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Welcome back my dear lovers reader… Hope every one was doing great. My name is Praveen and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. You can share your feelings and fantasies to me.

Ika late cheya kunda ee madya jarigina ee incident ni metho share chestunna. Ee incident na story chadivi reply ichina oka andala rasi tho jarigindi. Oka roju naku Hangouts lo text chesindi.

She: Hi, na peru Leela, nenu me story chadivanu. Naku baga nachindi.

Me: Hi Leela garu, thanks.

She: Me age & from?

Me: Age XX & Hyderabad and your age, from?

She: 33, Hyderabad.

Me: Wow, both from same city.

She: Yes.

Me: Kids?

She: Yes, 1 child.

Me: How’z life going on?

She: Boring, edho going ante going anthe.

Me: Oops sorry, ika nen parichayam ayyanu kada, will help make it josh.

She: Aaah, thank you.

Ila first day chat cheskunnam inkonni details, ila daily chats cheskuntu unde vallam and sharing all. Ala daily we started texting each other parti roju mataladu kune vallam anni share cheskuntu unde vallam.

Valla husband suddenly vasthe stop cheskunenduku words pettukoni ala ma chatting safi ga saguthunde prati roju. Ala baga close ayyam, then we started sharing double meaning jokes, naughty jokes and all related to romantic stuff.

Ala ala chala close ayyam melliga, calls (we exchanged our numbers) ala video calls. Video normal calls to nude calls, ila move on avutu undaga.

We planned to meet on one day, ala oka roju bayata kalisam and baga enjoy chesam. Then one fine day we planned to hook up and enjoy the fullest.

Tanu intlo vaddu bayata ekkada aina plan cheddam anindi. Nenu kuda ok ani resort book cheskundama ante, she said antha time ledu. We plan and meet near by in the city, so that we can return back early.

Enduku ante nenu friend intiki velthunna ani cheppi ostha. Anduku bayataki kakunda city lone plan chey ani cheppindi. Ok ani, i suggested one hotel and shared images of it to her, tanu ok chesindi.

So, one fine day i booked the room and I picked her near metro station. We both went to super market and bought few things. Food, juice ala konni things ni super market lo teeskoni direct ga hotel ki velli poyam and we checked in.

Lopala vella gane she is very horny door lock veya gane tanu na lips kiss cheyadam modalu pettindi. Inka nenu kuda na chethilo unna things ni kuda kinda petti we started kissing very passionately.

Ala chala sepu kiss cheskunna tarwata break ichi we kept things on the place. And I checked room well, emaina things unnaya annattu. Appati varaku tanu washroom velli ochindi and after checking well we went on bed and started talking.

Konchem sepu ala ala matladukuntu chinnaga we started kiss each other. Ala lip kiss cheskuntu unnam and we both fully covered with bed sheet. Inka ala kiss cheskuntu I started licking her lips for long, thanu kuda alane chesthunde.

Ala melliga tana face motham kiss chesa nenu. Tana eyes ears and ear back ala chesthu nimurutu unte tanu melikalu tirugu tundi. Ala tana neck antha kiss chesthu melliga kindaki veltundi. Tana tshirt remove chesa, abba tana boobs unnai chala stiff ga unnayi.

Chala sexy unnai aa bra paina nundi, I started kissing. Ala bra paina nunde kiss chesthu and press chestu unde. Ala chesthu melliga tana bra teesesi notlo pettu koni cheekuthu unde. Boobs ni marchi marchi baga cheekuthu press chesthu unde.

Inka ala boobs tho chala sepu adukoni ala melliga tana nadumu daggaraki vella. Nadumu chala sexy undi, danni baga kasiga cheekuthu kiss chesanu. Ala chesthu tana boobs ni press chesthu unna. Ala tana boddu ni chala sepu raka rakala ga kiss chesthu unna.

Alane boobs ni press chesthu muchikala tho adukuntu puku meeda rub chesthu unde. Jeans paina nunde ala jeans paina nunde rub chesthu recha kodtunde tanani. Ala melliga na chethini jeans lopalki durchina.

Chala vechaga tagulutundi tana puku, ala ne tana puku nu rub chesthu unde. Ala chesthunte tanu melikali tirugutundi. Malli lipkiss cheskuntu puku lo petti fingering chesthunna baga.

Ala chesthu tana jeans teesesa and inka kindaki velli panty paina nunde kiss chesthuna. Na panti tho tana panty lagesanu kindaki. Ala danni teesi padesi inka tana pussy ni baga lick chesa. Baga nakuthunde, baga naki chinna ga koriki na naluka tho dengina.

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