The 4 women in my past

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I was in the eighth grade when I met my classmate Sylvia. She was a Puerto Rican princess with long black hair, big brown eyes and big brown areolas about the diameter of an Oreo cookie. Our second afternoon hanging out together, Sylvia initiated our first kiss and moved my hand up her skirt to be introduced to her one thing that aroused me more than I had ever known. She showed me how to fuck her with my middle finger. I thought that I was hurting her when she began to scream but she held her hand over mine and told me not to stop. I couldn’t wait to make her cum again. I didn’t know about hyman’s at the time but I learned that she wasn’t a virgin but was her mother’s ex boyfriend’s sex toy. He did show her how to suck cock, that she proved to me on the third day.

Six years later I was awoken by the bed moving, it was Sylvia’s sister Sierra crawling in Sylvia’s bed with us. Their mother and her boyfriend was away on vacation. I didn’t really have a problem with Sierra in bed with us, I just figured it was an opportunity to cop a feel of her little titties after she fell to sleep. If they were anything like Sylvia’s years ago , they would need a crowbar to get my lips off of them. but to my surprise Sierra was completely naked. And what I could see, she looked just like Sylvia did. I didn’t say a word because I didn’t want to wake up Sylvia. But I was naked myself and quickly getting hard. I rolled onto my back to open the gap between Sylvia and I, allowing Sierra room to settle between us but I noticed Sylvia reaching up and cuffing her hand around her sisters little tit. I looked at my girlfriend as she looked back at me and smiled.

Sierra moved the covers off of me and grabbed my cock in her hand, she leaned down and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. Sylvia whispered not to use her teeth. With the early morning light creeping in around the blinds I could see Sylvia opening Sierra’s legs and fingering her little sisters pussy. Wow what a turn on. I knew that Sylvia had same sex interests but I never imagined her little sister. Sylvia said to me. ” You’re going to fuck my virgin sister.” I was beyond excited. Sylvia must have had a feeling that I have been salivating over her twelve and a half year old sister. I mean in the pool earlier that day Sierra’s top twisted and her nipples became exposed. All I could think about was massaging her little bead between my tongue and lips. Her tits we like the tops of those little blue berry muffins and her pussy didn’t have much hair around it. Nevertheless my cock was ready for the junior high school slut to be. I couldn’t wait to fuck her little cunt but I didn’t want to interrupt her wonderful suck job either. I know that it had to had been Sylvia who somehow taught her sister how to suck my cock exactly the way that I like it. She had her hand wrapped around the girth of my cock. Stroking down as she tightened her grip and stroking up as she loosened her grip. Her lips would follow her hand. Between the slurping sounds that Sierra was making while sucking my dick and gushing sounds Sylvia was making licking her sisters pussy, I had a hard time not losing my wad.

I rolled Sierra’s nipples between my fingers then leaned on my side so I could steal her pussy from off her sisters tongue and taste that little gash myself. I was not disappointed, neither was she.

I got out of bed and instructed Sierra to get on all fours. I could have been a little bit more compassionate but I wanted my cock in her cunt. We were both plenty wet considering her pussy juice, her saliva on my cock and my pre-cum
But her pussy was way too tight. I don’t have a huge cock she had only had fingers inside of her.

Sylvia was watching and understood the complications so she got up and retrieved some lubrication from her mother’s night stand. She squeezed some onto the head of my cock which eased with my cock entering Sierra’s pussy. There was no doubt that Sierra was in pain but her pussy felt so amazing around my cock and my cock seemed to feel pretty good for her too.

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