brown eyes, all complemented with a full pouty-lipped mouth.

I had been trying to figure out how I could find 2 younger guys that I wouldn’t have to worry about. Sometimes things just fall into place. While we were at the gym one evening, I was finishing up my routine and watching my sexy wife across the room on a treadmill. Her breasts were moving so enticingly that I started to get hard. She refused to wear a sports bra because it felt too confining. Good thing I had a towel in my hand to cover this predicament. While I was watching I noticed Jim and Ron enter and say Hi to Emmy. Not seeing me, they stopped and made small talk. All the while her breasts were bouncing for them and she had flirty smile on her face.

I moved into the dressing area so they wouldn’t see me. A few minutes went by before I heard them say bye to Emmy and head for the dressing room. I quickly stepped into the last stall. I was curious if they would make any comments about her. It began almost as soon as they entered. Thinking they were alone they began making comments about what a sexy older woman she was and how they wouldn’t mind getting to know her much better.

Jim said, “The hell with getting to know her better. I would like to flat out fuck her.”

To which Ron responded, “I would love to have those pouting lips of hers wrapped around my cock. Well I guess we can both keep dreaming.”

We were both familiar with Jim and Ron as we had run into each other at the gym over the last year and occasionally into one or the other around town. They were both mid-to-late 30’s professionals in reasonably good shape. Jim was a light skinned black man while Ron was red headed Irish looking. They looked to be about 6′ or so tall. I felt my search had ended.

I exited the stall to their immediate embarrassment. Before they could say anything, I said, “I’m in total agreement with you both. How would you like to have your, mine and Emmy’s fantasies come true?”

They both looked at me strangely until I explained my plans for her birthday. After I convinced them I was serious, they became very enthusiastic. I explained that the surprise was about a month away on a Friday night. That way if things went well, it could continue into Saturday. I told them that until then every time they saw her at the gym, I would make myself scarce and they were to flirt with her as much as she would allow. As for the “big event”, anything goes so long as Emmy agrees. I expected them to use and abuse her until she couldn’t stand up or better yet, until she passed out. Even then they could continue if they were still up to it. Need I mention that they eagerly agreed?

Over the next month they were true to my request. They would stop and flirt with Emmy every chance they could; helping with a routine in such a way that their hands would accidentally brush a breast or her ass, staring at her bouncing breasts on the treadmill.

While watching TV one evening, I asked Emmy about all the attention she seemed to be getting from Jim and Ron and she just chuckled and said, “They’re just being helpful. They’re both nice guys.” By the look in her eyes and the smile on her lips I could tell she was definitely thinking more than that. I asked her if maybe they were coming on to her. She replied that they were at least 20 years younger than her. What could they possibly see in her that would interest them?

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