The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax

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The Nurse! A loving son helps his over-worked mom relax
Jocelyn Jones came home after a grueling twelve hour shift at the hospital, completely and thoroughly wore out. “Robert, are you home?” she called out, as a wonderful aroma filled her nose. “Oh how sweet!” Jocelyn said with a smile, taking off her jacket and making her way towards the kitchen. “Hey baby, dinner smells just wonderful!” she smiled as he turned, and Jocelyn saw something that was simply out of this world.

Robert heard mom come in and he quickly looked down at his swollen cock. ‘Oh fuck, she’s going to see him and shit her panties!’ he thought, as he tried his best to will his erection to go down, but it was hard as steel, thinking of the sexy lady that was now right behind him.

“Hi mom,” he said, hoping she wouldn’t notice, but as he turned around, her big blue eyes were right on it and she gave him a sweet smile. “How was your day?” he asked, walking to her and holding out his arms to her for a hug. “You look really tried,” he whispered, as they hugged, as mom felt as if she was literally melting into his body.

She saw his stiff cock and figured he was thinking of her again. As of the last six months or so, Robert started flirting with her, kissing her on the lips and hugging her with full blown hard-on’s. She loved being treated so nice and it also felt good to know that she turned a man on again, even if that man was her son.

“I’m utterly bushed and in need of a long back massage! Do you know any handsome young men that would be willing to help out an ole’ lady in need!” she said with a laugh, as Robert pressed completely against her thigh. ‘Oh God, please don’t do that, baby! I’m so fucking horny already and you’re killing me!’ she thought, as her son’s very stiff prick smashed into her thigh, only inches away from her burning pussy, she could feel him through her uniform pants.

Robert heard mom and he laughed. “Mom, if you ever told any of my friends that…there would be a line down the street, and I’m positive that they’d be willing to give you more than just a back massage too!” he laughed, as she leaned in to look in his eyes. “Mom, they’re just like me…they would want to um…give you something extra!” Robert added with a wink, as mom’s face turned red.

“Robert! You better behave yourself or I’ll be forced to send you to your room!” she teased, and pulled away. “I need a cold beer and do you have any more pot? That stuff really helps my poor back and stops all the pain” Jocelyn said, as she got a beer, thinking of one other thing his pot did for her. It made her hornier than at any other time in her life and she wanted that feeling again.

Robert watched mom and his cock throbbed. She had dark, silky black hair that went to the middle of her back and she kept it in a ponytail at work. When she came home, Robert would gently take it down and brush her hair. Her face wasn’t the best he’d ever seen, but she was beautiful to him and she reminded him of ‘Olive Oil’ on an old cartoon he watched as a kid. Her nose was long, slender and sexy. She had big, puffy lips and beautiful white teeth.

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