Good time with teacher Ethel

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My name is Linu am from southern part of Tamil Nadu. This incident revolves around an intimate relationship between my young teacher and me.when am doing my 11th std .Her Ass and her thigh makes everyone to stare mouth open.

Friends this is true incident happened in my life ,

Months passed by. I and my young teacher Ethel got intimately close. We become very close during the month april during book distribution to small class.

Sometimes during her class hour, I would just stare at her white waist in her saree. I would try to locate her navel. Most of the times, she would notice me staring, and cover herself with the saree.
I once winked at my teacher and hinted to her that her Petticoat was teared and revels her sexy legs from her knee , through the see through saree , but she brush her thigh near my shoulder and passed me as she walked past me.

Later she called me to meet her in the evening after school hours in staffroom , No one was their at that time , I was little afraid why she called me, She asked me why I winked at her , I just hesitated to reply she asked again and again then I convey that her petticoat is teared from her knee and everyone saw her legs through light color saree, She become shy and asked me have u seen it , I told I saw it and want feel her bare legs ,I asked her repeatedly shall I touch you bare leg once , after a minute pass she told me in tamil [ ennoda mooti varaikum thotu paru ]touch till my knee don’t go beyond, I felt happy and sit next to her and fell her legs from her angle slowly ,she just closed her eyes , I moved my hand to her knee , inbetween in press her legs gently , I slowly move my hands to her silkly thighs and inner thighs ,she come to sense and stop me , and told enough, I become disappointed and left the staffroom.

During summer holiday she called me an d my friend to help her in distribution of books to smaller class ,so I and my friend reached the school campus in the morning, Being Summer holidays there was no at school myself and my dream teacher was their , Ethel ask my friend to Collect the keys from the convent, my friend went their , I and my dream teacher sit on the steps of main entrance of the main block waiting for the key to open the shutters ,she sit next to me and talk to me freely about the how am spending time in thie vacation , I took that as an opportunity and place my left hand on her right thigh and gently press it as I am talking to her ,she immediately as me to take my hand that she feels uncomfortable ,but I didn’t, and kept on moving my left hand over thighs above her saree, She closed her eyes and began enjoyed the act [ she told it to me later ] she told me linu kaiyai edu am feeling head ace , she indicate me that my friend is retuning with keys s, I and Ethel come to normal position as nothing happened.

My friend opened the main entrance shutter and we moved in ,my friend take other keys and went open other rooms in the ground floor where the book are placed, I and Ethel was standing near the steps which leads to the first floor ,I stood near the side of the steps by leaning on the wall, with I my left hand I casually caught her left hand ,she immediately gave a naughty simile and Rub my hand over her navel and near the pussy area , on her waist and grabbed her belly tightly, she was looking the other side whether my friend is coming or not ,I don’t know where I got the courage to caught her hands ,we heared the footsteps of my friend I take my hand from her soft belly , and then I moved from her.Ethel and my friend was standing near steps and talking about how to arrange the books As I moved away, I was absolutely surprised and shocked by action Ethel

Later ,Ethel called me to upstair to take some books from staffroom she started to claim the stairs to go to the staffroom I just followed her and watch her beautiful ass swing I just keep my hand on her ass and gently press it , she immediately pull my hands and asked me to come to staff room.

Ethel: , why would you press my Ass ?
Me: what happened ,I am in love with your navel as ass
Me: I was trying to poke your navel, but now I have other ideas.
Ethel: What were those ideas?
Me: I want to poke something a bit lower than your navel,

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