Bengalee Film Queen 25

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Episode : 25

Asraf had driven over six hours to get to the Paradise Hotel where the Annual Bengali Film-Festival 2020 was going on and before that a five days convention was arranged for discussing the future of Bengali films in this current pandemic situation. Sreelekha Mitra, the well-known actress and anchor of a famous TV-show was invited as the chief guest of this convention.

Twenty lucky person were selected from general public through lottery who could attend this convention and Asraf, a very simple guy who was seeking a job for a long time was among them. He’d been a blind fan of Sreelekha since he first saw her in the film “Bhtuer Bhabisshyat” in which she played as a prostitute.

He, all of his teenage life, had been cherished her deeply and never missed her film or TV show. However among all the films of this famous actress he’d seen, he couldn’t forget her seeing in “Debi-Maa.” where she acted as a mother of Porimoni.

He’d fallen in love as soon as he’d seen her in a thin sree-through synthetic black saree with a matching sleeveless blouse in that film. The 18-months hiatus had been one of the longest
periods in his life. And now, finally, he was going to see her in teal!

Asraf stood patiently in the autograph line far over for fifteen minutes.Finally, he made his way up to the front. There she was! Still a beautiful woman after all these years! The saree she was wearing so thin and with a low cut blouse that all the person in the hotel lobby could see most of her perfect boobs through it.

He’d bought a color picture of her to sign, and once it was his turn he handed it to her to sign.

She smiled at him, and said, “Hi. What’s your name?”

Asraf told her, and she began writing on the picture. “Enjoying the convention, so far?”

“Yeah. Well, I really just came to see you.” He said as she looked up a moment at this.

“Just to see me!” Sreelekha looked surprised.

“Yes, I mean I’ve been a big fan of your for years.” He said looking at her and praised her, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh, thanks Asraf.” She looked back down, still signing on her own photograph.

“You probably hear that all the time, though many of your blind-fans, being an actress.”

She laughed. “Sure, but sometimes it’s just a come-on, you know.”

“Well, you should listen to them, cause you’re just as hot now as when you started acting in Bhtuer Bhabisshyat.”

Sreelekha finished signing, and lifted the picture up to her lips, planting a
kiss on the surface. She handed it back to him, and said, “Thanks,

Speechlessly, he took the picture and stepped out of line. Once he got to the side, he looked at the photo. Beneath her red kiss, she wrote in silver pen: “Asraf…. if you don’t mind, please come to Room No. 413, tonight at ten…. Sree.”

His heart was racing throughout the rest of the day. What did she mean? What did she want? Every fanboy thought went through his mind as he tried to figure it out. His stomach tumbled and burned. The rest of the day dragged on, and he wandered through the convention in a daze.

Finally, around 9:30, he showered and changed himself. What could he
expect? And how could he approach her without jumping to conclusions? He took the elevator to the fourth floor. His heart was in his throat…. with every step as he took……409, 410, 411, 412 and finally….413.

He swallowed dryly, and lifted a hand to knock on the door as Sreelekha’s voice came from behind.


Asraf gasped. “Yes.”

“Come in.”

He turned the knob and entered. He looked over the room. He noticed a spacious AC room with few highly sophisticated furniture and a large bed in the middle of the room. That’s when her voice came from a closed door.

“I’ll be just a moment. Grab a seat and get yourself something to drink.”


He went to the small cooler near the bed and opened it, pulling out a
bottle of water. He sat in a chair and opened the bottle….. taking a drink. His throat was so dry. Just then, he heard the door open, and Sreelekha Mitra, the topmost bombshell of Tollywood came out from the adjoining fresh room. He nearly spit out the water.

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