The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax

The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax
Jocelyn Jones came home after a grueling twelve hour shift at the hospital, completely and thoroughly wore out. “Robert, are you home?” she called out, as a wonderful aroma filled her nose. “Oh how sweet!” Jocelyn said with a smile, taking off her jacket and making her way towards the kitchen. “Hey baby, dinner smells just wonderful!” she smiled as he turned, and Jocelyn saw something that was simply out of this world.

Robert heard mom come in and he quickly looked down at his swollen cock. ‘Oh fuck, she’s going to see him and shit her panties!’ he thought, as he tried his best to will his erection to go down, but it was hard as steel, thinking of the sexy lady that was now right behind him.

“Hi mom,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t notice, but as he turned around, her big blue eyes were right on it and she gave him a sweet smile. “How was your day?” he asked, walking to her and holding out his arms to her for a hug. “You look really tried,” he whispered, as they hugged, as mom felt as if she was literally melting into his body.

She saw his stiff cock and figured he was thinking of her again. As of the last six months or so, Robert started flirting with her, kissing her on the lips and hugging her with full blown hard-on’s. She loved being treated so nice and it also felt good to know that she turned a man on again, even if that man was her son.

“I’m utterly bushed and in need of a long back massage! Do you know any handsome young men that would be willing to help out an ole’ lady in need!” she said with a laugh, as Robert pressed completely against her thigh. ‘Oh God, please don’t do that, baby! I’m so fucking horny already and you’re killing me!’ she thought, as her son’s very stiff prick smashed into her thigh, only inches away from her burning pussy, she could feel him through her uniform pants.

Robert heard mom and he laughed. “Mom, if you ever told any of my friends that…there would be a line down the street, and I’m positive that they’d be willing to give you more than just a back massage too!” he laughed, as she leaned in to look in his eyes. “Mom, they’re just like me…they would want to um…give you something extra!” Robert added with a wink, as mom’s face turned red.

“Robert! You better behave yourself or I’ll be forced to send you to your room!” she teased, and pulled away. “I need a cold beer and do you have any more pot? That stuff really helps my poor back and stops all the pain” Jocelyn said, as she got a beer, thinking of one other thing his pot did for her. It made her hornier than at any other time in her life and she wanted that feeling again.

Robert watched mom and his cock throbbed. She had dark, silky black hair that went to the middle of her back and she kept it in a ponytail at work. When she came home, Robert would gently take it down and brush her hair. Her face wasn’t the best he’d ever seen, but she was beautiful to him and she reminded him of ‘Olive Oil’ on an old cartoon he watched as a kid. Her nose was long, slender and sexy. She had big, puffy lips and beautiful white teeth.

Her breast were…what’s a good word to describe them…gigantic. Mom was a 34 EE and she was five feet eleven inches tall. Her stomach wasn’t toned or anything, but it was sexy and only twenty eight inches. Her ass, hips and thighs were real sexy and in good shape, from all the walking mom did at the hospital, and her ass was only thirty seven inches. Mom’s legs were long, slender and sexy as hell. They were toned from all the walking, and when mom was off, she wore nothing but high heels.

“Sure mom, I always have some, I even got a new bag today. It’s twice as good and it is so smooth! You’ll be in heaven and after smoking it mom, you won’t be in any pain whatsoever!” he said, as he flipped over a piece of meat he was cooking. ‘And if I’m lucky, I’ll get to rub all of you and maybe a little more!’ he thought, as he felt his cock jump.

“Mmmm, good! I can’t believe that it’s illegal, and the government wastes so much money busting normal, average people like us. It’s so stupid, why don’t they make it legal already, tax it and just let people smoke it!” Jocelyn said, as she moved to sit at the counter, while enjoying watching Robert’s tall, lean body in the small pair of shorts he wore. She knew this was so wrong, but it felt so good, and Jocelyn loved being in such close proximity to her son.

He was six foot three and had a smooth, toned body from swimming and diving in high school. His hair was black, thick, and kept it combed back. His eyes were dark blue, and so sexy. Robert had a nice, manly chest, and Jocelyn loved when they hugged. His hips were normal size, but there was something Robert had that wasn’t normal at all. His cock was huge, and it was constantly hard, and it always stayed erect whenever she was within view.

‘I hope I can keep this under control and not go all the way with him.’ She thought, as he turned and she saw his massive erection sticking out the side of his thin shorts. It was just the head of it, but it was big and round, and Jocelyn thought of what it would feel like, as it pushed into her needy pussy. ‘Oh my God!’ she moaned to herself, and felt her juices oozing from between her legs.

“Hey, your snake has escaped and it’s aiming at me!” Jocelyn laughed, as she looked deep into his eyes. She could sense his need for her love, but it was incest and against the law.

He looked down, smiled and turned to her. “Oh no, I guess he did!” Robert said, as he looked back into mom’s face, and could see the want and desire in her beautiful eyes. He gently put his throbbing cock in his shorts and took a drink of his mom’s beer. “I’m sorry mom, but he’s always like that when I’m anywhere near you. I can’t stop it!” Robert said to his mom, but she just smiled and leaned to kiss his cheek.

She laughed at him and smiled. “I know young boy’s have a thing for their mom’s, but you are supposed to outgrow it, and find yourself a pretty girl young man!” Jocelyn said, as she watched him smile.

“No way, mom! Not when you’re so pretty and sexy! I’m happy with you!” he replied, gave her a soft kiss on the lips and moved behind her. “Now I can fix your hair and you can relax a little better.” Robert said, as he gently pulled the small rubber band holding her hair, pulling it down. “Much better!” he said with a big grin, as he lightly fluffed her silky hair and started massaging her head.

She looked up and gave him access to her hair, for what was always, a wonderful brushing and sometimes, a neck rub. “Oh Robert, you should work at a women’s spa and get paid for doing this!” she moaned, as he gently rubbed her scalp and massaged her temples. He rubbed her head for a few minutes and began brushing her hair. Jocelyn could feel her pussy throb, as it reacted to Robert’s caring and loving hands.

As soon as he touched mom, Robert could feel her relaxing and enjoying his fingers. “I would, if you were my only client, so I could enjoy your body all day, every day! What if they offered ‘total’ body massages!” he quickly replied, and mom’s face turned red again.

“Robert!” she laughed, knowing her face was bright red, as she took a sip of her beer. “I really wonder about you sometimes and the things you dream up” Jocelyn said, as she looked at him, thinking of her son rubbing her entire body, as well as all the exploring he could do with his fingers.

As he listened to his mom, he stopped and slid his arms around her body.” I always dream of nice things and you know it!” Robert whispered in her ear and gave her neck a kiss. “Hey, want me to run up and get you your robe or something? I can start rubbing your back now and we can smoke one. Dinner will be another twenty minutes or so,” he said, and mom just smiled.

“Sure, grab my white one on the chair next to the dresser and there should also be a pair of white panties on it, can you be a dear and grab them too?” she asked with a soft whisper, and gave him a wink. “I want to be fresh…while you’re massaging me, and after dinner, I want a long, hot bath. And afterwards if you want…um…you can massage me again,” she added with a teasing grin, and took another drink of beer, as her eyes stayed on his.

He laughed, turned, and headed towards the stairs. “You should know the answer to that mom, and yes, I’ll grab your panties! Can I play with them and rub them on my junk?”

“Robert! You are so bad!” she laughed, as he ran from the room.


“Why’d you bring down my soap?” she asked, when Robert came into the room with one of her best body washes and a body sponge.

“I was thinking about what you said about being at a spa and I have an idea.” Robert said, moving behind her, he gently hugged his mom. “What if we pretend you’re at a spa and I’ll be you’re cook, your entertainment and um…if you’re up for it…you’re ‘total’ body masseur,” he whispered to mom, and he felt her sigh.

She heard Robert words, and wanted to crawl inside of him. “I don’t know about that, but I’ll let you give me a ‘nice’ massage and that um…includes part of my front, ok?” Jocelyn smiled, as she saw him lighting the joint. “Oh yes, that’s what I need!” she moaned, and turned her bar stool to face him. “Can you do it like you did last night?” she asked, looking into his eyes, she couldn’t believe that she was getting high with her son, but that wasn’t all, and the best or worst, was sure to come later.

“Sure mom, it’s called a Shotgun!” he said, puffed the joint, turned it around and put it in his mouth backwards.

Jocelyn leaned into his lips, the joint was sticking out and she began to inhale, as he blew out dark smoke. She inhaled deep and fought to keep the smoke in. “Oh my God, this stuff is good!” she laughed, as her head began to spin and her nipples grew hard.

“Damn mom, I’ve turned you into a raging pothead!” he laughed, and took a deep puff.

Jocelyn laughed and took the joint. “Nah, I did it on my own, and I’m not the least bit sorry. I love the way it helps with my back pain and the stress these things put on it!” she laughed, as she jiggled her breasts at him.

“I guess that is a lot to carry around mom, but they sure do look good and sexy on you mom!” Robert laughed and had to look at her more. He reached up, and started to unsnap her uniform top, but she didn’t move a muscle. Robert slid it off her shoulders; let it slide down her back and onto the stool.

She just sat there and couldn’t believe how quickly the pot had gotten her stoned. “What are you doing, young man?” she asked with a soft and very helpless whisper.

“My name is Robert and I’ll be your personal servant for the evening. I thought that you’d like to be showered and relaxed before dinner.”

“That would be nice, but my servant has to follow a few simple rules…his hands nor his penis, cannot touch between my legs, unless I’m wearing panties and that is final!” she said, looking him in the eyes, as Jocelyn felt her bra being opened. “You don’t fool around…do you?” she giggled, giving him a big smile, as her massive breasts sprang free. Her nipples were pink, about a half inch long and they were always hard around Robert.

He reached back to release her large bra. Robert slid his hands around mom, cupped each of her huge breasts and he gently held them. “Oh mom, they are so soft and like…big pillows,” he whispered, leaning into her neck, he started kissing it.

His big hands covered her breasts and Jocelyn moaned, as he carefully rolled her aching nipples, as Robert started sucking on her neck. “Careful and don’t put a hickey mark on me,” she moaned, pushing her breasts into him, her body was on fire. Jocelyn felt his shaft resting on her thigh and she wanted to feel it. “Finish undressing me, I’m hot and tired of wearing my uniform,” she added with a whisper, enjoying his mouth on her neck and the sensations it was giving her.

He reached behind her, grabbed her pants and started to pull them down. “You’re wish…is my command!” Robert said, as her uniform pants slid down her legs and onto the floor. He slowly looked up mom’s legs, to her wet panties. “What about…these?” he asked with a whisper, running his fingers up each of her thighs, over the front of the panties, as Robert felt her shiver.

She saw him looking at her panties and Jocelyn’s heart raced as his skilled fingers moved up her legs, over her thighs, and gently moved his fingers through her wetness. “A pair on at all times…I’m sorry, baby!” she said, with one of those ‘Mommy’ voices and pouted out her lower lip.

Robert caressed over her clit, and mom fell against him as he rubbed more, pushing into her wetness and over his mom’s sopping hole. “You said I could touch you, if you had on panties, remember?” he teased, kissing her neck and gently rubbing her clit more. Mom leaned into him, her arms around his neck, as she was panting for air.

Jocelyn was lost and she couldn’t stop him. He was driving her insane and she was so close to having an orgasm. His fingers grazed over her clit, rubbing it and giving it a squeeze. “Oh Robert, you are soooo bad, and you need to…stop! Please, take things slower baby,” she moaned, as she felt him slow down and give her a soft kiss.

“I’m sorry mom, but you’ve turned me on for so long now, that I just I got carried away, but I promise to be more careful,” he smiled, gave her another kiss and a soft hug. “I like the panty rule, and I plan on stretching it to its limits, so…be ready!” Robert added with a grin, as he reached up with his right hand and placed it right on mom’s wet pussy mound. “You’re so soft, so warm,” he said with a low voice, as their lips came together, as he touched her. “You’re soooo wet, mom!” Robert moaned into her mouth, and she whimpered.

Jocelyn was ready to fuck right then and there, but she had to control this or stop. “You’re not the only one that gets excited and horny. How do you think I feel after you’ve rubbed yourself all over me, or when you rub my ass all night? I get horny as hell and its time you know it!” she said, but he just smiled.

“I know mom, I can smell your cu…um…pussy a mile away, and you make me fucking crazy! I can smell you after you’ve gone to work, and if there’s no breeze outside, I can even smell you out there, and I just go fucking crazy!”

“So, you started to say a word, what was it?”

Robert looked in her eyes, rubbed deeper into her pussy and he replied. “I was going to say cunt, but I remember you hate that word, so I stopped.”

“Well, guess what…I love hearing it when a handsome, young man is trying his best to seduce me and get in my panties! What do you think about that?”

“Good, so now I can say this, Mom…I’m going to try my best to get my cock up your beautiful, wet…cunt!” he growled, while pressing his fingers right on her tiny hole, and then started pressing them into her. “My fingers are still covered by your…panties and I’m pushing them in your…cunt!” he moaned, as one finger eased up mom, as it was barely covered by her white panties.

She sat right in front of her son, as he did his best to seduce and finger fuck her. His fingers eased in her pussy, she grabbed his hand and held it. “Stop, I don’t want to cum right now!” Jocelyn said, and pulled his hand down. “I want to shower and be fresh for you baby,” she whispered, and then gave him a kiss. “This is something that we have to be very careful with Robert, and if it keeps up in this direction, we are bordering on incest baby.” Jocelyn added, with a soft voice, as she reached for her beer.

He held her trembling hands and kissed them. “I know mom and I’m not sure how you really feel about it, but I want it to happen, and if it does” Robert said with a low voice, as he started kissing her before going on. “I’ll love you better than any man you’ve ever been with, and I always will,” he added, watching mom’s eyes tear up, as they started kissing deeper.

The kiss broke and Jocelyn was so close to giving herself over to her son, but she needed to resist and hold out a little longer. “Oh baby, I love you soooo much, and I know you’d be a wonderful lover, but I’m your mom and we shouldn’t be doing this” she purred, as they kissed some more, as his hands went over her breasts.

“Nobody will ever know.” Robert whispered into her mouth, as he pulled and gently twisted her nipples.

She was enjoying her nipples being played with and his words made sense. ‘Oh God, he’s right! We live alone and nobody would ever know, plus, Jocelyn knew that she wasn’t one to share her personal life with anyone.

He slid his hands back down her legs, his right hand went over mom’s panties, as he eased two fingers into her wet cunt. “Come on, mom, let me take them off, so I can put them up your, cunt!” Robert whispered, as his two fingers eased in and out of her wet pussy, driving her crazy and making this harder. “Nobody…will…ever…know,” he whispered. As he reached under her, Robert pulled them off mom’s hips and he shoved his two fingers deep inside her cunt.

She held his neck, enjoying the fingering and his words of need. He jerked down her panties, rammed two fingers inside her and Jocelyn just wanted to die. “Oh fuck, oh fuck! Robert, Robert!” she squealed, as her body jerked and her aching pussy squeezed his long, manly fingers. “Stop it Robert, and let me cool down!” she moaned, while pushing his hand away, she grabbed her things and she went to the bathroom.

She came out thirty minutes later, wearing her white gown and white panties, and sat at the counter. Her heart was pounding and her pussy was already dripping again. “Robert, if you can’t stick with the rule I set, we can’t do this anymore, and I’m serious!” Jocelyn said, with a motherly tone, as she took a drink of his beer. “I love playing with you and all the fun we’ve had, but I’m still your mom and this is something we really need to think about. We can’t just jump into this and think nothing could happen. You’re my son and you came from my body,” she added, as she caressed his face. “Please understand where I’m coming from,” as Jocelyn smiled, and took another drink.

He walked up to mom, kissed her and caressed her back. “I’m sorry mom, I just get carried away, because you turn me on so much, but I’ll tone it down and go slower, okay?” Robert said, and he kissed her again. “Dinner is ready and waiting for us” he smiled, and then brushed a strand of hair from her left eye and gently kissed it.

“Mmmm, you are a master!” she cooed, pushing him back and turning to look at the dinner he made them. “Let’s eat, I’m starving!”


After dinner and four beers later, Jocelyn was in her giant bath tub, thinking of her son fingering her pussy and how close he came to giving her an orgasm. ‘He is soooo good at this and he’s driving me crazy!’ she thought, as Robert came in and sat on the floor next to her.

“Well, hello there!” she laughed excitedly, by his boldness.

“I thought you might enjoy another joint, before you get out, and I give you a very ‘good’ massage, what do you say, good-looking?” he asked with a grin and a hope filled face.

She smiled and nodded yes. “You will remember our rule?” Jocelyn asked with a soft voice, and took the joint from him. She took a big puff and waited for his reply.

“Yes mother, I will,” he said, and reached in to rub her big breasts, while watching mom smoking the joint and seeing her eyes glaze over. “I can touch anything, but nothing down there.” Robert said, as he caressed, squeezed and pulled on mom’s big nipples. They were hard, but soft as he pulled and gently twisted them.

Jocelyn smoked his pot and it was so good. “If I have panties…you can rub me and put your cock on me too!” she moaned, as he played with and teased her breasts.

He kept squeezing her breasts and leaned into her mouth. They kissed and his tongue slid into her mouth. She moaned and her arms reached to his neck. “Let’s get you out of here and to your bed,” he said and pulled her up. “Come on sexy, I need you!” he laughed, and scooped her up.

She laughed as he ran to her bed, and he stood her on the floor. His cock was free and it was only an inch from her pussy. “What kind of panties would you like me to wear for you baby?” she asked with a soft purr, and pointed to her dresser. “Pick a pair so we can play and you can touch me,” she purred again, but this time, her voice was filled with need and the urge to cum.

“I want to ask you something, and please wait until I’m finished before you say anything. You said that my fingers or my cock cannot touch your pu…cunt, as long as it is bare, correct?”

“Yes, why?”

He smiled and pushed mom back on her bed, pushed her legs apart and he smiled. “You left out something…my tongue!” Robert said, and started kissing all over her thighs, towards her cunt and he could feel her trembling. He licked over her bare mound and lightly teased her clit.

She was shocked and was ready to jump up, but when she heard Roberts words, she wanted to die. How could she forget his tongue and what it could do to her. “Robert, no! I forgot and…and…oh God, yes!” she begged him, but as his tongue slid over her clit, Jocelyn couldn’t help but moan and pull on his hair. “You…you cheater, you little…oh my God…cheater!” she cried out, as his tongue lapped at her clit and his lips sucked it gently.

He tasted mom’s sweet juices and Robert’s cock was as hard as granite. “Want me to…stop?” Robert whispered, mom grabbed his hair and held it tight.

“No, don’t you dare…stop! Oh baby, oh baby!” she squealed, as he sucked and flicked his tongue over her fleshy bud. “Oh yeah, baby, baby!” Jocelyn cried, as he continued to tease and torment her aching clit. Her back arched up, as she grabbed the sheets, and Jocelyn’s head began to spin. “Oh Robert, no…no…baby, no baby!” she moaned, when his long, hard tongue pushed up her cunt and he licked her insides.

He kept licking and sucking mom’s cunt, but he had a better idea and knew that she would love it. He took a deep breath, put out his tongue and shoved it up her sloppy cunt hole. She squealed and clawed the bed, but he just pushed deeper, and mom pushed her hips back into him. ‘Oh yeah, that’s it mom!’ he thought with a laugh, and kept tongue fucking his mom’s wet cunt.

Robert licked deep inside her, and mom kept whimpering for him to stop, but her loving smiles and thrusting hips told him to keep going. “Want me to stop?” he asked, took a deep breath and went back to pleasing her.

She shook her head no and quickly replied. “No, don’t stop…no…no…no!” Jocelyn said with a soft whine, pushing into her son and enjoying him fucking her cunt with his tongue. “So, so nice and you kiss me soooo sweet,” she purred, as she opened her legs wider, her insides were on total fire. “Robert baby, make mommy cum just like this, please,” she begged, as he licked her deeper.

“If I can cheat just a little bit, I will?”

“What do you mean, baby?” she asked as she kept pushing into his mouth. “Make me cum and stop teasing mommy!” Jocelyn moaned, hoping he wasn’t going to try anything. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop him if he did, and it bothered her.

“Let me use my fingers and I will.” Robert said, and heard mom let out a sigh. “I can lick you and fuck your cunt…with my fingers!” he added, and mom quickly sucked in a deep breath. “Oh mom, you like that? Can I finger-fuck your juicy…cunt?” he growled, his hand shot up and on her pussy.

Jocelyn felt his hand on her pussy and a finger quickly shot inside it. “Oh fuck, oh baby!” she squealed, as her back arched again, she grabbed her floppy tits. “Yes, baby, baby…my God!” she moaned out in the dark house, as a wonderful feeling rushed over her entire body. “I’m cumming…I’m cumming!” she whimpered, looking at him, as her hips began to buck out of control.

Robert held her and pushed his fingers deep. “That’s it, mom…cum on me! Cum on your son and enjoy yourself!” he growled, and leaned over her, as he watched mom orgasm. “You’re soooo beautiful mom, and I love you so much!” he smiled, pushing in and out of her pussy, enjoying her gasping for air and the blissful look on her face.

She just lay on the bed, trying to catch her breath, and Jocelyn knew this was hopeless. Robert was her son, but he was eighteen, a man, and son or not, she was in love with him, and he would have her soon. “Robert, keep taking your time and,” she stopped to kiss him and went on. “I’ll be yours very, very soon.” Jocelyn purred, and pulled him down for a kiss. “Let me lick and kiss your face, so I can taste my…cunt and when I’m finished…I’ll return the favor ok,” she purred, and started cleaning her son Robert’s face.


Mom had him on the side of her bed, she was between his legs, standing on her knees and sucking him deep. “Oh mom, you’re so good at this!” Robert moaned, as he watched mom sucking his big cock-shaft. “You can do this for me…any time you…want!” he laughed, as she looked him in the eyes and managed to smile around him.

She lifted up and let him pop from her mouth. ” I bet you would like that, huh?” Jocelyn whispered, and smiled up at him. “Having your mom sucking your big fat cock, and thinking about letting you cum in her mouth! Would you like that, baby?” she moaned, as her hands slid up and down his stalk.

He was helpless, and mom was trying to kill him. “Yes I would mom, and…” Robert moaned and tried lifting his hips to her. “I want to make you drink every…drop of it!”

She smiled at him and licked up the back of his cock. “Do you really want to cum in your mom’s mouth and force her to drink it? Wouldn’t that be soooo…dirty and…soooo nasty?” Jocelyn whispered, and then opened her mouth and she sucked him deep. He hit the back of her throat, and she gagged, but held it off and sucked him deeper than before.

Her mouth was so warm, so wet and mom sucked like she’d done it a thousand times before, but this was her first time sucking Robert, and he looked into her beautiful eyes. “Yes, I want to cum in your…mouth…in your…ass, but most of all, I want to cum in your…cunt!” he said, pulling her up onto his body, as Robert gently kissed his mom on the lips. He reached between them, grabbed his growing cock and put it right on her pussy.

She giggled at him, returned his kisses, and as Jocelyn got on her knees over him, she felt his massive cock and he put it right on her cunt. “You are so bad, what am I going to do with you?” Jocelyn moaned, remembering back when he was a boy and she’d sent him to his room for doing something bad. “Hey, remember the time I went out looking for you and…” she was saying, but he cut her off and she rubbed her cunt on his thick shaft.

“You found one of my shoes floating in that nasty lake and…” he said, caressing his mothers ass and moving his hard cock over her very wet cunt.

“I beat your ass raw and made you stay in your room for a week.” she said, then leaned forward and kissed him. “I was so scared that you were dead and at the bottom of that nasty, fucking lake and when I found you laughing about it…”

He laughed and hoped mom wouldn’t hit him again. “That kid Joey, said he’d give me fifty bucks if I threw my shoe in the lake and after I did it, he laughed, ran away and I beat his ass! That’s why you found me laughing.” Robert said, easing his cock back and forth in mom’s slippery juices, enjoying her soft moaning and her moving in time with him. He held her hips, kissed her and pushed into her harder. “I love you mom.” Robert whispered to her, as they kissed and their hips moved together in unison.

She was lying on her gorgeous son, his long, thick cock was rubbing on her needy cunt and Jocelyn was ready to give in to him. “Robert, take me, make love to me! Now!” she ordered, as she felt her panties being torn off, he grabbed her hips and she pushed him down. “Easy my love…you’re a big man and we don’t want to hurt mommy’s little…cunt, well, not yet anyway!” she smiled, got on her feet over him and slowly lowered herself down.

He stopped, watched mom get on her feet and with one foot on each side of him, she started down and eased his big cock-head up her tiny cunt. “Oh mom, I love you so much!” he moaned through his teeth, and watched her take his cock. “Mom, I’m in…you! I’m in you, mom! I’m in you!” he said, as tears poured from his eyes, as mom grabbed him. She hugged and kissed her baby.

Jocelyn saw Robert crying and she hugged her son, holding him tight, while continuing to let his massive cock violate her aching cunt and fill her to the brim. “Don’t cry baby. Isn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you want to make love to mommy?” she sniffed, and was about to cry herself, when she saw him smile and he gave her a deep kiss.

Their kiss ended and he held her face. “Mom, I’m just soooo happy, and that’s why I’m crying! My life is complete now and I could never ask for more!” Robert said, as he kissed his mother, now, his lover.

“Well then, why don’t you roll me over, get on top and give your momma some good, hard lovin’, and while you’re at it, make me scream a little too!” she said with a low, sensual voice as she squeezed her cunt muscles around his cock-head.

He grabbed mom, rolled over, as she giggled in his arms. “Mmmm, fuck me now, baby! Ease that monster inside your mom and fuck my cunt, baby! Fuck mommy’s tight, little cunt, baby!” Jocelyn moaned, as he pulled her legs up, and spread them wide, as Robert pushed. “Oh my fucking…God! You’re soooo fucking big, so fucking…big!” she gasped, and then relaxed her cunt, enjoying it being stretched and torn.

Her cunt felt like he was nailing a fucking virgin, but it was mom’s cunt and she was in her late thirties. Mom’s insides grabbed him like a vise and they squeezed him, trying to milk Robert of his manly seed, to give them to his mom. “Mother fucker! Mom, you’re so freaking tight, my God, woman!” he laughed, hugged her tightly and tried to hold back a flood of cum.

“Oh nice, you are a ‘mother fucker’ now…so fuck your…mother!” she grunted, and shoved into him, taking him deeper inside her. “Fuck me; fuck your mommy, hard!” Jocelyn moaned as Robert pushed all of his manly cock to her core, as he slapped her meaty ass. “Oh fuck, yes, yes!” she cried out, enjoying the stinging in her ass and it raced deep into her dirty cunt. “Again, again!” she moaned, thrusting her hips into her son’s stiff cock-shaft impaling it deeper.

He held his mom down and Robert loved every second of this. “Oh mom, you’re a fucking dirty bitch and a whore!” he smiled, drew back his big hand and slapped her other cheek. “Take that, bitch!” he laughed, while fucking her, as his hands kept slapping mom’s ass.

“Yes, I’m a whore…a dirty, no good whore and I’m letting my…son…fuck…me!” she screamed, as his cock pounded her cunt and his big hands slapped her body. “I’m getting close…so close…oh baby, oh God baby!” she squealed, as he pushed harder and held her down. “Go baby, fuck me, fuck momma, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed out, her cunt locked around her son and Jocelyn came. “Oh Robert, my Robert!” she moaned, as juices shot from her cunt and sprayed the front of her baby boy.

He held his mom down, with her legs pinned up to her breasts, as he used her hard. “Is this what you needed…whore? Is this how you fuck your son, you cunt?” Robert growled down to his mom, using her cunt and fucking her with all his might.

“Yes, I love fucking my…son! He is beautiful, he has a wonderful, big cock and he fucks me so good!”

“You’re a dirty…whore!” he growled, slapped her ass again and when her muscles grabbed him, Robert blew. “OH MOMMA! MOM!” he grunted, shoved all the way inside her and filled her full of baby cream. He kept shooting into her, filling her with his seed and wondered if mom would have his baby.

Later, Robert and Jocelyn were making out and he had to ask her something. “Mom, are you still on birth control or what?” he asked, and she just smiled at him.

“Let me worry about that baby. You just keep fucking your mom and everything will be just fine.” Jocelyn whispered, and held him close.

“I love you so much” he whispered, and gave her a soft kiss.

“I know you do” she whispered, as they kissed and held each other.

The End.

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