Unexpected night on the road

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I remember when I was 22 I was traveling the country on my motorcycle. I had to conserve my money so I laid my bed roll along side my bike and laid down to get some sleep in a field. I was about to doze off when I heard a womans voice. ” Its supposed to rain tonight, I live in that house right over there if you would like to come in and take a shower and I’ll make you dinner.” I looked up at a woman who seemed to be in her late 20’s I said. “That would be awesome, but will it be okay? You dont even know me.”
“It’s just me and my daughter. I am Julia” I smiled and replied. “my name is Don”. She told me that her daughters name was Ginny.
Julia took my bedroll and bag of clothes and I pushed my bike to follow the average height woman with light blond hair, hip hugging cut off Jean’s and the best part, a tube top hiding her B sized titties. I mean she was sexy and hot. But I knew that I needed to clean up my thinking.

Ginny washed all my clothes while I took a shower. I had some clean shorts that I put on while my clothes were drying

After a good dinner and conversation Julia escorted me to her bed. She told me that she would sleep with Ginny. The summer dress that she changed into showed off her round perky breast, her nipples made themselves known since she wasn’t wearing a bra as the cool breeze blew through the windows. I could also tell that she was not wearing panties.

I pulled down the covers and crawled into bed. I stroked my cock for a minute, fantasizing about Julia then faded to sleep.

The next morning I was awoken by Julia. I seemed like I was dreaming when she began sucking my cock. I moaned, “Oh Julia, oooooh yes, oh yes sweetie” Julia whispered “I want a baby but I dont want the father, when you leave here, don’t come back. If you do there will be severe consequences.”

At the moment I really didn’t care, I was about to put my cock inside the pussy of a hot looking blonde

I noticed that she was not naked, I wanted to take advantage of her. I grabbed her boobs over her dress, they were so firm, her nipples were big and hard. Finally she pulled her dress off and climbed on top of me. She didn’t have any hair around her pussy. She asked me, “do you like young women, I considered her young so I told her that I did. I remember thinking that I wish I could have licked her bald pussy

I made my way to the floor and fucked Julia with my tongue. She laid there squirming as I needed her nipples between my fingers and licking her clit.
She moaned, crying out my name. Don oh Don, I want your cock, fill my womb with your manly cock. .

Her pussy was nice and tight on my cock as I pumped her from behind, kneeling on her bed. I could feel my cock preparing to explode. I laid on the bed and gave her reigns. Julia’s cunt did amazing things to my cock. I told her. ‘I love your bald pussy. For some reason I can’t stop thinking of my first time when I was thirteen and she was eleven.” She smiled and moaned with pleasure as she rode my cock and I fondled her tits. I told her that I wanted to cum inside of her pussy. Instantly she stopped and slid off of me. I was thinking that I said something that I should not have, but what was it? What did I say? I asked as she was leaving the room.

After a couple moments I decided that I better leave since the rain had stopped. But as I stood up I noticed Ginny walking into the room, she too had long blonde hair like her mom, her boobs were barely beyond budding with nipples so light that they faded into her tits. I could barely see a light blonde dusting of pubic hair sprouting out around her cunt.

Ginny stepped up to me and pushed me back so I would fall backwards onto the bed. She laid next to me and took hold of my raging hard on and started jerking me. Julia walked into the room, she whispered in my ear. “Thank you for the orgasms but it’s not my womb that I want you to fill with your seed. Three young men have tried and failed but for some reason I know that you won’t.

“Why do you say that?” I asked. Ginny’s response was. “It takes the right man who would be willing to fuck a twelve year old for her to respond to him positively and we know that you can’t wait to fuck me.

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