A Son’s Visit in the Storm, Frightened teen seeks comfort with his mom

A Son’s Visit in the Storm, Frightened teen seeks comfort with his mom,
It was a frightful night, thunder crashing, lightning flashing, and I’d managed to sleep through most of it. I’d come home from an office party late, a little tipsy, and said hello to my son, Bobby, 18, and slipped off to bed, falling asleep quickly and not noticing the storm outside until later.

That’s when Bobby crept into my room. He was never good with storms and always sought solace with me, his single mother. But that was years ago, he hadn’t done it for awhile, and now, at age 49, I missed those nights of cuddling innocence.

At first, I heard him softly whisper “Mom,” in the flash and growl of the storm, but chose to ignore it, thinking it was a dream. But it wasn’t, and when I felt the covers slip off and Bobby climb beneath, I was about to roll over to face and comfort him when he uttered, “Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom….”

It wasn’t said in innocence, but in wanting, a lusty growl to his tone. I had been snoring a bit when he came in, I heard myself doing it when I first woke, groggily, and he must have assumed I was still out. I didn’t know what to do, so I emitted fake, low snores now, to make him think I was asleep. I’m not sure why I did it, it would have made sense to just wake up and say hello, comfort him, but as he climbed in next to me, pulling up to my backside with his crotch, his strong arm over me, I couldn’t move. I froze. I panicked. And I was never hornier in my life!

But this was wrong, I thought, it’s my son, my grown-up, handsome, muscular, smooth-skinned young son, why WAS I having these thoughts? But I couldn’t shake them and they grew stronger still as I felt Bobby’s evident attraction to me pressed into the soft flesh of my milky white ass in my thong: Bobby’s hard-on was firmly poked into those supple cheeks, and he was slowly, almost imperceptibly grinding into his mother’s bum!

I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing as he slowly humped my butt, and his strong right hand came over the top to nestle into my cleavage, kneading the flesh gently and then twisting a nipple in his fingers. My pussy was afire, as hot as the lightning flashing outside, as I felt myself wet for him.

Slowly, gently, he nuzzled my neck, softly kissing and licking the wrinkled flesh of it, wrinkles I’d long felt ugly and unattractive but which clearly aroused my son now as I felt his cock get harder still nestled into the warm grip of my ass cheeks. He licked and chewed just enough to not wake me, or so he thought, and his tongue was nuclear hot on my neck as he licked me there.

I sleep in a thong only most times, and now Bobby slowly licked down my back, tickling my flesh, and then nuzzled his nose into the cleft of my ass, now vacated by his cock, and I felt and heard his nose poke inside, smelling my asshole! I couldn’t believe it, but neither did I want it to stop as he moaned and inhaled my scent between my cheeks, which he gently held apart in his strong hands.

And then he licked me there, his long tongue probing inside my asshole, digging deeper as he moaned! No man had ever done that to me before, and I had to admit it felt fantastic, to have a wet probing of my virginal ass done by someone so well versed in what he was doing. My mind raced, wondering whose asshole he’d licked to get so good at licking his mother’s now! He licked deeper, tongue fucking me more rapidly and I had to hold my breath and remember to pretend I was asleep!

“Mom, your asshole…so nasty…so nice…I LOVE licking your ass!” he hissed gently, his breath hot on my cheeks.

Down below, I felt his hard cock press between my soles as they lay pressed together, the wet tip probing the soft, wrinkled flesh as he slowly began foot fucking his mother in her sleep! I wanted so much to finger myself as he worked his cock into my feet and tongue deeper into my asshole, but I held steady, pretending to sleep, freezing, not moving, letting him have his way with me.

I needed more. Boldly, I moved, slowly, still fake snoring, moving to my back and letting my middle-aged legs splay open, knowing the view it was giving my son as he pulled back, startled, frozen in fear. But I pulled the sheet up over my face, as if doing so in sleep, and continued to make snoring sounds, ensuring the ruse continued.

After many long moments to be sure, Bobby lay between my thighs, inhaling my musky scent of my unshaved pussy, pecking my thighs with little kisses, bites and long lingering tongue sweeps until he reached my wanting cunt. I felt his breath on it, then his tongue as it burrowed slowly into my hole, his nose on my clit! I wanted to pull his face to me, clamp it in my lusty, thrusting thighs and ride his face to a powerful cum, but I lay still, legs apart, and let Bobby slowly and expertly lick my hairy pussy, now suckling my clit, holding the lips apart and inserting a long, thick finger into my hole, gently fucking me as he nibbled my clit.

It was incredible, I’d never been oralized like this before and it was all I could do not to explode in orgasm, but I held firm, letting it build and after many long, tongue-dribbling minutes, I had an orgasm unlike any ever before. I had to hold still, moaning gently but still feigning sleep as I came, flooding my son’s face in his mother’s milky cream until he finally stopped and pulled his finger out of my gripping hole. I felt his smile and heard him sucking that wet finger clean.

I had no idea what he would do next but soon found out as he snuggled up close to me and slowly put his huge cock into my cunt! It was enormous and I imagined it to be 10 inches long and thick as it slowly filled my pussy, Bobby pushing it inch by inch so not to waken me. His powerful body was over me, I felt his hot breath on my chest as he slowly fucked me back and forth, my body flooded with electric jolts as the storm raged outside, his head bent to my chest to gently lick my nipples and then mouth the warm, sweaty white flesh of my boobs in his hot lips.

I came again and again, not thrashingly so, but quietly, eyes closed, feeling his gorgeous cock thicken within me as he leaned up to kiss and suckle my neck wrinkles again, groaning more loudly.

“Mom, fucking you Mom, I’m fucking you MOM!!” he hissed unable to control himself and then I felt him explode in me, thick, gushing jets of his sweet young-man cream flooding my womb, making me cum again as he exploded within me.

He panted heavily above me, then slowly pulled his still stiff cock out, and I felt a huge rush of air into my wide-open pussy full of his hot seed, another drop spilling out of his head and landing in my pussy hair. Then, amazingly, I felt him bend and lick it off me, sucking his cum off my sweaty bush and then burying his tongue into my seeping hole, attaching his mouth to it and sucking every sizzling drop of his sperm from my aching pussy. Never had any man done this before, this was a night of firsts in every way!

When I was clean, I heard him pull back and swallow his load, smacking his lips, and moaning, “Mmm, Mom, you taste so fucking good! Couldn’t leave cum in your hot, hairy pussy, you’d wake up wondering how it got there…”

Outside, the storm passed by, the thunder growling in the distance. Bobby leaned forward and gently kissed my lips and I could taste and smell that lovely cum on his mouth, fighting the urge to drive my tongue into it in search of more to share with my stud son.

And then he walked away, shutting the bedroom door and leaving me awake, unable to sleep the rest of the night, wondering if he were sleeping in his room fisting that giant, beautiful cock of his…and if he needed any help doing it!

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